By Tom Edgerton (England, Surrey)


David Fincher’s Best Movie or Another Crime Thriller

David Fincher is one of my favourite directors. Behind the scenes you can see how much time and effort he puts into making each shot perfect. This hard work clearly shines through in a lot of his work as we see how immaculate each shot is. We see this skill run throughout Gone Girl as he tackled another dark sinister film with ease. However is this David Fincher’s best film is another matter entirely.

This is not David Fincher’s first adaptation, with several being based of books such as The Social Network being nominated for an academy award. As well as doing adaptations he has done multiple crime thrillers, with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Se7en as a few. In my opinion Gone Girl is one of his stronger films as I felt more engaged with the story. I also found the characters created more intriguing and more enjoyable. In an interview with the telegraph Fincher says that it was difficult to create likable characters. “They reserve their empathy because they don’t want to fall in love with someone whose body is going to end up in a 50-gallon oil drum. They don’t want to be charmed by someone who might have hacked his wife up and put her in the crawlspace.”

I found myself liking Ben Affleck’s character immensely at the start and felt sympathy towards him, and then slowly beginning to despair as it became clearer he had killed his wife. This is why I feel like David Fincher did a fantastic job with the characters. Allowing for my emotions to conflict as the film went on. Another extremely positive aspect of this film is the music. Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross created the perfect music for each shot, whether it’s meant to be intense drawing you in or the melodic unsettling score when Amy is back.

Although this film has many positives, there are still some noticeable negatives. A few times the script made me cringe; this could be due to the books author rather than David Fincher. The ending of the film was also a large reason many people have not rated this film as highly. It does leave a very dissatisfied taste, which is common for a David Fincher film whether it’s not catching the killer in Zodiac or allowing the killer to get what he wants in Se7en. However it did not have such a powerful affect as it did in his other films. This is due to the brevity and severity of Amy coming back. It felt like very little occurred from it. It can also be argued that the point was to leave a bitter taste symbolising the resentment Ben Affleck’s character feels.

In conclusion David Fincher is an incredible director but would prefer if he would try another genre in film as he did with The Social Network which is my personal favourite. I would recommend this film to anyone as it is entertaining and engaging. Would I rate it in his top three, perhaps but it would require another viewing to decide.

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