By Daniel Occelli (Mexico City)


Good Time is the newest addition to the Safdie Brothers filmography and it took me a while to actually watch this film, but now that I have I can safely say I was an idiot for waiting this long. Good Time is a visceral, dark film that does not feel like a good time while watching it because throughout the whole 99 minutes of runtime this movie has, I was in the edge of my seat seeing the guy with the worst luck in all of New York. This film took you on an overnight adventure with a character that changes and evolves as fast as the film itself. Robert Pattinson’s performance was maybe the best performance this year, I haven’t watched the big Oscar contenders so far, but he should be getting some buzz at least, he went places he’s never been before in his career with this performance, from the moment the film starts he carries it through and I take my hat off to this man for doing it so well.

The film is extremely fast paced, it barely lets you take a breath, but when it does, it is extremely necessary so we know exactly as much as we need to know about this characters, the script was genius this way, the exposition was seamless, whether it was on a news channel, or during a therapy session, everything you need to know is given to you in the most natural, not forced, way. I loved that about this film. Another thing that made me love Good Time was the score, it was electric and crazy but also so beautiful, it becomes a character in this film and it carries you through the movie without a flaw.

Benny Safdie, one of the directors of the film was also acting as Robert Pattinson’s mentally handicapped brother, and his performance was brutal, I loved him in every scene. But he excelled as a director; him and his brother really went places I didn’t think they were going to go, the film surprised me a lot that way, they took some decisions that were ballsy to say the least, amazing directing, I am eager to see what they will do in the future, I just hope they maintain the same bleak and honest tone. I also adored the ending, it was a perfect fit for the film, it was really chaotic and unfortunate but in the last scene it had some hope and you can actually call it a happy ending.

Good Time, as amazing as it was it had some flaws, there is a complete flashback scene that was there only to let us know the position of an item, and it went for way too long with the actor not knowing what else to say, it seems like the directors told him to improvise and all he could do was swear a lot and read the bullet points he had for the scene. Also the character of Corey played by Jennifer Jason Leigh was kind of annoying, they tried to give her some depth but it didn’t work, at least for me, I just found her to be pretty annoying and just a plot device, it told a little bit about the main character’s ways, but it was still not good enough.

I would recommend Good Time but I have to say, it is not a movie made for everyone out there. I will give it an 8.8/10.

Rating: 4/5


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