By Shivam Sharma (Delhi, India)


Gravity is a 2013 science fiction movie that follows the struggle for survival of a medical engineer and an astronaut after an accident leaves them adrift in space.

Directed by Alfonso Cuarón, a magically pure spectacle, Gravity is a science fiction movie that flows smoothly, builds up an atmosphere that’s certainly not shown before with so much perfection and simply blows your mind with its sheer crystal clear brilliance. Calling it just a ‘science fiction’ movie would be an understatement. It’s a masterpiece with a deadly combination of beautiful cinematography, technically brilliant visuals and the 3D effects that send chills down your spine, probably the best I have ever seen for a 3D movie.

Coming to the actors, Sandra Bullock gives a rock solid legendary performance and she keeps getting better, intensifying the last 30 minutes of the movie. Her acting skills are kickass and this is one of the best performances in recent years by a female lead. George Clooney’s role in the movie was more like providing a tension relief to Ryan (played by Sandra Bullock) as well as to the audience, bringing it down whenever things go beyond control. He keeps his cool in the worst situations and manages to bring out some hilarious one liners.

The claustrophobic direction combined with its cinematography is what separates Gravity from other regular science fiction movies. It takes you where the events are taking place, inside Ryan’s space helmet, in a zero gravity zone, makes you float in it giving you the best cinematic experience ever. The background score makes the movie thrilling and the silence just gives a more haunting theme to it.

Gravity is magical, clear in everything it showcases, and perfect in every aspect possible. As said by James Cameron, it actually is the best space film ever done.

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