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Margo Dunne: You know what I keep thinking?
Nick Dunne: Wish mom were here?
Margo Dunne: Yeah. Like I’m twelve. Like mom would fix it.
[she looks at Nick for a moment]
Margo Dunne: I’m gonna go Benadryl myself to sleep.
[Margo rises from the couch and walks towards her room]
Margo Dunne: Love you.
Nick Dunne: Love you.


[we see Amy writing in her diary dated September 23, 2010]
Amy Dunne: [voice over] So here’s a strange new sentence: I am a Missourian.
[Nick and Amy are getting ready to drive away from their apartment in New York, Amy says goodbye to her parents]
Amy Dunne: Bye, dad.
[as Nick is saying goodbye to Rand and Marybeth Amy walks over to their car]
Amy Dunne: [voice over] No money, no jobs, no prospects. And then we heard from Go. Mama Maureen, stage four breast cancer. So we moved to Missouri. I don’t mind. I just wish he’d asked.
[Amy waves goodbye to her parents as they drive off]


[they pull up outside their new home, Nick gets out to greet his mother and Margo who are waiting outside the house with a “Welcome Mat”]
Amy Dunne: [voice over] Nick is happy to be home. But I don’t know if he’s happy I’m with him.
[Amy looks around their new home as Nick unpacks boxes with his mother and Margo]
Amy Dunne: [voice over] I feel like something he loaded by mistake. Something to be jettisoned if necessary. Something disposable. I feel like I could disappear.


[still sat on Margo’s couch, Nick’s gets a text message, “I’m outside”, Nick opens the front door but sees one, then goes to the back door to find a young woman, Andie Fitzgerald]
Andie Fitzgerald: Oh, my God!
[she flings her arms around him and kisses him]
Andie Fitzgerald: I saw you on TV.
Nick Dunne: Okay. Ssh-ssh.
Andie Fitzgerald: It’s so crazy.
Nick Dunne: Yeah, I know.
Andie Fitzgerald: She just vanished?
Nick Dunne: She’s just gone.
Andie Fitzgerald: I’ve been so worried about you.
Nick Dunne: Where have you been? I called you a hundred times. You gotta pick up your phone!
Andie Fitzgerald: Rehearsals.
Nick Dunne: What?
Andie Fitzgerald: Godspell.


[Nick looks down the hallway]
Nick Dunne: My sister’s asleep in the other room.
Andie Fitzgerald: I needed to see you.
Nick Dunne: I know, it’s just a bad idea.
Andie Fitzgerald: Can you at least tell me you love me?
Nick Dunne: I do love you, but we have to be really careful right now.
[Nick closes the back door]
Andie Fitzgerald: I’ve been so scared.
Nick Dunne: Between rehearsals.
Andie Fitzgerald: You told me I needed to have my own life.
Nick Dunne: I know.
[Andie starts kissing Nick]
Nick Dunne: We need to stop.
[she continues to kissing him]
Andie Fitzgerald: I need you. Touch me.
[Nick pulls back]
Nick Dunne: Stop it.


Nick Dunne: Come here.
[he takes Andie to the couch]
Nick Dunne: Sit down.
[Andie sits]
Nick Dunne: Okay. Did you, by any chance, tell anybody anything about us? Even in texting, or on Facebook.
Andie Fitzgerald: Facebook? I use the disposable phone. You buy my presents in cash. I’m not stupid, Nick.
Nick Dunne: I know, sweetie. Did you leave a pair of red panties in my office?
Andie Fitzgerald: I don’t know. Maybe. They better be mine.
Nick Dunne: Sweetheart, think.
Andie Fitzgerald: I don’t know. I’d have to check my red panty inventory.
Nick Dunne: Andie, I need you to take this seriously, okay? This is the last time we’re gonna see each other, until…
Andie Fitzgerald: Until when?
Nick Dunne: Until it’s safe.
Andie Fitzgerald: You were going to get a divorce.
Nick Dunne: Never say that out loud again.
Andie Fitzgerald: Okay. I’m sorry.


[Andie starts kissing Nick]
Andie Fitzgerald: I don’t wanna fight. I just wanna be with you.
Nick Dunne: Andie, please…
[she pushes him back on the couch as she continues to kiss him]
Andie Fitzgerald: That’s all I want.
Nick Dunne: I can’t.
[she starts taking her top off]
Andie Fitzgerald: It’s our last time together. Let’s make the most of it.
[they start making out]
Nick Dunne: Real quick, but then you have to go.


[we see Amy writing in her diary dated October 2, 2011]
Amy Dunne: [voice over] My husband has come undone. We moved to Missouri to save Maureen, but as it turns out, we couldn’t.
[Amy looks over to Nick who’s talking to the people that turned up at his mother’s funeral]
Amy Dunne: [voice over] We took a hit on the brownstone and I used the last of my trust fund to buy him a bar. So far it’s just costing money.
[we see Nick having sex with Amy against their bedroom wall]
Amy Dunne: [voice over] Nick uses me for sex when he wants. Otherwise, I don’t exist.
[after he’s done, Nick turns and walks over to the bathroom]
Nick Dunne: We should go to outback tonight.
Amy Dunne: That’d be nice.


Amy Dunne: [voice over] Last night, I went from desperate to pathetic. I became someone I don’t even like. The kind of woman I used to mock.
[Amy goes over to Nick who’s washing his hands in the bathroom]
Amy Dunne: You’re out so much.
Nick Dunne: I know.
Amy Dunne: Stay home.
Nick Dunne: I can’t, I’m already late.
Amy Dunne: Well, then can I come?
Nick Dunne: You would hate it. It’s a bunch of my dorky high school friends.
Amy Dunne: Do our code. No bullshit.
Nick Dunne: I thought we weren’t gonna be that couple.
[he puts two fingers on his chin and then kisses her]
Nick Dunne: Okay, bye.
[he walks away]


[as Nick is about to head downstairs to leave the house]
Amy Dunne: Hey, I’ve been thinking.
Nick Dunne: Yeah?
Amy Dunne: Something positive. Maybe it’s time.
Nick Dunne: Now is literally the worst time.
Amy Dunne: Well, it’d be a new start for us. And for me, I would have a real purpose here.
Nick Dunne: A child is not a hobby.
Amy Dunne: Not a hobby. An inspiration.
Nick Dunne: We could have had this fight four hours ago. I’m late.
[Nick starts walking downstairs and Amy follows him]
Amy Dunne: I didn’t know it was gonna be a fight.
Nick Dunne: You really wanna be the couple that has a baby to save their marriage?
Amy Dunne: Save?
Nick Dunne: Reboot, retool, rekindle, whatever!
Amy Dunne: And you’re gonna walk out the door now?
Nick Dunne: Yeah, I am!


Amy Dunne: You’re a fucking coward.
[as Nick heads to the front door she gets in front of him]
Amy Dunne: You know it can’t go on like this.gone-girl-7
Nick Dunne: Oh, really?
Amy Dunne: I won’t.
Nick Dunne: You won’t? You won’t? Why, it’s not good enough for you?
Amy Dunne: It’s not even close!
Nick Dunne: You stupid bitch!
[suddenly Nick shoves her against the staircase, Amy hits her head on the post and falls, Nick stands over her with his fists clenched]
Amy Dunne: [voice over] What scared me wasn’t that he’d pushed me. What scared me was how much he wanted to hurt me more. What scared me was that What scared me wasn’t that he’d pushed me. What scared me was how much he wanted to hurt me more. What scared me was that I’d finally realized: I am frightened of my own husband.
[as tears fall down Amy’s eye, Nick crouches down beside her and touches her face tenderly]


[Rhonda and Gilpin pull up outside an empty mall parking lot at night]
Officer James Gilpin: You want me to call for backup?
Detective Rhonda Boney: No, I’ll protect you.
[they get out of the car and head inside the abandoned building where they find homeless people and drug addicts]
Officer James Gilpin: Jesus. They ought to burn this place down.
Detective Rhonda Boney: Seems like folks are trying.
Officer James Gilpin: You really think this is anything?
Detective Rhonda Boney: Cross it off the list.
[they pass teenagers smoking and drinking as they head over to a man]
Detective Rhonda Boney: Jason.
Jason: What’s up, Rhonda?
[Rhonda takes out a photo of Amy]
Detective Rhonda Boney: Have you seen this girl around here?
Jason: Why do you ask?
Detective Rhonda Boney: She was reported missing.


[Jason looks at Amy’s photo]
Jason: Yeah. I remember her.
Officer James Gilpin: What did she want? Weed, pills?
Jason: She wanted a gun. I told her it’s not my thing. I felt bad though. She seemed really desperate. She said it needed to be small so she could keep it close.
Detective Rhonda Boney: Are you sure this is her?
Jason: You don’t forget a girl like that in here. She was all in pink. It was Valentine’s day.


[we see Amy writing in her diary dated February 14, 2012]
Amy Dunne: [voice over] For Valentine’s day, I thought I’d buy a gun. That is how crazy I’ve become.
[we see Amy having a bath when she notices Nick walking passed the door]gone-girl-6
Amy Dunne: [voice over] Nick wants me gone but he won’t ask for a divorce. In his mind, I’m the owner of his bar, his only line of credit, the bitch with the pre-nup.
[as Amy is lying in bed, Nick enters the room and walks into the bathroom]
Amy Dunne: [voice over] I could go home to my parents but I’d have to tell them the truth. And I don’t even know if I believe the truth. Can I really think Nick would hurt me? I’m being paranoid. Crazy.
[she looks over to see Nick by the bathroom doorway brushing his teeth]
Amy Dunne: [voice over] It’s just…I’d sleep better with a gun.


[July 8th, Third Day Gone – Nick wakes to find Andie next to him asleep]
Nick Dunne: Oh, shit. Wake up, baby. Wake up. My sister’s gonna come out here. You gotta go.
[they start getting dressed]
Nick Dunne: Sorry to rush you.
Andie Fitzgerald: It’s okay.
Nick Dunne: Here. Let me help you.
[he helps Andie put her dress on over her head]
Nick Dunne: Okay. Just get that.
[as he zips up the front of her dress]
Nick Dunne: Here we go.
[he gets her shoes]
Andie Fitzgerald: Alright.
Nick Dunne: Here you go.
[he walks Andie over to the back door]
Andie Fitzgerald: Promise me we’ll talk every day.
Nick Dunne: Okay, we will. I promise.
Andie Fitzgerald: Every day, Nick, or I’ll go crazy.
[Nick opens the back door then kisses her]
Nick Dunne: Don’t go crazy.
Andie Fitzgerald: Okay.
[they kiss one last time and Andie leaves]


[after Andie leaves]
Margo Dunne: You fucking idiot. You fucking asshole! You fucking lied to my fucking face!
Nick Dunne: I’m sorry.
Margo Dunne: How old is she?
Nick Dunne: She’s in her early twenty’s.
Margo Dunne: How long?
Nick Dunne: A year and a half.
Margo Dunne: You lied to me for over a year?
Nick Dunne: Go, if I told you, you would have made me stop.
Margo Dunne: It’s so fucking small. You’re a liar and a cheat! You’re just like dad! How did you even meet her?
Nick Dunne: She’s one of my students.
Margo Dunne: I thought writers hated clichés.
Nick Dunne: Well, I’m not a writer.
Margo Dunne: Oh, boo-hoo, I got laid off. I guess I’ll fuck a teenager.
Nick Dunne: Look, it wasn’t like that, okay? You have no idea how shitty it was with Amy, how fucking terrible she made me feel. Flyover boy. I would get knots in my stomach just coming home, knowing she would be sitting there dissatisfied, before I even walked in the fucking door.


Margo Dunne: This is so bad. If anybody finds out, you’re totally fucked.
Nick Dunne: Boney found a pair of panties in my office where occasionally Andie, and I…I don’t know what the fuck it means.
Margo Dunne: Are they super-twat’s?
Nick Dunne: Her name is Andie. She’s not entirely sure.
Margo Dunne: So we are dealing with a twenty year-old who isn’t sure where she leaves her undies?
Nick Dunne: If they’re not Andie’s, that means that they’re Amy’s, and she left them there for me to find.
Margo Dunne: Nick, I was scared for you before, and now, I’m fucking petrified. We’re having a vigil tonight for your missing wife and this morning, you’re kissing your college girlfriend goodbye! Can you imagine? Have you watched television lately? Cable news is all over your shit.
[she turns on the TV to continue the news report she was watching the night before]
Ellen Abbott: I mean, what is wrong with this barkeep? His wife’s nowhere to be found and here’s Nick Dunne for you, flirting. Cute pic, huh?
[they show the photo Shawna Kelley had taken with Nick]
Margo Dunne: Who is that?
Nick Dunne: Some fucking tragedy groupie.
Margo Dunne: Who the fuck is that?
Nick Dunne: I don’t know. She was trying to give me a casserole.


[Margo and Nick continue watching the news report]
Ellen Abbott: On the show today we have defense attorney, Tanner Bolt, patron Saint to wife-killers everywhere.
[Tanner laughs]
Ellen Abbott: Tanner Bolt, would you actually consider defending Nick Dunne?
Tanner Bolt: Well, let me just say, as always, Ellen, thank you for such a warm welcome. But of course I’d defend Nick Dunne. Listen, just because this guy isn’t walking around weeping, that doesn’t mean that he’s not hurting.
Ellen Abbott: Tanner, the hallmark of a sociopath is a lack of empathy.
Tanner Bolt: But the truth is, you’d have to be a sociopath to behave normally in this situation. Because it’s the most abnormal situation in the world…
Ellen Abbott: Excuse me. Excuse me. Tanner. Tanner, are you trying to tell me that this photo is remotely in the realm of acceptable behavior?


Nick Dunne: I’m so sick of being picked apart by women.
Margo Dunne: You need to hire Tanner Bolt.
[Margo stars to walks off]
Ellen Abbott: A picture is worth a thousand words, Tanner Bolt. You ever heard that phrase?
Nick Dunne: I don’t deserve this.
[to Abbot]
Tanner Bolt: Innocent until proven guilty.
Margo Dunne: That’s exactly what you deserve. Go home, Nick.


[at the police station as they watch Ellen Abbot’s news show on Nick]
Officer James Gilpin: I can’t believe we haven’t arrested this guy.
Detective Rhonda Boney: We’re not gonna arrest anybody just cause some blond dunce says so.
Officer James Gilpin: Why are you going so easy on him? You got a crush?
Detective Rhonda Boney: One: I am conducting an investigation, not a witch-hunt. And, two: don’t talk to me that way, ever.
Officer James Gilpin: She was trying to buy a gun.
Detective Rhonda Boney: We don’t know who or what was scaring her, Gil. Give me the update.
Officer James Gilpin: No drug angles panned out yet, so cross that off the list. I talked to the nurses who care for Nick’s father. The guy’s a bastard, but he’s weak as a kitten, so cross that off the list.
[Donnelly enters their office]
Officer James Gilpin: Hey.
Detective Rhonda Boney: Hey.
Donnelly: So, luminol lit up the kitchen like the 4th of July.
[he shows them the photos]
Officer James Gilpin: Whoa.
Donnelly: Yeah.


Donnelly: The blood is profuse. It is Amy’s, type B, and we should have DNA soon.
Detective Rhonda Boney: Thoughts on a weapon?
Donnelly: Trajectory indicates blunt force. Maybe a club, a two-by-four.
[Gilpin shows him the photo of where the blood was cleaned up in the kitchen]
Donnelly: Yeah. She fell there, but I doubt she got back up.
Detective Rhonda Boney: Amy’s medical records come in?
Officer James Gilpin: No, we’ll have them later tonight.
[to Donnelly]
Officer James Gilpin: My wife says he’s a killer.
Detective Rhonda Boney: Well, if Tiffany says.


[Nick closes up the bar and heads over to Amy’s vigil, after greeting Margo Nick joins Amy’s parents on the podium goes to the mike]
Nick Dunne: Thank you, folks. Thank you for being here tonight. It just means the world to our family, and to Amy. As you all know, my wife, Amy Elliott Dunne, disappeared three days ago. And I want to implore anyone who has any information at all, please come forward. Help us.
[in the crowd]
Friend 1: So hot.gone-girl-9
Friend 2: No way. He’s so creepy.
Nick Dunne: I wanna say something, because I think some of you might be wondering and are too polite to ask. I had nothing to do with the disappearance of my wife. I’m cooperating with the police. I haven’t hired a lawyer, I have nothing to hide. Amy is my soul mate. She’s brilliant. She’s charming, and wise. I love you, Amy.
[Nick notices Andie in the crowd and she mouths]
Andie Fitzgerald: Asshole.


Nick Dunne: I love my wife, so much. And I may not behave for the cameras the way they want me to. Uh, and…and if they wanna punish me for that, that’s okay. But I just wanna ask you in the media, please, harass me, but don’t harass the people of this town.
[the crowd claps]
Nick Dunne: If you need to mock somebody, mock me.
[Noelle shouts as she cuts through the crowd]
Noelle Hawthorne: Nick!
Nick Dunne: But please don’t turn this investigation into a circus.
Noelle Hawthorne: Where’s your wife, Nick?
Nick Dunne: Let the police do their jobs.
Noelle Hawthorne: What did you do to your pregnant wife?
Nick Dunne: Let’s find…
Noelle Hawthorne: Did you tell them that, Nick? Did you tell them Amy was six weeks pregnant?
Nick Dunne: Thank you for your support tonight. Let’s find Amy.
[to Amy’s parents as he walks away from the mike]
Nick Dunne: Go ahead, if you guys wanna say something.
[suddenly the crowd and reporters start to shout questions at Nick as he walks away]
Detective Rhonda Boney: Gil, go, go.
[Nick runs away from the reporters as they follow him and gets into the police car escorted by Gilpin]


[as they pulls over at Nick’s house which is surrounded by reporters]
Detective Rhonda Boney: Guys, come on. You know better. Get off the grass, get down to the curb. Hey, Gil.
Officer James Gilpin: On it.
Detective Rhonda Boney: Alright.
[to the reporters]
Officer James Gilpin: Alright, y’all heard her. No pictures.
[Rhonda enters the house]
Nick Dunne: Hello? Hello?
[he then sees Rhonda entering the kitchen]
Nick Dunne: Fuck. You scared me. Want a drink?
Detective Rhonda Boney: Did you know she was pregnant?
Nick Dunne: I told you, Noelle Hawthorne is fucking crazy. She doesn’t even know Amy.
Detective Rhonda Boney: They look like pretty good friends to me.
[she drops photos of Amy with Noelle on the kitchen counter]
Nick Dunne: Look, I don’t know. But it certainly doesn’t prove that she’s pregnant.


Detective Rhonda Boney: We have her medical records coming.
Nick Dunne: Good.
Detective Rhonda Boney: So, let’s talk while we wait, okay? Let’s start over here. The scene of the crime. You see, we’ve seen dozens of home invasions.
Officer James Gilpin: Dozens and dozens.
Detective Rhonda Boney: This area right here, it looked wrong from the second we saw it. The whole thing looked staged. I mean, watch this.
[she stomps her feet and the picture frames on the mantelpiece fall]
Detective Rhonda Boney: And yet, they remained upright throughout this life-and-death struggle?
Nick Dunne: I don’t know. What do you want me to say?
Officer James Gilpin: Did you do any housekeeping the day your wife went missing?
Nick Dunne: No.
Detective Rhonda Boney: Okay, because our guys did a luminol test. And I’m sorry to tell you, but that kitchen lit up. Amy lost a lot of blood in there, Nick. A lot.
Nick Dunne: Oh, my God.
Detective Rhonda Boney: Yeah, and then somebody mopped it up.


Nick Dunne: Wait a second. Why would they mop up the blood if they’re trying to stage a crime scene?
Detective Rhonda Boney: No blood and no body suggests kidnapping. It tells us look at people outside the house.
Officer James Gilpin: Like these homeless you keep mentioning. A pool of blood and no body suggests homicide. It tells us to look at people inside the house. Which is what we’re doing here, Nick.
Nick Dunne: I see.
Detective Rhonda Boney: So, how was your marriage, Nick? Because right now, all we got is Noelle.
Officer James Gilpin: She says, not good.
Detective Rhonda Boney: Hey, Gil, what do you and your wife argue about? What pisses you off?
Officer James Gilpin: Oh, money, lack thereof.
Detective Rhonda Boney: Me and my ex, it’s the same. I mention that because we got a look at your finances, Nick.
[she places a file in front of Nick]
Detective Rhonda Boney: One hundred and seventeen thousand dollars in credit debt.
Nick Dunne: What?
Detective Rhonda Boney: I pulled up some of the merchandise, there are these fun little splurges.


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