By Wes Brinkmann (Cresco, Iowa)


I just watched the new Godzilla. It should be titled Mutos Invasion, staring Godzilla. I would have liked to have seen more of the big guy, but what the heck, it still was an above average action adventure flick.

For once the 3D worked with the cinematography and gave the film a sense of grandeur I have not seen since Avatar. Gareth Edwards gives us more of the human perspective and empathy we saw in Monsters, which takes this film more into the A class than the B movies it pays homage to. And it does pay homage to a number of classic monster films. The Mutos look like a cross between the creature in Cloverfield and something from a Gamera movie.

The hero and Japanese boy scene is a lot like a scene from the 60s Gorgo. In fact Godzilla and Gorgo seem to exit the city in much the same way, turning their backs on the arrogance of humanity. The Golden Gate Bridge scene almost looks like it was taken out of Monsters vs. Aliens, and the three pit scenes look like they were taken from them, and Black Scorpion of the 50s. I am sure I could find more comparisons, but why spoil your fun.

Edwards has found a way to pump new life and perspective into a tired but beloved genre. I just hope we get to see a little more of the big guy in the next one.


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