Directed by: Jason Godbey
Starring: Susan Spring Gelb, Christopher Guarino, P.J. King

From Behind The Rabbit Productions, this short horror film is written by Joseph Bongiorno and Jason Godbey and directed by Godbey. Ghost Story centers on Sophy (P.J. King), who five years earlier, along with a small group of his friends encountered an evil force that was holding the spirit of a young girl captive in a house. After the evil force kills his friends, Sophy remains as the sole survivor. Now, Sophy returns to his home town and still feeling haunted by the past and the evil force he enlists the help Father Mike (John Kwiatkowski) in order to free his soul from this evil.

This project was originally shot in black-and-white in 1999 and then abandoned due to time and budget constraints. Then several years later the filmmakers decided to pick it up again in order to complete it. As a result the footage that was shot in 1999 has been used to serve as flashback sequences in order for the main character, Sophy, to tell his story to Father Mike.

The story itself is strong but lacks any true horror or chills. It serves well as a short drama that has been edited together nicely to show a horrible event that took place in the main character’s life and what he has to go through now to save himself, and the two main characters maintain a good dynamic which moves the story along smoothly.

Verdict: For a troubled short film this is a decent effort.


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