By David G. Mackin (Vancouver, WA, USA)


Frozen (Disney, PG): Very disappointing even if you like Disney magic and musicals! Its emotional impact was nothing like other musicals like The Lion King or The Little Mermaid that literally pulled the audience into their stories, characters and sounds. The funny trailer scene did not appear in the movie (misleading). The narration throughout the entire movie saved the producers film time but took away from the plot.

There was not enough time to allow the characters and plot to deepen and develop. More emphasis was put on stunning CGI’s of ice and snow flakes than character or plot development. Where did the sister’s curse come from and why? Was her real problem a lack of love or learning to control her super powers? There were some really funny parts concerning the snowman but short-lived. The African children’s choir that began and ended the movie was inappropriate: it spoke of sunny Savannas rather than the freezing temperatures that dominated the screen. The African choir was out of place not only with the little bit of sunshine in the movie but also with the milieu of the harbor/village surrounded by mountains.

Kids might like it for all the typical reasons (bright colors, funny snowman, friendly reindeer, a big, scary monster and wolves in pursuit) – especially young girls with sisters – but to me this was an inferior, quick production that lacked usual Disney quality.

Rating: 2/10

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