Starring: Glenn Close, Mila Kunis, Stephen Root, Rebecca Field, Sam Hennings, Michael Hyatt, Chad Lindberg


Drama directed and co-written by Rodrigo García. Based on a true story that follows the estranged relationship between a mother, Deb (Glenn Close), and her drug-addicted daughter, Molly (Mila Kunis), as they go through a difficult four-day process of getting sober in order for the daughter to get the medication she needs to recover.


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Detox Doctor: I’m going to level with you, molly, opioids have a ninety-seven percent relapse rate. You have gone through this fifteen times. Do you know what an opiate antagonist is?
Molly: No.
Detox Doctor: It’s a shot we give you once a month. This shot essentially makes you immune to getting high.
Molly: Is it safe?
Deb: Are you kidding me? Now all of a sudden your body’s a temple.
Detox Doctor: You have to be clean for at least a week.
Molly: Four more days! Seriously?


Chris: [referring to Molly] I’m tired of what we’ve been through. I’m scared for you whenever she’s around.
Deb: Whenever I’ve decided to re-engage with her, I’ve always done it with my eyes wide open.


Deb: [as Molly checks her phone] Who was that?
Molly: If I wasn’t a junkie, would you even ask?
Deb: Probably not.


Molly’s Sister: Mom, how is she?
Deb: She sits around smoking, twitching, and I am there watching her like a hawk and pretending that I’m not.


Deb: [to Molly] Almost one day down. Three more to go.


Deb: I’m so sorry. Wish I’d been around.
Molly: You should have been.
Deb: You think it’s my fault that you’re an addict.


Deb: It just goes on, and…
Molly: I am so sorry that my drug addiction is so incredibly difficult on you!


Deb: [referring to Molly] Sometimes I get the feeling that I don’t want to love her anymore.


Deb: Someday I want things to be easier for her.


Molly: Please, I can’t do this.
Deb: Yes, you can.


Deb: [to the nurse as Molly is suffering] What does it take to get seen?!


Molly: Do you know how many times that I have told myself that I’m not going to steal to get high? That I’m not going to lose custody of my children to get high. I’m so sorry, mom.


Deb: [to Molly] If there’s anyone who has the strength to break free of this, it’s you. I really believe that. I’m proud of you.


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