Gravity Quotes: Simple, Poignant and Effective

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Directed by: Alfonso Cuarón
Written by:
Alfonso Cuarón
Jonás Cuarón
Sandra Bullock – Ryan Stone
George Clooney – Matt Kowalski
Ed Harris – Mission Control (voice)
Orto Ignatiussen – Aningaaq (voice)
Paul Sharma – Shariff (voice)
Amy Warren – Explorer Captain (voice)
Basher Savage – Russian Space Station Captain (voice)


Gravity quotes are a taut soul-stirring tale with a simple narrative which follows medical engineer Dr. Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) on her first shuttle mission, with veteran astronaut Matt Kowalski (George Clooney) working on a space station that is suddenly destroyed by the falling of space debris throwing Ryan off-structure and into the terrifying expanse of space with only Kowalski hearing her cries for help. What then follows is Stone’s desperate struggle to survive and find her way home through the vast emptiness of space.

Visually the film is a marvel to look at achieving new technical grounds creating an experience unlike anything previously seen on screen where the human drama encounters a terrifying but beautiful spectacle. From a narrative point of view the Cuaróns have managed to bring an emotional and spiritual depth to the story whilst keeping it fairly straightforward as it explores themes of despair, loneliness and salvation.

The films focus is on the two main characters with no other real developed characters and both Bullock and Clooney manage to convincingly convey the terror felt by being left stranded and alone in the infinite blankness of space. Bullock especially brings in one of her best performances as she clings to the edge of life and is sent inward to deal with her tragic back story which fuels her will to survive and live.

Verdict: Gravity has managed to re-invent the sci-fi genre with its visual complexity serving as a realistic backdrop to the simple yet compelling story.

Gravity Quotes


“At 600km above planet Earth the temperature fluctuates between +258 and -148 degrees Fahrenheit. There is nothing to carry sound. No air pressure. No oxygen. Life in space is impossible.”


[first lines; we see a space shuttle floating across the earth’s surface, we hear Mission Control speaking with the astronauts working on the shuttle through the radio]
Mission Control: Please verify that the P-1 ATA removal on replacement cap part one and two are complete.
Explorer Captain: DMA M-1, M-2, M-3 and M-4 are complete.
Mission Control: Okay. Copy that, Explorer. Dr. Stone, Houston. Medical is concerned about your ECG readings.
Ryan Stone: I’m fine, Houston.
Mission Control: Well, Medical doesn’t agree, Doc. Are you feeling nauseous?
Ryan Stone: Not any more than usual, Houston. Diagnostics are green. Link to communications card ready for data reception. If this works, when we touch down tomorrow, I’m buying all you guys a round of drinks.
Mission Control: That’s a date, Doctor. Just remember, Houston’s partial to margaritas.


Ryan Stone: Booting comms card now. Please confirm link.
Mission Control: That’s a negative, we’re not seeing any data.
Ryan Stone: Standby, Houston, I’m gonna reboot the comms card.
Mission Control: Standing by.
Matt Kowalski: Houston, I have a bad feeling about this mission.
Mission Control: Please expand.
Matt Kowalski: Okay, let me tell you a story. It was ’96, I’d been up here for forty-two days. Every time I passed over Texas, I looked down knowing that Mrs. Kowalski was looking up, thinking of me. Six weeks I’m blowing kisses at that woman. Then we land at Edwards and I find out that she’s run off with this lawyer. So, I packed my car, and I headed to…
Mission Control: Tijuana. You’ve told this story, Kowalski. As Houston recalls, she uh… took off in your ’74 GTO. Engineering requests fuel status on the jetpack prototype.
[we see Kowalski strapped into a propulsion backpack as he floats past the space shuttle]
Matt Kowalski: Five hours off the reservation and I show thirty percent drain. Give my compliments to Engineering. Except for a slight malfunction in the nulling of the roll axis, this jetpack is one prime piece of thrust.
Mission Control: Engineering says thank you.
Matt Kowalski: Tell ’em I still prefer my ’67 Corvette, though. Speaking of which, did I ever tell you…
Mission Control: We know the Corvette story, Matt.
Matt Kowalski: And Engineering?
Mission Control: Especially Engineering. We’re going to miss you, Matt.


Ryan Stone: Comms card reboot in progress.
Mission Control: Thank you, Doctor. Shariff, what’s your status?
Shariff: Nearly there. Replacing battery module A-1 and 3.
Mission Control: Could you be a little more specific? Indeterminate estimates make Houston anxious.
Shariff: Oh, no, no, Houston. Don’t be anxious. Anxiety is not good for the heart. System is ready to reactivate.
Mission Control: Hubble telescope engaged. Upgrade fully functional. That applause you hear is for you, Shariff. Congratulations. Kick back, take the rest of the day off.
[Shariff cheers and does a little dance as he floats]
Mission Control: Matt, do you have a visual on just what Mission Specialist Shariff is doing up there?
Matt Kowalski: He appears to be doing some form of the Macarena. But that would be just a best guess scenario on my part.


Mission Control: Dr. Stone, Houston. Medical now have you with a temperature drop to thirty-five-point-nine and a heart-rate rise to seventy. How are you feeling?
Ryan Stone: Houston, I’m fine. It’s just keeping your lunch down in zero-G is harder than it looks.
Mission Control: Dr. Stone, Medical is asking if you want to return to Explorer.
Ryan Stone: Negative. We’ve been here a week, Houston. Let’s just finish this. Card is up.
Mission Control: That’s a negative. I’m afraid we’re getting nothing on this end, Doc.
Ryan Stone: Try again.
Mission Control: No, still nothing.
[Ryan ties to move the faulty transmission card]
Ryan Stone: Houston, can you please turn that music off?
Mission Control: Kowalski?
Matt Kowalski: Not a problem.
Ryan Stone: Thank you, Kowalski.
[after fixing the position of the card again]
Ryan Stone: Now, Houston?
Mission Control: Uh…negative.


Ryan Stone: Could Houston be misinterpreting the data?
Mission Control: We’re not receiving any data. Engineering is recommending a vis check for component damage.
Ryan Stone: Mm…let’s see what’s going on. What have we got?
[Ryan checks the transmission card]
Ryan Stone: Visual examination doesn’t reveal any damage to components. The problem must be originating from the comms panel.
Mission Control: Yeah, that seems to be the case. Engineering admits that you warned us that this could happen. That’s as close to an apology as you’re gonna get from them. We should have listened to you, Doc. Well, it looks like we’re going to have to improvise.
Ryan Stone: I’m on it.
Mission Control: How long do you think it’ll take you?
Ryan Stone: One hour.
Mission Control: Outstanding. Installing your system in the Hubble is the purpose of this mission and so we appreciate your patience, Doctor.


Mission Control: Kowalski, we know you don’t care about things like this, but uh…for your information this delay is not gonna be long enough for you to break Anatoly Solovyev’s spacewalking record. It seems like you’re gonna be left uh…
Matt Kowalski: Seventy-five minutes shy? Never crossed my mind.
Mission Control: Matt, it’s been a privilege.
Matt Kowalski: Right back at you, Houston.
Mission Control: Enjoy your last walk.
Matt Kowalski: May I go to assist Dr. Stone in removing the panel?
Ryan Stone: Assistance appreciated.
Mission Control: Permission granted.gravity-2
Matt Kowalski: Thank you, Houston.
[Matt floats over to Ryan to assist her with fixing the transmission card]
Matt Kowalski: Mind if I join the fun?
Ryan Stone: Certainly.
Matt Kowalski: How are you feeling?
Ryan Stone: Like a Chihuahua that’s being tumble dried.
Matt Kowalski: Well, it’s been a rough week. If it makes you feel any better, I coughed up everything but my kidneys on my first ride.
[suddenly a bolt spins out Ryan’s hand and floats away]
Ryan Stone: Shit!
[Matt manages to grab the bolt and give it back to Ryan]
Ryan Stone: Sorry. I’m used to a basement lab in a hospital where things fall to the floor. Thank you.
Matt Kowalski: Well, you’re the genius up here. I only drive the bus.
Ryan Stone: Yeah, well, call me a genius if I can get this board initialized in the next hour.


Mission Control: Explorer, this is Houston.
Explorer Captain: Go ahead, Houston.
Mission Control: Uh…NORAD reports that a Russian satellite has incurred a missile strike. The impact has created a cloud of debris, orbing at twenty thousand miles per hour. Current debris orbit does not overlap with your trajectory. We’ll keep you posted on any developments.
Explorer Captain: Copy that, Houston.
Ryan Stone: Should we…should we be worried?
Matt Kowalski: No, let’s let the boys down there worry for us.
Ryan Stone: Explorer, engage arm and pivot to Cargo Bay.
Explorer Captain: Stand by for arm maneuver.
Matt Kowalski: So, Doc, now that you work for NASA, how do you like us?
Shariff: Kind of like winning the lottery, huh?
Ryan Stone: Well, I was just happy that they didn’t cut the funding to my research.
Matt Kowalski: How long was your training?
Ryan Stone: Uh…six months.
Shariff: Including holidays?
Ryan Stone: Mm-hm.


Matt Kowalski: So, what is this scanning system?
Shariff: Oh, nothing, Matt. It’s just a new set of eyes to scan the edge of the universe.
Ryan Stone: It’s designed for hospital use, but this one’s a prototype.
Explorer Captain: Stand by for locking.
Matt Kowalski: Listen, they don’t bankroll prototypes. Not even for your pretty blue eyes.
Ryan Stone: Well, my eyes are brown.
Matt Kowalski: Right now your eyes are blood shot.
[Ryan laughs softly]gravity-3
Shariff: Kowalski, is this great or what?
[Shariff jumps around, cheering and laughing]
Matt Kowalski: And to think he went to Harvard. You gotta admit one thing. You can’t beat the view.
[Matt looks at the surface of the earth]
Matt Kowalski: So what do you like about being up here?
Ryan Stone: The silence. I could get used to it.
[the surface of the earth with its ever changing colors]
Matt Kowalski: Terrific.


Ryan Stone: Houston, from first inspection, comms panel appears to be dead. Am I a go to cut link to Auxiliary?
Mission Control: You’re the expert, Doctor. It’s your call.
Matt Kowalski: Houston, I have a bad feeling about this mission.
Mission Control: Please elaborate.
Matt Kowalski: It’s the same feeling I had about Mardi Gras in 1987.
Mission Control: That is affirmative. Surprisingly Control hasn’t heard the Mardi Gras story. Please proceed.
[Matt starts telling his story as Ryan continues to fix the panel]
Matt Kowalski: Well, it’s day one, and I’m bumping my way down Bourbon Street looking for a sister of a friend of mine. Streets are full of people, I’m thinking there’s no way I’m gonna find this girl.
Ryan Stone: Proceeding to override.
Matt Kowalski: Then all of a sudden, I look up and there she is and I’m about to yell out and I see she’s holding hands with some short hairy guy in board shorts and a Margaritaville shirt. And then I realized that this guy is not a guy. That my girl is holding hands with…
Mission Control: ISS, this is Houston.
ISS: Proceed, Houston.
Mission Control: Explorer, this is Houston.
Explorer Captain: Go ahead, Houston.
Mission Control: Mission abort. Repeat, mission abort. Initiate emergency disconnect from Hubble. Begin re-entry procedure. ISS initiate emergency evacuation.
Explorer Captain: Copy all, Houston, and in work. Matt, immediate return to Explorer. Repeat, immediate return to Explorer.
Matt Kowalski: Copy, Explorer. Prepare airlock.
Explorer Captain: Airlock engaged, ready to receive.
Matt Kowalski: Houston, elaborate.
Mission Control: Debris from the missile strike has caused a chain reaction hitting other satellites and creating new debris. Traveling faster than a high-speed bullet up towards your altitude. All copy?
Matt Kowalski: Copy all.


Matt Kowalski: Put a bow in it, Dr. Stone.
Ryan Stone: I can’t, the board is still initializing.
Matt Kowalski: I’m not gonna ask you again.
Ryan Stone: One second.
Matt Kowalski: Not one second, now! Shut it down! That’s an order.
Ryan Stone: Okay, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m done, I’m done.
Explorer Captain: Kowalski, initiate emergency disconnect from the Hubble.
Matt Kowalski: Alright, Shariff, let’s do this.
Shariff: Roger, Matt.


[Matt floats back towards Shariff and the Explorer]
Matt Kowalski: Houston, update.
Mission Control: Well, we have a full on chain reaction. It’s been confirmed that it’s the unintentional side effect of the Russian’s striking one of their own satellites.
Shariff: They shot down their own satellite?
Matt Kowalski: Right into disposal. Most likely a spy sat gone bad, now shrapnel. Explorer, ready to disengage HST.
Explorer Captain: Locks releasing in three, two, one.
[Matt and Shariff push the Hubble away from the hangar]
Mission Control: Explorer, new data coming through.
Matt Kowalski: What’s the blow back, Houston?
Mission Control: It’s not good, most of our systems are gone. The debris chain reaction is out of control and rapidly expanding. Multiple satellites are down and they keep on falling.
Matt Kowalski: Define “multiple satellites”.
Mission Control: Most of them are gone. Telecommunication systems are dead. Expecting communications blackout at any moment.


Ryan Stone: Kowalski, visual of debris at nine o’clock.
Matt Kowalski: Half of North America just lost their Facebook.
Mission Control: Explorer, repeat, expecting communications blackout at any moment.
Explorer Captain: Copy that, Houston.
[suddenly a piece of debris hurls by them]
Matt Kowalski: Explorer, this is Kowalski, confirming visual contact with debris. Debris is from a BSE sat. Repeat.
Ryan Stone: Dr. Stone requesting faster transport.
Matt Kowalski: We have to go, we have to go, go, go!
Mission Control: Kennedy reports meteorological conditions no go for re-entry…
[Mission Control’s voice starts crackling as they start lose communication]
Explorer Captain: Houston, Explorer, copy?
Ryan Stone: Explorer, Dr. Stone requesting faster transport to Bay Area. Explorer, do you copy?
Matt Kowalski: Explorer, permission to retrieve Dr. Stone?
Explorer Captain: You’re a go, Kowalski.


[Kowalski makes his way to Ryan who’s struggling to unstrap herself from the arm she’s strapped into]
Explorer Captain: Houston, this is Explorer, copy? We’ve lost Houston. We’ve lost Houston!
[Matt tries to unstrap Ryan from the arm]
Matt Kowalski: Unstrap. Look, we need to get the hell out of here.
Shariff: Need some help there, Matt?
Matt Kowalski: No, don’t wait for us.
Ryan Stone: I’m stuck!
[suddenly some of the debris hits Shariff and he’s propelled out and looks to be unconscious]
Matt Kowalski: Man down! Man down!
Explorer Captain: Houston, this is Explorer, do you copy?
[Matt leaves Ryan and propels himself towards Shariff, at the same time a barrage of debris starts coming down on Explorer]
Explorer Captain: Houston, this is Explorer, copy? Kowalski…
[suddenly as the Explorer gets hit Ryan who’s still attached to the arm starts swinging round]


Matt Kowalski: Explorer’s been hit! Explorer, do you read? Explorer, Kowalski to Explorer!
[suddenly a piece of debris hits the robotic arm Ryan is attached to and detaches it from the shuttle sending Ryan spinning away]
Matt Kowalski: Astronaut is off structure! Dr. Stone, is off structure! Dr. Stone, detach!
Ryan Stone: Ah!gravity-5
Matt Kowalski: You must detach! If you don’t detach that arm’s gonna carry you too far! Listen to my voice! You need to focus! I’m losing visual of you! In a few seconds I won’t be able to track you! You need to detach! I can’t see you anymore! Do it now!
[Ryan struggles to unstrap herself as she continues to spin away from the shuttle]
Ryan Stone: I’m…I’m trying!
[Ryan manages to release herself but is suddenly flung out further into space]
Matt Kowalski: Houston, I’ve lost visual of Dr. Stone!
[we see Ryan spinning further and further away into space]
Matt Kowalski: Houston, I’ve lost visual of Dr. Stone!


[as Ryan is spinning away into the emptiness of space she hears Kowalski’s voice on the radio]
Matt Kowalski: Dr. Stone, do you copy? Repeat, do you copy?
Ryan Stone: Yes! Yes! Yes! I copy! I’m detached!
[Ryan seems to have no control of her movement as she continues spinning away]
Matt Kowalski: Give me your position.
Ryan Stone: I…I don’t know! I don’t know! I’m spinning! I can’t…I can’t…
Matt Kowalski: Report your position!
Ryan Stone: GPS is down I can’t. It’s down, I can’t!
Matt Kowalski: Give me a visual!
Ryan Stone: I told you, nothing. I see nothing!
Matt Kowalski: Do you have a visual of Explorer?
Ryan Stone: No!
Matt Kowalski: Do you have visual of ISS?
Ryan Stone: No!
Matt Kowalski: You need to focus. Anything, use the sun and the Earth, give me your coordinates.
Ryan Stone: I can’t breathe! I can’t breathe!
Matt Kowalski: Give me your coordinates! Dr. Stone, do you copy? Repeat, do you copy?
[as Ryan’s breathing accelerates Matt’s voice gets fainter on the radio until she can’t hear it any longer]


[Ryan floats into the empty void, her eyes look around her in panic at the darkness of space surrounding her but she starts to notice the shuttle in the distance, finally her breathing calms down and she tries to make contact on her radio]
Ryan Stone: Kowalski? Kowalski, do you copy? Kowalski…I have…have a vis…Kowalski, I have a visual. I have…have a visual of Explorer. With north at…at twelve o’clock and the shuttle is at the center of the dial. I can see…I can see the Chinese station. No, it’s the International Space Station. ISS is at…ISS is at seven o’clock.
[there’s no reply from Kowalski]
Ryan Stone: Lieutenant Kowalski, do you copy?
[no response]
Ryan Stone: Explorer, do you…do you copy?gravity-4
[she waits for a response but hears nothing]
Ryan Stone: Houston, do you copy?
[still hears no response]
Ryan Stone: Houston, this is Mission Specialist Ryan Stone. I am off structure and I am drifting, do you copy?
[still no response]
Ryan Stone: Anyone?
[she continues drifting]
Ryan Stone: Anybody? Do you copy? Please copy. Please.
[we see her drifting away into the darkness]


[after drifting for a few moments Ryan starts to hear Kowalski on her radio]
Matt Kowalski: Dr. Stone, do you copy?
Ryan Stone: Yes. Lieutenant Kowalski, yes. Yes, Lieutenant Kowalski, I’m here. I’m here.
Matt Kowalski: Repeat, do you copy?
Ryan Stone: Yes, yes, I copy I’m here. I’m here.
Matt Kowalski: Flash your light.
Ryan Stone: Uh…my light? My light?
Matt Kowalski: Flash it so I can see you.
Ryan Stone: Uh…okay, okay.
[she turns on her torch light]
Ryan Stone: Here, here. I’m here.
Matt Kowalski: There you are. Hang on tight. Report your status.
Ryan Stone: I’m fine. I’m fine. I’m alright.


[the faint voice of Kowalski’s voice can now be heard on the radio]
Matt Kowalski: Give me your status. Give me your reading?
Ryan Stone: Three…three…three point six PSI.
Matt Kowalski: Your O2, give me your O2.
Ryan Stone: Oxygen is going down, it’s going down fast. It’s going down fast. Nine. No, eight…eight percent. It’s going down…
Matt Kowalski: Okay, you’re breathing too fast. Your burning oxygen, we don’t wanna do that, you wanna relax, copy?
Ryan Stone: Okay, sorry. Yes, copy…copy.
Matt Kowalski: I’m nearly there.
Ryan Stone: Please hurry.
Matt Kowalski: You can holster that torch, Dr. Stone.
Ryan Stone: I’m sorry, I’m sorry.


[as Ryan continues to drift suddenly Kowalski blasts forward, and grabs hold of Ryan]
Matt Kowalski: I got you. Alright, now, I’m gonna tether you to me. I know you never realized how devastatingly good looking I am. But I need you to stop staring and help me with the tether. Okay?
Ryan Stone: Okay. Okay.
Matt Kowalski: Alright, here we go. Alright. Now, to clear you from the jets I’m gonna give you a little push.
Ryan Stone: No, no, no, no, no.
Matt Kowalski: Not a push, a nudge.
Ryan Stone: No, no, no!
[he lets her go and she starts panicking]gravity-7
Ryan Stone: No, no, no, no! Damn it, no! No!
[as she floats behind him the tether holding her to him stops her from going any further]
Matt Kowalski: See? Where you go, I go.
[Ryan gets positioned behind him]
Matt Kowalski: Better. Let’s get out of here.
[he propels himself forward pulling Ryan along behind him]
Ryan Stone: Dammit!
Matt Kowalski: I know what you mean.
Ryan Stone: Dammit!
Matt Kowalski: You’re burning oxygen. We’re going back to the shuttle. How’s that for a plan? Copy?
Ryan Stone: Fuck!
Matt Kowalski: Right, copy that.


[Kowalski starts their journey back towards the shuttle]
Matt Kowalski: Houston, in the blind, this is Kowalski. Dr. Stone and I are gonna make our way back to base. Could you please get Explorer to prepare the airlock for arrival, copy?
[there’s no response]
Matt Kowalski: Houston, this Kowalski, how do you copy?
[he pauses for a moment, still no reply]
Matt Kowalski: Houston, in the blind, this is Kowalski.
Ryan Stone: They can’t hear us.
Matt Kowalski: We don’t know that, that’s why we keep talking. If somebody is listening they might just save your life. Set your watch for ninety minutes.
Ryan Stone: Why ninety?
Matt Kowalski: Well, Houston clocked that debris at fifty thousand miles an hour. If you factor in our current orbit, then I figure we got about ninety minutes before we get our asses kicked again.
Ryan Stone: O2 down to six percent.
[she pauses for a moment]
Matt Kowalski: Okay. Pretty scary shit being untethered up here, isn’t it?
Ryan Stone: Yeah, pretty scary shit.
Matt Kowalski: Well, you did all right.
Ryan Stone: Well, you weren’t so bad yourself.


[the two continue their journey back towards the shuttle with Ryan being pulled along behind Kowalski]
Matt Kowalski: Houston, in the blind, this Kowalski. Our current location is approximately nine hundred meters out from the Explorer. Dr. Stone and I would like to retrieve the body of Mission Specialist Shariff and return it to the shuttle. May I go to retrieve?
[there’s no response]
Matt Kowalski: Roger that.
[whispering to herself]
Ryan Stone: Where is he?
[Ryan looks around her surrounding, suddenly they see Shariff’s body floating close by and her and Kowalski collide into his body]
Matt Kowalski: Grab him!
[they struggle to hold on to Shariff’s body]
Matt Kowalski: Grab him!
Ryan Stone: I’m trying! I’m trying!
Matt Kowalski: You’re pulling me away.
Ryan Stone: I got him!
Matt Kowalski: Clutch him like he’s your Valentine. I can’t engage my thrusters, with you two yo-yoin’ around.
[as Ryan starts to regain her balance she looks over to Shariff’s body and sees his face, which has a hole right clean through it from where the debris had ripped through his helmet, she then notices a laminated photo tethered to his suit showing him with his wife and son]


[as they arrive at the wreckage of the shuttle]
Matt Kowalski: Jesus Christ. Here’s hopin’ you have a hell of an insurance policy, Houston. The damages to Explorer are catastrophic. Will commence search for survivors.
Ryan Stone: O2 down to five percent.
Matt Kowalski: Alright, here we go. Careful of the edges!
[they collide onto the damaged shuttle]
Matt Kowalski: Here. Here!
[they enter inside a hole in the shuttle and notice all objects are floating in chaos, suddenly Ryan hits the floating frozen dead body of the Explorer Captain]
Matt Kowalski: Houston, in the blind. To confirm, Mission Specialist Dr. Stone and Mission Commander Matthew Kowalski are the sole survivors of the STS-one-five-seven.
Ryan Stone: I apologize for not complying. I should’ve stopped working as soon as you instructed me to.
Matt Kowalski: We were gonna get hit no matter what. There was nothing you could do to change that.
[there’s a moment’s pause]
Matt Kowalski: Hey.
Ryan Stone: Yes?
Matt Kowalski: Alright, we have to make our way to the Space Station. Over there.
[he points to the station in the distance]
Matt Kowalski: It’s a bit of a hike. We need to use their escape pod, the Soyuz, to get back to Earth. Agreed?
[Ryan doesn’t respond]
Matt Kowalski: Dr. Stone, agreed?
Ryan Stone: Agreed.
Matt Kowalski: Alright. After you.
[he pushes and they start drifting forward tethered together]
Ryan Stone: Oh, God.
Matt Kowalski: Houston, in the blind. This is Kowalski. Dr. Stone and I have determined to proceed to ISS and use one of their Soyuz for re-entry. ISS, if you hear us…


[as they continue their journey towards the Space Station Kowalski is playing his music to accompany them]
Ryan Stone: O2 down to two percent.
Matt Kowalski: We’re getting there.
[as they are passing by earth the sun starts rising]
Matt Kowalski: Beautiful, don’t you think?
Ryan Stone: What?
Matt Kowalski: The sunrise. That’s what I’m gonna miss the most.
[Ryan doesn’t respond]
Matt Kowalski: So where’s home, Dr. Stone?
[Ryan doesn’t respond]
Matt Kowalski: Ryan, where’s home?
Ryan Stone: Home?
Matt Kowalski: Down there. Mother Earth. Where do you pitch your tent?
Ryan Stone: Lake Zurich.
Matt Kowalski: Where the hell is that?
Ryan Stone: Illinois.
Matt Kowalski: Illinois, Central Time Zone. That would make it roughly…8 PM. What are the good people of Lake Zurich doing at eight o’clock?
Ryan Stone: I don’t know. I’m not gonna make it, I’m slowing you down.
Matt Kowalski: What would you be doing?
[Ryan is lost in her own thoughts]
Matt Kowalski: Come on, Ryan. It’s eight o’clock. You’ve just left the hospital after an eighteen-hour shift. Driving home.
Ryan Stone: The radio. I listen to the radio.
Matt Kowalski: There we go. Let me guess. NPR? Classical? Top forty?
Ryan Stone: Anything. I don’t care, as long as they don’t talk. I just drive.
Matt Kowalski: And where are you driving to?
Ryan Stone: I just drive.


Matt Kowalski: What do you miss down there? Is there a Mr. Stone?
Ryan Stone: No.
Matt Kowalski: Nobody special? Somebody down there looking up, thinking about you? Ryan?
[Ryan doesn’t respond immediately, finally she says quietly]
Ryan Stone: I had a daughter.
[Kowalski turns off his music, he holds him hand which has a small mirror is attached to his wrist, he looks in the mirror to look at Ryan drifting behind him]
Ryan Stone: She was four. She was at school playing tag. Slipped, hit her head, and that was it. Stupidest thing. I was driving when I got the call, so ever since then, that’s what I do. I wake up, I go to work, and I just drive.
[she looks over to surface of the earth]


Ryan Stone: O2 down to one percent.
[they continue drifting with the sun now behind them]gravity-6
Matt Kowalski: Well, I’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is, we’re about five minutes from the ISS and I know where the Russians stash their vodka. And that is good, because I’m runnin’ on fumes here. The bad news is, I’m gonna be about ten minutes short of breakin’ Anatoly’s record, and I…
[suddenly he hears a beeping noise and he looks in his wrist mirror to see what’s happening to Ryan]
Matt Kowalski: What?
Ryan Stone: Uh…I’m redlining. My O2 tank pressure is low.
Matt Kowalski: Your tank is out of oxygen but you still have it in your suit.
Ryan Stone: Got it.
Matt Kowalski: So you have to sip, not gulp. Wine, not beer. Sip, Ryan.


[as Ryan’s oxygen tank runs out they spot the Space Station ahead of them]
Matt Kowalski: Houston, in the blind, we have a visual of the ISS. The station must have been evacuated because the first Soyuz is missing. The second Soyuz exhibits surface damage, and its chute has been deployed. Any use as an escape pod for re-entry is impossible.
Ryan Stone: Shouldn’t we be turning, we’re drifting again?
Matt Kowalski: Not yet. I wasn’t kidding about those fumes. This can has one or two good thrusts left…if we’re lucky.
[as they get closer to the station]
Matt Kowalski: Steady. Aim. Fire!
[Kowalski fires the remaining propulsion fire towards the station and the two blast forward]
Ryan Stone: Brake! Brake! You have to brake!
Matt Kowalski: I can’t, the can’s empty. We’re gonna hit hard! Grab a hold of anything you can!
[suddenly they hit the station and roll forward, tumbling away from one another]
Ryan Stone: What do I do?! What do I do?!
Matt Kowalski: Ryan!
Ryan Stone: The tether broke, I’m detached! I’m detached!
Matt Kowalski: Grab a hold! Grab anything!


[as Ryan is tumbling around frantically her leg catches on the parachute cords of the Soyuz, keeping her attached to the station]
Matt Kowalski: Ryan! Give me five!
[she holds out her hand as Kowalski tumbles towards her]gravity-9
Ryan Stone: I’ve got you. I’ve got you. Right here, right here.
[Ryan manages to grab Kowalski’s fingers but she isn’t able to hold onto him and he continues to drift off]
Matt Kowalski: Shit!
Ryan Stone: No. No, no, no!
[suddenly she manages to grab hold of the broken tether attached to his suit]
Ryan Stone: Got you.
[Ryan’s leg that’s attached to the parachute cord slips a little but she still manages to hold on to Kowalski’s tether]
Ryan Stone: Got you.


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