Green Lantern Movie Quotes: Mediocre

(Total Quotes: 65)

Directed by: Martin Campbell
Written by:
Greg Berlanti (screenplay & story)
Michael Green (screenplay & story)
Marc Guggenheim (screenplay & story)
Michael Goldenberg (screenplay)
Ryan Reynolds – Hal Jordan / Green Lantern
Blake Lively – Carol Ferris
Peter Sarsgaard – Hector Hammond
Mark Strong – Sinestro
Temuera Morrison – Abin Sur
Jenna Craig – Carol Ferris at 11
Jon Tenney – Martin Jordan
Mike Doyle – Jack Jordan
Gattlin Griffith – Young Hal
Nick Jandl – Jim Jordan
Dylan James – Jason Jordan
Leanne Cochran – Janice Jordan
Clancy Brown – Parallax (voice)
Geoffrey Rush – Tomar-Re (voice)


The best way to describe Green Lantern movie quotes is substandard and mediocre. The movie itself is a mixed bag that just doesn’t hold as well as the recent comic book movies. The main problem lies in the way the story has been told and it just seems to try too hard to force as much information into the story as possible and has sadly misfired.

Verdict: It lacks the formula needed for a good comic book adaptation; which is character development and chemistry. At best the movie can be described as goofily entertaining.

Green Lantern Quotes


[first lines]
Tomar-Re: [voice over] Billions of years ago, a race of immortals harnessed the most powerful force in existence. The emerald energy of willpower. These immortals, the guardians of the universe, built a world from where they could watch over all of existence; the planet Oa. They divided the universe into three thousands six hundred sectors. A ring powered by the energy of will were sent to every sector of universe to select a recruit. In order to be chosen by the ring, it was said one must be without fear. Together these three thousand six hundred recruits form the intergalactic peace keepers known as The Green Lantern Corps.


Tomar-Re: [voice over] Of all the threats the Corp ever faced, the gravest was an entity of fear, known as Parallax. Only the legendary Green Lantern, Abin Sur, was capable of capturing and imprisoning this beast. Which he did on the lost planet of Ryut.


Abin Sur: I’m gravely wounded. Heading to the nearest inhabitant planet for the selection process. Tell the guardians, it’s Parallax.



[to the woman he’s woken up next to]
Hal Jordan: Sorry! Gotta run. Make yourself at home, okay? There’s, uh…water in the tap.


Carol Ferris: Never mind that you crashed a brand new F-35, you broke the rules of engagement! You sacrificed your wing man. And you ruined the contract that this company and half the statements depend on.
Hal Jordan: I’m sorry. I thought that this was a dog fight. I was under the impression that the objective was to win.
Bob Banks: The objective was to show what the Sabers could do in actual combat. And in combat, no pilot is going to crater his own plane.
Hal Jordan: I did. Now you know you gotta boost the ceiling and your robots. I also showed you what they can’t do.
Carol Ferris: You didn’t have to make that point in front of the commander of air force acquisitions!


Carl Ferris: Since I’m going to have to lay off most of my company anyway, you’re fired!
Hal Jordan: It’s too late, Carl. I quit. Thank you for the opportunity. I appreciate it.
Carol Ferris: You don’t get out that easy! He’s not fired! And you don’t quit! You’re grounded, pending the results of an investigation.


Bob Banks: Watch your back.
Hal Jordan: That’s impossible, Bob.


Carol Ferris: Wanna tell me what happened up there?
Hal Jordan: The controls locked up.
Carol Ferris: Don’t give me that, Hal. You had a window and you could have recovered. Did you choke? You wouldn’t be the first pilot it happened to, and I know…
Hal Jordan: The controls locked up! What the hell is all this, anyway, huh? What’s with the ridiculous suit? I know that you dad’s been bucking for you take over the company, but this is taking it a little too far!
Carol Ferris: The matters of my career choice are not on the table right now!
Hal Jordan: You’re a…you’re a pilot, Carol! And a good one. Giving that up to fly for a God damn desk is bullshit!
Carol Ferris: Hal, I like the business part. And I’m good at! Which by the way doesn’t mean I’ll never get in a cock-pit again. It isn’t one way or the other. That’s a way a child looks at things and we aren’t children anymore. I just don’t wanna see someone I care about getting hurt. Least of all you.


Hal Jordan: This is the worst eleventh Birthday party I’ve ever been to. There’s no dancing girls…
[Jason hugs Hal tightly]
Hal Jordan: Hey! Hey, I’m fine.
Jason Jordan: I guess I got a little freaked out or something.
Hal Jordan: It happens.
Jason Jordan: Not to you.
Hal Jordan: Look, I told you that you don’t have anything to worry about. You wanna know why? I may be a total screw up in every other part of my life, but the one thing I do know how to do is fly.


Jason Jordan: What happened today? I mean, when you crashed?
Hal Jordan: I’m not really sure exactly.
Jason Jordan: Were you scared?
Hal Jordan: It’s my job not to be.


[after Hal has gotten him out of his spaceship and he’s lying wounded]
Abin Sur: Your name? Your name?
Hal Jordan: It’s Hal. Hal Jordan.
Abin Sur: Hal Jordan, I am Abin Sur. Protector of sector thirty eight…
Hal Jordan: Okay! Hey! Hey! Hey! Listen? We’re gonna get you to a hospital, okay? Okay? What about…what…what about all this purple blood.
[Abin Sur places the green ring in Hal’s hand]
Abin Sur: The ring, it chose you. Take it. Place the ring the lantern. Place the ring. Sweep the earth. Great honor. Responsible.
Hal Jordan: What? I don’t understand!


[after Hal has called Tom over to pick him up]
Hal Jordan: We can’t stay here.
Thomas Kalmaku: What?
Hal Jordan: Gotta go.
[Tom looks over at the dead body of Abin Sur]
Thomas Kalmaku: What uh…?
Hal Jordan: A pilot. He wore a uniform. I think he was a soldier. He gave me this.
[he hold up the ring]
Thomas Kalmaku: He proposed?


Hal Jordan: He said, the ring chose me. He said, it’s a great honor. Responsibility.
Thomas Kalmaku: Responsibility?
Hal Jordan: Yeah.
Thomas Kalmaku: You?


[to the Guardians]
Sinestro: A great light has gone out in the universe. Abin Sur is dead. Four of my knighthood brothers killed. The inhabitants of two worlds annihilated by an unknown enemy. An enemy that possesses they yellow power of fear. We know that it originated from somewhere within the lost sector. We know it grows more powerful with each encounter. According to Abin Sur’s last transmission, he seemed to know what he was. His only words were; it’s Parallax.
Guardian #1: We are aware of the threat. We are assessing the situation.
Sinestro: While you assess, innocent lives will be lost. Let me take the fight to this new enemy.
Guardian #2: There is much of which you are not aware, Sinestro.
Guardian #1: If the danger is as great as we suspect.
Sinestro: What are you saying? You believe this enemy can defeat us?
[the Guardians do not answer]
Sinestro: Guardians, if your faith in our power has faltered let me re-new it. Let me take a squadron of my strongest Lanterns against this enemy, and I’ll prove to you, our best days are not behind us.


[talking to himself trying to figure out how the ring works]
Hal Jordan: Okay. All right. Place the ring and speak the oath. The oath. Cause everybody knows the oath. Used to sing it camp.
[he puts his ringed finger close to the lantern]
Hal Jordan: I, Hal Jordan, do solemnly swear to pledge allegiance to a lantern, that I got from a dying purple alien in a swamp.



[talking to himself trying to get the lantern to work]
Hal Jordan: To infinity and beyond. By the power of Greyskull!
[frustrated that the lantern is not responding]
Hal Jordan: What the hell! Come on! If you can find me a hundred miles in the middle of nowhere, you…
[he touches the lantern and the lantern suddenly lights up]
Hal Jordan: In brightest day, in blackest night. No evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evils might, beware of my power. The Green Lantern’s light!


Hal Jordan: I, uh…I’m really
Carol Ferris: Did you just apologize? You haven’t been replaced by an alien or something?
Hal Jordan: No! I’m good.
[slaps himself in the face]
Hal Jordan: I’m good. I’m good. Totally good. I uh…do you think I’m irresponsible?
[Carol laughs]
Hal Jordan: No need to answer this. It’s fine.


[drinking at a bar]
Hal Jordan: We…we haven’t been in this place together since…that night.
Carol Ferris: You forgot it was my Birthday.
Hal Jordan: Did I?
Carol Ferris: Mm-hmm.
Hal Jordan: That was also the night, the first time we made…flew together.
Carol Ferris: Well, you’ve been flying ever since, with anyone who’ll get into a plane.


[whilst dancing]
Hal Jordan: I really am sorry.
Carol Ferris: It’s okay. Our contract isn’t quite dead yet. I told you I was good at this.
Hal Jordan: I wasn’t talking about the contract. I would have screwed this up. Yeah. Even if I didn’t go to air force, I would have found some way to, you know, blow it.
Carol Ferris: Is that what you tell yourself.
Hal Jordan: Mm-hmm.


Carol Ferris: You know what I spent my afternoon doing?
Hal Jordan: What?
Carol Ferris: Worrying about you. Hal, I went over every inch of the flight data. There was nothing wrong with the plane. What happened up there?
Hal Jordan: Thanks for the dance.
[he walks away from her and out of the bar]


[arriving on planet Oa, Hal sees himself in the Green Lantern uniform for the first time]
Tomar-Re: Have you concluded admiring yourself?
Hal Jordan: Uhhh…yeah!
Tomar-Re: Well, your ring translator is functioning properly.
[Hal’s green face mask suddenly disappears]
Tomar-Re: Your mask will appear when protection of your identity is required. There is no need for it on Oa.
[referring to Tomar-Re looking like a fish]
Hal Jordan: Talking fish.
Tomar-Re: Actually my race is Xudarian. Our DNA does somewhat resemble your amoebic theological species.


Tomar-Re: I am Tomar-Re, protector of sector of two-eight-one-three and home to…
Hal Jordan: Eighty thousand twelve galaxies. Two point-three-four million species. How do I know that?
Tomar-Re: The induction process. It activates the ring’s higher function, including a working knowledge of dates. In truth we were curious, the process had never been attempted on the species as young as humans before. You are the first to be chosen. I have been sent to work on you here.
Hal Jordan: And here is?



[showing Hal planet Oa]
Tomar-Re: Welcome to Oa. This planet has been our home for countless millennium. It was created for us by the Guardians.
Hal Jordan: The Guardians?


[referring to the Guardians]
Tomar-Re: They are immortals among the most ancient of races. They made all you see and are responsible for all we are and do. Since time and memory, the Green Lantern Corps has served as the keepers of peace, order and justice throughout the universe. To be chosen to join its ranks is the highest of honors, and the greatest of responsibilities.
Hal Jordan: Yeah. Yeah, that part I heard about.


Tomar-Re: We’re going to fly now.
Hal Jordan: Fly?
Tomar-Re: Absolutely.
Hal Jordan: All right! I can do that.
[Tomar-Re floats above]
Tomar-Re: Join me?
Hal Jordan: I can do that.


[as they’re flying Hal sees a giant flash of green light streaming across the planet]
Hal Jordan: What is that?
Tomar-Re: It’s the energy that’s generated from the central battery. It’s power comes from the will of every living creature in the universe. It in turn charges your lantern, which in turn charges your ring. Even your suit is comprised entirely of energy.
Hal Jordan: What’s with all the green?
Tomar-Re: Green’s the color of will. The Guardians harassed will, because it’s the strongest source of energy in the universe.


[to Hal, as they join the group of the Green Lanterns Corps]
Tomar-Re: The stars you can see from your home planet on the clearest night. Your sector is a thousand times larger. And three-thousand-six-hundred lanterns each with a sector, just as vast.


[addressing the Green Lanterns]
Sinestro: Lanterns, I called you here to this unprecedented gathering because we face an unprecedented danger. Our four Lantern brothers were killed by an enemy called, Parallax. And enemy we don’t yet fully understand. We do know it’s powerful enough to destroy higher civilizations. Powerful enough to defeat even Abin Sur, our finest warrior. His light can never be replaced.
[there’s a mumbling in the crowd of lanterns]green-lantern-5
Sinestro: The Guardians have charged me to lead a squadron of our strongest Lanterns in an assault on Parallax. We will seek out and find this enemy. And we will destroy it. Alone we are now vulnerable. United we are still invincible. We have never been defeated. Will we be defeated now?
[the Lanterns all shout no]
Sinestro: It was for this moment that we were created. But I don’t need to tell you your duty. I don’t need to tell you who we are.


[showing Hal what the ring can do]
Tomar-Re: Your will turns thought into reality. To master the ring, you must learn to focus your will and create what you see with your mind. The ring’s limits are only what you can imagine.


[as Hal is practicing using his ring]
Tomar-Re: The ring will inform you where there is an imminent threat.
[suddenly there’s a flash of light which lifts Hal and throws him to the ground]
Tomar-Re: This particular threat’s name is Kilowog. He’ll be your combat training officer.
[suddenly Kilowog jumps in front of Hal]
Kilowog: Never let your guard down, looser. Welcome to ring slinger one-o-one. Or as I like to call it; the worst day of your worthless life.


[referring to himself]
Kilowog: The human, he never seen one before.
[he leans down and sniffs Hal]
Kilowog: You smell funny.
Hal Jordan: [sarcastically] I smell funny?
Kilowog: Yeah, I heard about humans. Think you’re the center of the universe. You wanna be a Lantern? You gotta come into the Corps.


[to Hal as he’s training him to use his ring to protect himself against threat]
Kilowog: Your constructs are only gonna be as strong as your will. And your will is pathetic! I’m gonna work you, and I’m gonna hit you until your will is stronger and be worthy of the Corps.


Total Quotes: 65



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