Fright Night Quotes: Deliciously Perverse and Funny

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Directed by: Craig Gillespie
Written by:
Marti Noxon (screenplay)
Tom Holland (story & film “Fright Night”)
Anton Yelchin – Charley Brewster
Colin Farrell – Jerry
Toni Collette – Jane Brewster
David Tennant – Peter Vincent
Imogen Poots – Amy
Christopher Mintz-Plasse – Ed
Dave Franco – Mark
Reid Ewing – Ben
Will Denton – Adam
Sandra Vergara – Ginger
Emily Montague – Doris


This remake is a delightfully camp horror with the Fright Night quotes providing the right blend of laughs and chills. This movie may have been an unnecessary remake but the filmmakers have managed to put a modern twist to this new version which the fans of the original should appreciate and should draw in new fans at the same time.

The script is smart and darkly comedic and the strong performances of Colin Farrell and David Tennant is the icing on this dark chocolate but very tasty cake.

Verdict: This is what good old fashioned B-movie entertainment is all about.

Fright Night Quotes


[to his motorcycle when it doesn’t start]
Charley Brewster: I’m gonna take you apart! You watch me! Watch me take you apart! We’re done! We’re done!
[referring to his bike]
Doris: Nothing doing, huh?
Charley Brewster: Ah, this thing is got no ambition. Got no wavus. Doris, do you, uh…do you want some help with the trash?
Doris: I got it, thanks. Alright. Good to see you, Char-Char. You’re gettin’ big.


[as she catches Charley looking Doris’s butt and reading the word ‘lucky’ written on her pants]
Jane Brewster: Hey, kid! Don’t leer at the neighbors.
Charley Brewster: Hey, she’s the one that put the word on her butt. I’m just reading it.


Jane Brewster: Amy?
Charley Brewster: Amy is good. Hasn’t dumped me yet, so…
Jane Brewster: You know, getting what you want can be stressful. Specially when you’re not used to getting it. More to lose.
Charley Brewster: You been reading those books again? The Power of whatever the hell? Cause they’re definitely not working! And neither is this bike.


[referring to they’re new neighbor next to their house]
Jane Brewster: You know, when the Perry’s lived there
Charley Brewster: Oh, when the Perry’s lived there they were the greatest neighbors, ever! But they moved. I thought you were happy the house finally sold.
Jane Brewster: Hmm, he’s not digging a pool. So where did all this concrete come from?
Charley Brewster: That’s a very good question. Maybe you should spy on him some more and find out.
Jane Brewster: He’s thirteen feet from our house, that’s not spying! It’s merely, observing.


Charley Brewster: Hey, Amy? Amy? I uh…about the prom, I was gonna ask you. I just kind of figured it was a…a go. You know? You and me, ill-fitting tuxedo, the whole thing. You know?
Amy: Oh, no. Nobody goes to the dance in senior year.
Charley Brewster: Okay. Yeah. I knew that!
Amy: So not cool.
Charley Brewster: I know.


[referring to Amy as they watch her walk away]
Mark: Did you find a freakin’ Genie Lamp, man? Make a sacrifice to the hot ass God? Cause how do you get that?
Charley Brewster: It’s just game, man. Rock solid game.
[Charley walks away]
Mark: He doesn’t even have a car!
Ben: Seriously!


[referring to Ed as he comes over to them]
Ben: Dude, I think it’s gonna talk to us.
[to Charley]
Ed: Hey, uh…can I get a minute?
Mark: [sarcastically] Just the two of you? That’s sweet! Yeah, no! He can school you in the ways of geek douchery!
Ed: Oh, nice! Don’t you have some sluts to go fuck?
Mark: Actually, yeah. I do.


Charley Brewster: What’s up, Ed?
Ed: You know Adam’s missing, right?fright-night-3
Charley Brewster: What do you mean, Adam’s missing?
Ed: I keep trying him. No texts, no phone calls. Nothing! And I don’t know if you’re paying attention in roll call, but he’s not the only one that’s gone.
Charley Brewster: Alright, kids aren’t coming to school. It happens all the time. What do you want me to do about it?
Ed: Just meet me at his house after school. We’ll check around, see if he’s okay.
Charley Brewster: I can’t. I’m sorry. I’m busy.
Ed: I don’t think you understand what I’m tellin’ you. Um…Adam is gone!


Charley Brewster: Do you…do you really have to do this here? I mean…
Ed: Wow! Am I supposed to not even speak to you anymore?
Charley Brewster: Be quite! Don’t spaz out! I just…
Ed: Don’t spaz out! Don’t you want me to spaz out?
[he starts doing a fake spaz out and shouting]
Ed: Oh, my God! It’s so horrible! Crossing the extremes, while the high school we know cease to exist!


[Charley embarrassed looks over at Mark and Ben]
Ed: Okay. Do you want me to go and tell your pals how well we really know each other? The Lego contests? The Farscape conventions? The costumes?
Charley Brewster: Please, stop!
Ed: Or how about that one time you took my Strech Armstrong, so you could tie it around your balls and jerk off for an hour?
Charley Brewster: Stop!
Ed: Then be my back up.
Charley Brewster: Okay, fine. Adam’s after school.
Ed: Don’t be late.
[as Charley walks away from him]
Ed: I’d really like Stretch back, by the way!


[calls Charley and leaves him a messages]
Ed: Hey, Charley. Uh…I’m at Adam’s house and it’s really weird, cause you’re not here! Remember those videos of us back in the day? Adam, you and I dressed in tights? You don’t want your new pals seeing you in that, do you? Alright.


[meeting their neighbor Jerry for the first time]fright-night-2
Jane Brewster: So Jerry is our new neighbor at the Perry place. And he’s handy.
Amy: No kidding!
Jerry: I’m sorry about the mess, Charley. I was just saying to your mom, I’ll have the dumpster gone tomorrow.
Charley Brewster: Oh, it doesn’t bother me. My mom was…
Jane Brewster: Hey, Jerry does night construction on the strip.
Charley Brewster: Oh.


[looking at Charley’s puce colored basketball shoes]
Jerry: You play ball? I’m always looking for a pick-up game.
Charley Brewster: Yeah! No. I…I do definitely.
[Amy laughs at Charley’s reply]
Jane Brewster: It’s more of a collectors thing, the shoes. He’s obsessed! I mean, they…they…they sleep on sidewalks to get them.
Charley Brewster: I play though.
Jerry: Well, it takes a real man to wear uh…puce. I like ’em.


Jerry: So, I’d invite you guys inside, but it’s uh…it’s a mess. I’ve been meaning to…
Jane Brewster: Be neighborly?
Jerry: A drink. Soon, okay?
Jane Brewster: Yeah. You bet. And thank you so much for the help.
Jerry: It’s the least I could do.


[as they are walking away from Jerry’s]
Amy: Oh, my God! How could you blow him off?
Jane Brewster: What? A guy that good looking, still single? I bet he is a player.
Charley Brewster: Stop breaking it down
Jane Brewster: Well, I’ve had enough man trouble. So I am not getting suckered again!


Ed: Dude, where the hell have you been?
Charley Brewster: You said, after school.
Ed: Yeah. I meant right after, okay? It’s dusk, do you know what that means?
Charley Brewster: No, I have no idea! Let me consult my pocket dictionary.


Ed: I really hate to be the one to tell you this, but that guy, your neighbor? Yeah, he’s a vampire, man.
Charley Brewster: My neighbor?
Ed: Yeah.
Charley Brewster: Next door?
Ed: Yeah.
Charley Brewster: Jerry, I just met him.
Ed: Okay, Jerry.
Charley Brewster: That is a terrible vampire name! Jerry?
Ed: I didn’t name him, man. I’m just reporting the facts!


[looking around Adam’s house]
Charley Brewster: They’re not here, dude.
Ed: No. No. It’s not just them. Okay, listen to me. I saw this thing on channel thirteen where there was this lady who escaped an attacker that tried to bite her.
Charley Brewster: Why are you walking like that?


Ed: Adam and I, we graphed up all the attacks, all the disappearances. Whole families, gone!
Charley Brewster: It happens all the time. Nobody lives in Vegas, they just pass through.
Ed: You live in Vegas!
[points to his graph]
Ed: Look that’s you, right there in the center, next to his house. In Perry’s old place. His windows are completely blacked out.
Charley Brewster: Lots of people have blacked out windows. They work on the strip at nights, sleep during the day.
Ed: Which is why it…it…it’s the perfect plan! It fits!
Charley Brewster: What? What? That Jerry’s a Dracula?
Ed: No. Dracula’s one specific vampire. I’m telling you…
Charley Brewster: Duh, dude! I know what you’re telling me! I’m making fun of you! Okay?
Ed: Thanks!
Charley Brewster: I’m…I’m mocking you!
Ed: Awesome!


Charley Brewster: You read way too much Twilight!
Ed: That’s fiction! Okay? This is real! He’s a real monster, and he’s not brooding or lovesick or noble. He’s the fucking shark from jaws! He kills, he feeds and he doesn’t stop until everybody around them is dead! Now, I’m seriously so angry you think I read Twilight!


Ed: You haven’t asked him in yet, have you? Because obviously he can’t get in without an invitation. I know you know that.
Charley Brewster: You’re on drugs, dude.
Ed: No! Well, yeah. But I thought you’d take my word on this, man. I have hard evidence at home.


Ed: Alright. Listen, we have to stake him in his nest. Okay? Me and you. But not now, it’s too dark. We should go during the day, that’s what I read on Peter Vincent’s website.
Charley Brewster: The magician?
Ed: Yeah.
Charley Brewster: The magician in the bandanna and the leather pants and…?
Ed: Yes.
Charley Brewster: …the tattoos?
Ed: Yes! He’s the master of dark forces. He studies vampire methodology, man. I mean, what else do you need?
Charley Brewster: Wow!
Ed: Wow!


Ed: Really? Can we just pretend for one minute that you’re not a complete douchebag?
Charley Brewster: Evil, this was fun when we were eight!
Ed: Try sixteen!
Charley Brewster: Whatever, man! Point is, I grew up. If you don’t want to, that’s fine. But don’t get an attitude because I’d rather have a life than make shit up!
Ed: I get it. You’re so cool, Brewster! Go ahead and join your Clark High early peakers. And that includes your girlfriend, by the way.
Charley Brewster: Shut up, man.
Ed: She’s undeniably doable. Yes, I will give you that. But we used to make fun of her and her friends, dude.
Charley Brewster: Shut up!
Ed: She’s a skank!
Charley Brewster: Shut up!
[Charley pushes Ed making him fall to the ground]


Ed: What the fuck happened to you? We were inseparable.
Charley Brewster: Yeah, well. You know, my life’s started to get better when I stopped being friends with you.


Mark: Why are you on my street, bro?
Ed: Sorry. Yeah, I’m really sorry about that.
Mark: Yeah, you tracked your nerd juice all the way down it.
Ed: Really? Looks like I tracked some nerd juice on your face there.
Mark: Oh, yeah?
[he pushes Ed]
Mark: Yeah. Have I still got some there?
Ed: Okay. Just hit me, man. Really, I don’t have time for this.
Mark: Seriously?
Ed: Jesus, man! I just gave you a fucking invitation to hit me!
Mark: Oh, you just gave me an invitation?
[he swings at Ed and misses hitting him and Ed starts running]


[after Ed breaks into a house trying to get away from Jerry]
Ed: Forget it, Jerry! No invitation. You can’t get in.
[Jerry takes wide step inside the house]
Ed: Oh, shit!
Jerry: Abandoned. I thought you did your homework? You’ve been watching me. I’ve been watching you. It seems fair.
[Ed makes a runs for it]


[as Ed falls into the pool and holds up his cross to ward off Jerry]
Jerry: You bit off more than you can chew.
Ed: No. It’s too late, man. I told people what you are. You’ve been made!
Jerry: And you think anyone’s actually going to believe you?
Ed: No. No. No. Don’t play that crap. Don’t play that mind shit with me. I’m serious! Try me!
Jerry: Okay.fright-night-5
[he steps into the pool]
Jerry: You say you’re glad you’re different.
Ed: Get back!
Jerry: How can you be in a place like this? These people. Even your best friend, you’re nothing to him now.
Ed: No.
Jerry: You were born for this. You know it. It’s a gift.
[suddenly he bites Ed on the neck]


[after Charley has given Jerry the beers he asked for, Jerry remains standing just outside the back door of the house]
Jerry: This girl tonight, she’s a handful. You know? Women who look a certain way they…
[he laughs]
Jerry: They need to be managed. It’s true.


[still standing out the back door of Charley’s house]
Jerry: You’re dad ducked out on you, huh? You’re mom, she didn’t exactly say, but well, there’s a kind of neglect. Gives off a scent. You don’t mind my saying, you got a lot on your shoulders for a kid. The two of you, alone. And your girl, Amy? She’s ripe. I bet there’s a line of guys dying to pluck that. You’re mom too. You don’t see it. Maybe you do, but she’s putting it out. It’s on you to look out for them. Are you up for that, guy?
Charley Brewster: I think I can manage.
Jerry: Good. Because there are a lot of bad people out there, Charley.
[he give Charley a look]
Jerry: Everyone’s gotta look after his own business.


[looking out his window seeing his neighbor Doris calling on Jerry]
Charley Brewster: Oh, shit! Oh, shit!
Amy: What? He’s hot and you’re neighbor’s a stripper. They were bound to find each other.
Charley Brewster: Go-Go dancer.
Amy: No. You take away two tiny pieces of cloth, she is a stripper.
Charley Brewster: Rude.fright-night-6
[as Jerry is about to go in to his house with Doris he looks up and sees Charley watching]
Charley Brewster: Oh, Shit! He saw us!
[Charley quickly ducks away from the window knocking Amy aside]
Amy: Woh! Maybe! It’s not a big deal.
Charley Brewster: It’s a huge deal! Okay? Very big deal. He looked at us and he was pissed!
Amy: Okay, Charley? If you’re not into this, can you just tell me. Cause you don’t have to do me any favors.
Charley Brewster: Amy, I’m not doing you any favors. Of course I’m into this. Of course! I just…I just don’t trust that guy.


Charley Brewster: Mom, that guy, Jerry, next door. Under no circumstances is he invited into our house, alright? He’s dangerous.
Jane Brewster: I think I can handle myself.
Charley Brewster: Mom, please! I’m serious! Don’t…don’t acknowledge him. Don’t talk to him at night. Please stay inside.
Jane Brewster: Why? Because he’s dangerous?
Charley Brewster: Look, I can’t answer a million questions right now! Will you just trust me!
Jane Brewster: Charley, stop! I’m your mom! Not some ridiculous woman!


[in the library as Charley is researching Peter Vincent and vampires on the internet]
Amy: You weren’t in class. What are you working on?
Charley Brewster: Porn.
Amy: Uhh, good. I thought it was something creepy.
[Charley just shakes his head]
Amy: You okay?
Charley Brewster: Yeah. I should probably…
Amy: Get back to your porn?
Charley Brewster: Yeah.


Charley Brewster: Mr. Vincent, Hi. I’m…I’m from the Vegas Sun, we had an appointment today?
Peter Vincent: I don’t think so. Speak to my guy.
Charley Brewster: No! No! We did! I’m doing that article, Vampires: Separating Myths from Facts.
Peter Vincent: What? You want a quote? That’s a shit idea for an article.
Look, please…please. I need your expertise and you’re the man this stuff, so…
[referring to the woman walking past them]
Peter Vincent: I fucked her. Filthy!


Peter Vincent: So, is this what? Your first assignment or something?
Charley Brewster: Yeah.
Peter Vincent: Mmm. I’m gonna pop your cherry.


[to Charley as she takes him to Peter in his apartment]
Ginger: And that? That’s Pete’s honorary degree from LVSU. But he got it off the internet.


Total Quotes: 74



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