By Godzilla Guy


The Godzilla vs. Kong movie is visually beautiful, with excellent graphics and high quality cinema all around. There are amazing aquatic scenes and gorgeous landscapes, but that is where the good parts end! There are so many flaws for the Godzilla and Kong fan, and the blame is squarely on the choices made by director Adam Wingard, not the effort. Wingard did a great job for what he chose as his vision, but it is not the vision of Kaiju and especially Godzilla fans.

This is not a review in order as much as me pointing out some terrible parts and flaws, so read on:

The story has some very odd parts where Kong is floating and falling on some drug induced trip that gets him back to the Kaiju birthplace “Hallow Earth”. This is important because the director believes he had to invent a place where the monsters can get enough powers and weapons to fight with.

Making Kong be able to understand the little island girl with sign language is great and makes Kong a more realistic being, but having him run around with “Stormbreaker” from the MCU is silly and belittles the nature of the Titans.

The evil genius with the cape, the most interesting man in the world Dos Equis, wannabe is the worst character ever. Overacted and fake and never does anything except get killed by his Frankenstein creation.

Kaijus are poorly represented here as no classic Toho monsters are brought in or reference to the Titans for the last movie. Where is Mothra, Rodan, or the other Titans to help their “King” to stop Apex in their tracks? Instead they introduce monster for Kong to fight that absolutely NOBODY will care about.

Godzilla, who is magnificently represented in the first two movies, is shown flopping on decks and mouth wide open like crazy crocodile. We saw the inside of his mouth way too many times, which wasn’t visually appealing or scary, so not sure what Wingard wanted there. He is always fuzzy, or blue, or purple, and only looks his majestic self towards the end during Kong stand-offs.

The Kong vs Godzilla fights were fine enough – do want you want Wingard, it is your movie, but the worst, absolute worst part, is having Godzilla, who has always represented in any fight, get dragged around and swamped by a poorly designed Mecha-Godzilla that was more of a Transformer than a Kaiju. Godzilla always gets hurt, defeated, and or killed even, but when has he ever not landed a blow and just gotten tossed about like in this film. He might as well as put up a white flag. The worst is that Mecha-Godzilla was about to actually destroy him entirely by blasting Godzilla into his mouth (Godzilla did to Muto and others), but THANK GOD Kong saved us from that atrocity. No movie has ever shown Godzilla destroyed except the classic original, which had an ending that was important for the times.

Whether pictured as good or bad, love him or hate him, Godzilla is revered, iconic, and has no equal in all of cinema. A force of nature, unstoppable and unflappable, he has so much more content and lore than Kong that Wingard ignored, deeming the two beasts equals, daring even to making Kong more the interesting and beloved.

Sorry to be mad, but please be cognizant of what fans want. They need to know they can rely on Godzilla being represented as the KING of the MONSTERS and not the second fiddle to a monkey from Hollywood.

A True Fan

Rating: 2/5