By Darren Chan Keng Leong (Singapore)


Minor Spoilers!

Furious 7 also known as Fast and Furious 7 continues the post credit scene of Fast 6 where Han Lue, who is portrayed by Sung Kang, is killed by Deckard Shaw, who is portrayed by Jason Statham, in events of Tokyo Drift. Deckard Shaw is related to Owen Shaw, who is portrayed by Luke Evans, which the team defeated in the events of Fast 6 that left him with multiple injuries and is being warded in a hospital.

The film opens with Deckard Shaw making his presence known as previously Shaw was a rogue special forces assassin that the government created but proved to be that of a threat and soon became a liability and was discharged from duty. Just as Dominic Toretto, who is portrayed by Vin Diesel, and Brian O’Connor, who is portrayed by Paul Walker, are adjusting to their normal lives, away from the fast cars and crazy missions, they are interrupted when Deckard Shaw seeks revenge on Toretto and his crew by setting off an explosive that almost kills both him and Brian. As Deckard continues to threaten the crew and even goes to the extent of fighting with Luke Hobbs, an ally of Toretto, which lives with injuries that require hospitalisation.

Out of all the Fast and Furious films, Furious 7 is a step up of improving and strengthening the character developing and storyline while focusing on continuity to tie up the loose ends in the franchise. Director James Wan gives the audience a visual treat for the well-choreographed fight scenes and action scenes where the crew rides their fast cars. The locations where the film takes place are beautiful in terms of detail which adds to the storyline and character. Audiences are in for much excitement and a visual treat as the team uses a C-130 cargo plane to drop their out of the sky near the target where they are supposed to extract hostage Megan Ramsey, who is portrayed by Nathalie Emmanuel, in retrieving the God’s eye.

The film clearly keeps the audience on their age of the seat with its stronger character development; Furious 7 is a marked improvement in the Fast and Furious franchise while still having a stellar cast that the audience has followed throughout the many films. However, I felt that the secondary antagonist Mose Jakande, who is portrayed by Djimon Hounsou, who briefly teams up with Deckard Shaw for advantage over the team could have been better utilized to present a bigger threat to the team. Seeing Tony Jaa making his debut as an adversary adds more action to the film as his martial art skills are seen in the film. The light-hearted and fun chemistry between Roman Pearce, who is portrayed by Tyrese Gibson, and Tej Parker, who is portrayed by Chris Bridges, breaks up tension with their jokes and antics.

Brian Tyler who is composer of the film does the soundtrack justice and it is the best soundtrack yet as it blends well with the scenes and there is even a song that plays at the end which is dedicated to the late Paul Walker. The soundtrack brings out the emotional value of the film as it is a fitting farewell and tribute to the late Paul Walker. There is no dull track in the soundtrack as Brian Tyler makes every song fit so well with the film that it is one soundtrack worth getting.

The end scene is my favourite as it shows the brotherly chemistry and the importance of family between both Dominic Toretto and Brian O’Connor in flashbacks that shows the journey of Paul Walker’s character throughout the Fast and Furious franchise with them riding off into separate directions in obliging for one last ride. Even off screen, both Vin Diesel and Paul Walker were close friends and were more like brothers than anything else. The film also has decided to retire Walker’s character into him being there for his family and riding off into the sunset where he remains happy and focused on family life. Furious 7 serves as a touching tribute to Paul Walker in playing a character that is so well-loved and relatable to many.

It is hard to imagine the film franchise without the late Paul Walker but his legacy lives on within the installments of the Fast and Furious. The film is definitely heading on into the right direction but I would like to see more car scenes than fight scenes as it is a representation of the film’s roots. It is a must watch film and I would not be surprised if the film did not win any awards as it deserves to and as a nod to the effort that the cast took in completing the film successfully due to Walker’s tragic passing.

Nonetheless, I hope to see better plot developments in the next installment of the Fast and Furious franchise, the use of more cars in the next movie and more allies that will help further developed the success of the franchise.


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