By Craig Singleton (Wigan, England)


“RUN!! IT’S GODZILLA!!!” After that terribly cheesy romcom with Matthew Broderick that just so happened to have a giant monster in the middle of it comes a much, so much needed fresh take on this famous phenomenon. Gareth Edwards takes on Godzilla in a smart way with influences taken from his 2010 film Monsters.

I’ll start by saying that this was the first fully animated Godzilla which could have gone so wrong. I’d take stop-motion and puppetry any day of the week which gives more realism, but the CG animated monster looks fantastic. From its design, texture, color and motion, it looks stunning. Considering how big of a scale Godzilla is, the attention to detail of creating the great monster is groundbreaking in my opinion.

This film needed a fresh story to try and eliminate from memory Roland Emmerich’s disaster film. The plot is basically two giant monsters known as MUTOs that eat radiation cause destruction in Japan, Hawaii and parts of the US. They are not alone however, when another monster (Godzilla) is awakened which has been kept a secret by the US government.

One thing to know is that, Godzilla isn’t the evil monster. He actually doesn’t necessarily want to cause destruction to Earth, only to the two MUTOs. This means he is the good guy so you root for him, a lot more than the real destruction race… humans!

The human character stories in the film weren’t as terrible as I thought they’d be. Bryan Cranston’s character was very emotionally driven who knows more than anyone about these creatures. His son, a lieutenant in the Navy doesn’t have much of a personality. He just wants to help save the world. His wife is quite an irrelevant person and Ken Wantanabe’s character just looks confused all the time.

I wanted more of the monsters and less focus. The film at times built up that something was going to occur then it cut to the next day, excitement over. The climax more than makes up for it with a brilliant visualized showdown. Gareth had flare and thought with the film that sounds incredible. A film definitely to be watched on a big screen with surround sound.

My score for the film is 83%. Lowest mark for acting, highest for visuals. Exciting plot and great action and wait for it… boom (you’ll know when you see it).


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