By Gautam Papudesu (Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A.)


Great. Amazing. Best of Marvel yet. If these are the words you expect of me, an avid Marvel fanatic, you will be quite disappointed. Let me start by saying, I loved the idea of the movie. Hell, I wanted to love the movie. However, Guardians of the Galaxy is a movie that simply fails to bring what it promised. What you see in trailers is not what you get, and on this point I was quite unhappy.

Without spoiling it for those inclined to watch, Guardians is 60 percent slapstick comedy 30 percent action 10 percent brain dulling and 100 percent kids story. This should have been a PG rated movie if they cut out all 6 times they used a curse words. I left the theatre unsure whether I enjoyed it or was angry at it. A few references to an Avengers tie in was the only thing this movie had in common with the other well directed Marvel movies.

The over nauseating attempts at comedy every 2 minutes was mind dulling by the final scenes. Not once in the whole movie did I feel it took itself seriously. When you compare this to The Avengers which maintains the comedy to plot ratio without becoming over the top or “too much”, it’s like I paid to watch a spoof of Star Wars. By all means was this not a bad movie, nor was it a great one. Its aloofness and eagerness to provide immediate entertainment is unsurpassed so far in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, with a storyline that barely has the audience remembering what the movie is about and how it has added if anything to that universe remains to be questioned.

The casting, however, was spot on. Pratt and company give excellent and memorable performances that one would expect from a + 150 million budget. The final sky battle was easily the most unforgettable part of movie, surpassing even those of Star Wars and Star Treks huge ship battles. It is a shame then that Guardian’s does not hold a candle to either of these.

I will end this review on a resounding note that yes, it is an entertaining movie, yes, you can take Timmy and Sarah to watch it with the family and have a good time. No, do I believe that it is a worthy addition to the MCU, and am quite bemused how it was handled. A film that showed much promise, yet failed to deliver that thrill and awe that I received when watching Weadon’s The Avengers or The Winter Soldier. Hopefully Guardians 2 will learn from the king of one liners and action blended in the Iron Man trilogy.

Overall, a solid 7/10 is the best I can give this and a 10/10 if you’re under 15.



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