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If you’re going to advertise a movie called GODZILLA, the movie should BE ABOUT GODZILLA. This movie should’ve been named, Stupid Navy Guy Runs Around Trying To Save His Wife While Monsters Fight In The Background. Seriously, that’s all it was. You get fifteen minutes of Godzilla put together for the whole hour and a half! I’m not even sure how long it was. I blacked out during the painful love scenes and moments shared with bumbling humans trying to helplessly figure shit out.

With that said, the moments when you DO see Godzilla, were amazing. The effects were of course epic, and Godzilla himself, even for his short screen time, shows a lot of personality in his face alone.

Honestly, they should’ve just followed Godzilla around. Leave the people out of it. Or have them there briefly. Or show the WHOLE FIGHT between the monsters…not little scenes and then cut to the idiots to show them screaming, running, or staring dumbly into outerspace like one of the characters did. I thought that guy was just a joke after a while. Every scene he had the same shell-shocked/constipated look on his face with very little to say. And it’s not like he’s a bad actor or anything.

But for some reason, Hollywood thinks every damn movie needs human drama, and love, and – vomits everywhere -. If it’s a movie about a giant manly lizard stomping around, THEN THAT SHOULD BE THE MAIN FOCUS. Not Diddlyderp and his dumb wife farting around.

I love and HATE this movie. It left me feeling empty for the most part. It kept building and building and building, and just when you THINK you’re actually going to see an amazing monster battle, its back to the people again. If I wanted to watch a love story, or a military story, I’d watch it. But I paid double for IMAX to see Godzilla fight, Godzilla roar, Godzilla do what he’s done right for YEARS.

They missed the mark with me. Hell, you see the enemy monsters more than Godzilla. What a shame. SHaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame.


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