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[as Irma and Emma are preparing the eggs in the kitchen, Collier takes off his shirt to wash his face and shave, Ellison sits at their piano and starts playing the piano, Emma surprised by Ellison playing the piano goes over to him and sings along to the song, but stops when she notices Emma Collier’s back is covered in burn scars, Collier catches them looking at his back]
Don Collier: She’s a good, clean girl. If you don’t take her in that bedroom, I will.
[Emma takes Ellison to the bedroom, Irma goes to stop them]
Don Collier: [subtitled] No. They’re young and they’re alive.
[Irma gives him some coffee and returns to the kitchen to prepare the food as Collier shaves]


[inside the bedroom, Emma and Ellison are sat on her bed]
Norman Ellison: Can I see your hand? Can I see your hand? I’m not gonna bite you.
[she gives him her hand]
Norman Ellison: This hand. Here.
[he opens her palm]
Norman Ellison: Now, you can tell a lot about a person from the lines on their hand. Um…
[she looks at him not really understanding]
Norman Ellison: You don’t know what I’m saying, do you? Alright. This, you see that?
[he indicates to the line in the palm of her hand]fury-11
Norman Ellison: That’s the ring of Solomon. It means you help people, you understand them. It’s really rare. Really rare. You see?
[he shows her his hand]
Norman Ellison: You see? You see that, though? Yeah, I got it, too.
[Emma smiles at him]
Norman Ellison: My grandma taught me how to do this.
[as Ellison continues to read Emma’s palm]
Norman Ellison: You see this, right here? That is your heart line. From the looks of this, you are going to have one great love in your life.
[they look at each other for a moment before Ellison leans in to kiss her then pushes her down onto the bed]


[Emma exits the bedroom as Collier is sat drinking his coffee, Ellison joins him at the table and Collier smiles at him knowingly]
Don Collier: You don’t have to say a word.
[Emma goes to the kitchen and fetches two cups of coffee for herself and Ellison]
Norman Ellison: Sit down.
[she hands him the cup of coffee and sits next to him]
Norman Ellison: Thank you.
[Emma say something to Ellison in German]
Norman Ellison: Hmm? What’s that?
[she smiles]
Emma: No.
[she blows on her coffee indicating it’s hot]
Norman Ellison: It’s hot.
Emma: “It’s hot?”
Norman Ellison: Yeah…
[Emma laughs]


[the rest of the Fury crew barges into Irma’s apartment breaking their civilized moment]
Grady Travis: Normie! Nor?
[they start banging loudly on the door]
Grady Travis: Norman, where could you be?
[they enter the apartment looking drunk]
Trini ‘Gordo’ Garcia: Oh, shit.
Grady Travis: Norman, time for you to act the man! We got you fixed up good. Now, look, there a special gal. She down there and she waitin’ on you.
[Collier look annoyed]
Grady Travis: Now all you gotta do is come on down. She wide open just jump on in.
Trini ‘Gordo’ Garcia: Yeah, she looks a little bit like a whore, but…
[he winks at Ellison then hesitates as Collier and Ellison are just sat silently]
Trini ‘Gordo’ Garcia: What?
Grady Travis: I think maybe we too late, Gor.


[he goes over to Ellison]
Grady Travis: Norman. What did you do? Norm, you sneaky snail. What did you do? Wait a second, did you…
[he looks at Ellison then Emma]
Grady Travis: Did you…did you take this pretty young thing for a roll?
Trini ‘Gordo’ Garcia: Yeah, you’re real pretty.
Grady Travis: Did you do that? What’s with your lip?
[he touches Emma’s lip]
Grady Travis: What’s with your lip? Why it quiver? Don’t worry about me, I’m a friend. He fuck you, you fuck me. That how it works.
Trini ‘Gordo’ Garcia: You gotta pass the plate. Come on, make a donation to the cause.
Norman Ellison: Alright, don’t touch her.
Grady Travis: Don’t touch her?
Norman Ellison: Don’t touch her.
Grady Travis: Don’t ever fuckin’ tell me what to do. You think you get some pussy and now you can fucking act like a man?
Don Collier: Anyone touches the girl, they get their teeth kicked in.
[Emma starts crying]
Grady Travis: That’s how it gonna be?
[Travis gets up and pushes Emma’s chair in]
Grady Travis: Well, alright, then.


Grady Travis: I guess it’s Norman day, huh?
[Emma gets up and goes to the kitchen]
Don Collier: Mm-hmm.
Grady Travis: Shit, top. It’s your day, Norman.
[he takes a swig from his bottle and places it in front of Ellison]
Grady Travis: You should drink that.
Don Collier: You best take a bite.
[to Ellison]
Grady Travis: You a man, right? Drink it.
[Ellison reluctantly takes swig from the bottle]
Grady Travis: Attaboy. You did the nasty.
[Travis grabs Ellison’s face]
Grady Travis: Drink it, there it is. Your day. There it is. You like that?
[Ellison shoves Travis’ hand away in anger]
Norman Ellison: Don’t fucking touch me.
[Travis touches his head]
Grady Travis: Don’t touch you? You a man, right? Get some pussy. You a man, right?
Norman Ellison: Get your fucking hands off me.


[Travis continues to harass Ellison by touching his face, Ellison tries to fight him off]
Grady Travis: Fucking piece of shit. Watch this. How about that? How about I just kill you, huh? How about I fucking kill you right here?
Trini ‘Gordo’ Garcia: Grady? Grady?
Grady Travis: Hmm? Fuck. Don’t you fucking speak…
[Travis finally lets go of Ellison]
Norman Ellison: Oh, God! What the fuck is that? Gasoline?
Grady Travis: Taste like gasoline? Hey.
[Travis suddenly slaps Ellison around the head]
Norman Ellison: Ow!
Grady Travis: Fucking north Georgia right there, boy. Fuckup.
[Irma offer Travis a glass shot of liquor, Travis takes it]
Grady Travis: Donkey.
[Travis pours the drink over Ellison’s head, Collier offers Travis a bottle of beer]
Grady Travis: Appreciate it.


[Travis starts playing around on the piano]
Grady Travis: Look at that.
[Collier and Ellison look annoyed as Travis bangs on the piano keys; to Boyd and Gordo]
Don Collier: Go have a seat.
Trini ‘Gordo’ Garcia: My beverage.
[Emma and Irma places plates in front of them, Boyd picks up the frying pan containing the cooked eggs and Gordo picks one up with his hand]
Don Collier: That’s the girl’s egg.
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: That’s Gordo’s egg.
Don Collier: That’s the girl’s egg.
Trini ‘Gordo’ Garcia: Then where the fuck was my egg?
[Gordo drops the egg back into the frying pan; to Collier]
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: You want to say grace?
Don Collier: This meal’s for you.
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: Roger. Ready?
Trini ‘Gordo’ Garcia: Let’s do it.


[Boyd, closes his eyes and bows his head to say grace]
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: Our father, thank you for preserving our lives another day on earth so we may execute your will. We love you dear, Lord. Thank you for this meal and this wonderful company. Amen.
Trini ‘Gordo’ Garcia: Amen.
[Boyd, Travis and Gordo start eating the eggs]
Don Collier: Emma.
[he indicates for Emma to come and sit on the piano seat behind Ellison]
Don Collier: Offer the girl her plate.fury-12
[Boyd gives the plate to Travis who offers it to Emma]
Grady Travis: There you go.
[as Emma goes to grab the plate Travis pulls it away]
Grady Travis: Oops! Hold on.
[he offers the plate again, Emma takes it and goes to take her seat]
Grady Travis: Hang on, there. I’m gonna fix that for you.
[he goes over to Emma]
Grady Travis: Let me just fix this for you real quick.
[he picks up her egg and licks it before dropping it back on her plate; to Collier]
Grady Travis: I didn’t touch her.
[as Emma begins to cry, Collier offers her his plate of eggs]
Don Collier: Switch with me.
[he starts eating the egg Travis just licked and smiles appreciatively at Irma]


[as they all get stuck into eating their eggs]
Trini ‘Gordo’ Garcia: Y’all were gonna eat like kings and queens over here. And we weren’t invited. I wonder why we weren’t invited.
Grady Travis: Guess they too good for us.
Don Collier: I’m enjoying my meal, boys.
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: Are you?
Don Collier: And as much as you want to destroy it, you’re not gonna fucking stop me.
[pointing to Boyd]
Don Collier: And neither will you.
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: No, sir.
[pointing to Gordo]
Don Collier: And neither will you.


Trini ‘Gordo’ Garcia: Hey, Norman. Do you like horses? Don likes horses. Ain’t that right, Don?
Don Collier: We’re eating.
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: No, we’re not. I’m done.
Grady Travis: I’m fucking done eating.
Trini ‘Gordo’ Garcia: Hey, in France, we hit the beach right after D-Day. Right? And we had to fight through all these fucking hedgerows. Fucking pain in the ass, right? We finally hit open country, and we linked up with the British and the Canadians and you know what we did?
[looking at Collier, who’s now stopped eating]
Trini ‘Gordo’ Garcia: You know what we did. We trapped an entire Kraut army pulling back into Germany. We fucked them up.
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: Yeah.
Grady Travis: Yes, we did.
Trini ‘Gordo’ Garcia: There was dead Krauts and horses, busted up tanks and cars for miles. Miles.
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: Mmm.
Trini ‘Gordo’ Garcia: Your eyes see it, but your head can’t make no sense of it. And we go in there…and for three whole days, we shoot the wounded horses. All day long. Sunup to sundown, just shooting horses. And they were some hot summer days.
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: I ain’t never smelled nothing like that, top.


[to Ellison]
Trini ‘Gordo’ Garcia: Do you know how you kill a horse? You pet it on the…pet it on the forehead, no? And it becomes your friend, it goes like this. And then you shoot it right through the spine. And the sound of it? Those fucking screaming horses? Do you remember that, Don?
[Collier just looks at him]
Trini ‘Gordo’ Garcia: All the black clouds of flies just buzzing around. It was like being in a…in a giant beehive.
[to Ellison]
Trini ‘Gordo’ Garcia: But you weren’t there.
Don Collier: That was a real fine story. Pleasant mealtime talk. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Grady Travis: It is what happened, Don. What happened, happened. What’s gonna happen is gonna happen. Sitting here playing house with a couple bitch Krauts ain’t gonna change a fucking thing.
Don Collier: Shut the fuck up.
Grady Travis: Why should I shut up?
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: You shouldn’t.
[suddenly Collier pulls out his gun and slams it on the table then spits out the remains of the food in his mouth and gives Travis a cold stare]
Trini ‘Gordo’ Garcia: I’m just drunk. I’m sorry.
[Don looks at Grady and Boyd before sitting down to resume his meal]


[a soldier rushes into the apartment]
Company Messenger: Where’s love One-Six?
Don Collier: Right here.
Company Messenger: The old man wants you.
Don Collier: How come?
Company Messenger: You got a mission.
[to the others]
Don Collier: Let’s go!
[the others get up to leave]
Irma: [subtitled] Where are you going?
Don Collier: [subtitled] To take the next town, and the next and the next, until you people quit.
[Emma is in tears as Ellison prepares to leave]
Norman Ellison: Do you have a pen? I’ll write you.
[Travis pulls Ellison away from Emma]
Grady Travis: Y’all getting married? Is that what the fuck y’all doing? This a fucking wedding?
[he pushes Ellison out of the apartment before he can say goodbye to Emma]
Grady Travis: Hurry up. There are more of them.


[Collier meets with Waggoner]
Don Collier: What am I walking into?
Captain Waggoner: A recon plane spotted a troop concentration moving west, here.
[pointing to the area on the map]
Captain Waggoner: Battalion needs you to guard these crossroads here in this grid on the overlay.
Don Collier: How many troops did he see?
Captain Waggoner: I don’t know.
Don Collier: What kind of troops? Did they have tanks, horses, artillery?
Captain Waggoner: I wish I could help you. He took fire, he got the fuck out of there. Enough to spook the colonel. All the tanks are driving on Berlin. There’s a couple of thousand cooks, mechanics and doctors here.
[pointing to the area on the map]
Captain Waggoner: Those Krauts hit ’em, it’ll be a slaughter. All we got is you. We need you to the crossroads fast as you can. Secure them. Don’t stop for anything. You understand? Take my gas if you have to. If those troops get past you, they’re gonna smash into the supply train. Then the whole division’s fucked.
Don Collier: All right, sir. We’re on the way.


[at the tank as Ellison picks up a can]
Norman Ellison: Is that gas?
Trini ‘Gordo’ Garcia: Open it up.
Grady Travis: Yeah, it’s good. Okay.
Soldier: Incoming!
[suddenly a German air raid hits the small town and explode all around them]
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: Grady, jump, jump, jump!
[everyone takes cover with Ellison and Grady hiding under the tank; after the raid is over from inside the hatch]
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: Grady, you up?
[Collier walks over to the tank]
Don Collier: You good? Boys, good?
Soldier: Thank the Krauts for that.
Don Collier: Binkowski?
Sergeant Binkowski: Yeah, good!
Don Collier: Grady!
Grady Travis: Everybody up! You up?
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: I’m up.
[from under the tank Ellison sees that Emma and Irma’s building has been reduced to rubble, he runs to it]


Soldier: Alright, let’s get an aid station right there.
Don Collier: Check Peterson. We’re gonna mount up.
[noticing Ellison running to the apartment rubble]
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: Norman!
Grady Travis: I go him!
Norman Ellison: Emma!
[Ellison notices Emma’s dead body in the rubble]
Norman Ellison: Fuck.
[he starts to dig her out]
Grady Travis: Who do you think you are, huh? Jesus Christ?
[Travis pulls Ellison away]
Norman Ellison: No! Fuck!
Grady Travis: You gonna raise her up, Norman? Get your ass back on the fucking tank.
[Ellison starts going for Travis in anger]
Norman Ellison: What the fuck is wrong with you?
Grady Travis: What the fuck are you doing? Huh?
Norman Ellison: What the fuck is wrong with you?
[Ellison pushes Travis away]


Grady Travis: What you gonna do? You gonna get mad?
[Ellison starts hitting Travis in the face]
Norman Ellison: You don’t feel anything? You piece of shit!
Grady Travis: That’s it, come on! Come on!
Norman Ellison: Fuck you!
[Travis grabs hold of Ellison and puts his arm around his neck]
Grady Travis: You feel it?
Norman Ellison: Fuck you!
Grady Travis: It’s called war! You feel it?
[Ellison cries out in anger, Travis pushes him]
Grady Travis: Get your fucking spindly ass back on that fucking tank! Where the fuck you think you are?
[Ellison breaks down in tears as he reaches the tank]
Norman Ellison: Oh, God, why?
Don Collier: Tankers, mount up!
[Ellison mounts the tank and Fury starts pulling away with the other tanks following it]


[to Ellison who looks despondent as they head out of the town]
Don Collier: You see that?
[points to the town ahead which is covered in clouds of smoke]
Don Collier: That’s an entire city on fire. I started this war killing Germans in Africa, then France, then Belgium. Now I’m killing Germans in Germany. It will end. Soon. But before it does, a lot more people gotta die.
[later as they continue on their journey suddenly the tanks at the end of the line is hit by a bomb]
Don Collier: Fuck! Reverse! Hard left! Hard left! Reverse!
[Ellison enters into the tank and closes the hatch]
Norman Ellison: Fuck!
[instructing the tanks]
Don Collier: Back up, back up, back up! Hard left! Hatches! Hatches! Back up! Go, go, go, go! Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! Back up. Left stick. Go, go, go, go! Hard stick!
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: What the fuck was it?
Don Collier: That was an 88. It’s a goddamn tank. Where the fuck is it?
[they are nearly hit by another bomb]


[looking through his binoculars]
Sergeant Davis: Tank! Twelve o’clock, eight hundred yards.
Don Collier: I see it! It’s a goddamn tiger! Put some fucking smoke in his face!
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: Let’s go, Grady. Smoke up, Grady.
Grady Travis: Smoke’s up! Clear!
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: On the way!
[Boyd fires a cannon]
Sergeant Peterson: We have to get to the crossroads. We gotta get past them.
Sergeant Davis: Don, let’s get the fuck out of here! Let’s go!
Don Collier: Unless he drowns himself in a shit-filled ditch, he’s our problem! Hit that son of a bitch!
[Travis gets another shell ready to fire]
Grady Travis: Almost up!
Don Collier: Light the bastard!
Grady Travis: Clear!
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: On the way!
[Boyd lets off another cannon]
Sergeant Davis: Shoot that fucker!


Don Collier: Fire when ready!
Sergeant Davis: Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop!
[all three tanks stop backing up]
German Corporal: [subtitled] Driver make ready. Load anti-tank.
Don Collier: Alright, all tanks, move forward!
[the tanks start moving forward]
Don Collier: Peterson, right flank!
Sergeant Peterson: Right stick.
Don Collier: Davis, left with me, stay abreast!
Sergeant Davis: Let’s go right at ’em! Let’s go right at ’em!
Don Collier: Gordo, left flank. Let’s bum-rush this cocksucker!
Sergeant Peterson: Right stick. Taking the right flank.
[the German tank heads towards them]
German Corporal: [subtitled] New target. Tank on the left. Ten o’clock…seven hundred meters.
Don Collier: He’s coming out.
German Corporal: [subtitled] Fire!
[the German tank fires a shell]
Don Collier: Loader, AP, AP.


Grady Travis: Clear!
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: On the way!
[Boyd fires a shell]
Sergeant Davis: Alright, pump him! Pump him!
Don Collier: Gyros on!
[Boyd fires another cannon]
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: What do you want, top?
Don Collier: Loader, AP, AP. Smash him.
Grady Travis: You’re clear, Boyd!
Sergeant Peterson: AP, five hundred yards. Fire!
[Peterson’s tank fires a cannon at the German tank but misses hitting it]
German Corporal: [subtitled] Elevate…six hundred meters.
Don Collier: Again!
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: Fuck, Grady. Put it in, now.
Grady Travis: Clear!
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: On the way!
[Boyd fires another cannon at the German tank and misses, the German tank fires a shell and it takes Peterson’s head right off]
Sergeant Davis: Aah, God!
Don Collier: Goddamn it!
Trini ‘Gordo’ Garcia: Fuck!


Don Collier: Hit ’em!
Grady Travis: Clear!
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: On the way!
[Boyd’s cannon misses the German tank again]
German Corporal: [subtitled] Same target. Fire!
[the German tank fires a cannon at Peterson’s tank which gets hit]
Sergeant Davis: They got Peterson! Goddamn!
[referring to the German tank]
Trini ‘Gordo’ Garcia: It’s a fucking beast.
Norman Ellison: Fuck!
Don Collier: Gordo, flank left! Left! Davis, cross him. Flank right! Flank right!
Sergeant Davis: Copy! Right stick! Right stick! Traverse left.
Don Collier: Davis, line it up!
Sergeant Davis: Fire!
[Davis’ tank fires but misses the German tank]
German Corporal: [subtitled] Target eleven o’clock.


Don Collier: Let’s shoot the son of a bitch! He’s lining up on Roy!
[Boyd gets ready to fire at the German tank]
Don Collier: Goddamn it, I said fire!
German Corporal: Fire!
[the German tank fires at Davis’ tank and it explodes killing Davis and his men]
Don Collier: Goddamn it.
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: Fuck!
Don Collier: Roy’s gone. We’re all that’s left. It’s up to us now.
German Corporal: [subtitled] Driver halt!
[the German tank stops]
Don Collier: Gordo, get around him. Put us on his backside! If we get behind him, we can kill him! Go! Go! Go!
[Gordo starts taking Fury behind the German tank so they can shoot it from behind]
German Corporal: [subtitled] Reverse, reverse! Don’t let him behind us!
[the German tank starts firing at them]
Don Collier: Faster, Gordo!
[the German tank continues to shoot at them]
Don Collier: Goddamn it!


German Corporal: [subtitled] Forward. Target two o’clock!
[the German tank manages to hit Fury]
Trini ‘Gordo’ Garcia: Goddamn it! Fuck!
Norman Ellison: What was that?
Trini ‘Gordo’ Garcia: We got hit!
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: I lost it.
Grady Travis: Boyd, are you alright?
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: Aw! Shit! Fuck! We lost power traverse! Switching to manual.
Grady Travis: Boyd, you stay in the fight!
Don Collier: Bible, hit him!
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: On the way!
[Boyd fires a shell]
Don Collier: Coming around! He’s coming around! Gordo, you gotta outrun that gun!
Trini ‘Gordo’ Garcia: Oh, I got it! I got it!
German Corporal: Fire!
[the German tank fires and hits Fury again]


Don Collier: Gordo, put it in third. Right stick! Bible, put it up his ass, where the armor’s thin.
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: I know where to fucking hit him!
Grady Travis: Boyd, you’re clear!
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: On the way!
[Boyd fires and misses the German tank]
Trini ‘Gordo’ Garcia: Shit!
Don Collier: Goddamn it, I said in the ass!
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: We’re moving too fast! It’s not that fucking easy!
Grady Travis: Come on, Boyd, stay on him!
Don Collier: Gordo, when I say back up, you back up. Left stick.
Trini ‘Gordo’ Garcia: Alright, alright!
Don Collier: Bible, stand by. I’ll call the shot.
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: Roger! Roger!
Don Collier: Gordo, now! Reverse! Reverse! Reverse! Left stick!


Don Collier: Bible, steady. Steady.
German Corporal: [subtitled] Shoot the bastard!
Trini ‘Gordo’ Garcia: Come on, Bible!
Norman Ellison: Come on, fucking shoot him!
Don Collier: Steady.
[pauses for a tense moment]fury-13
Don Collier: Now!
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: On the way!
[Boyd fire but it doesn’t hit the German tank hard enough]
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: Fuck! Grady, one more! One more, Grady! Grady, Grady, Grady!
Grady Travis: Clear!
Don Collier: Again!
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: On the way!
[Boyd fire and finally manages to take out the German tank]
Grady Travis: Clear!
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: Tank destroyed.
Don Collier: Gordo, halt.
Grady Travis: Jesus Christ.


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