By Lee Terrell (Hartsville, TN)


Guardians of the Galaxy. One word, Three letters, Massive meaning, and that word is simply: WOW. Being a fan of Marvel ever since I found out about it, I couldn’t wait for this movie to come out when I saw the preview. So far, the MARVEL comics movies have intrigued me and yet they all seem very much the same. Not much new content, feel, or plot. Guardians of the Galaxy was unbelievably refreshing, especially to someone like me who loves ALL of the Marvel movies but still thinks they could use a bit more flavor.

Guardians was a very pleasant surprise from beginning to end. First of all, I love how loose it was, they didn’t have to explode everything or have a sex scene every five minutes to get ones attention. It was funny, the characters were enormously lovable. I love music so I salute and thank whoever picked the soundtrack for this movie. I would NOT have picked these eighties songs for a big awesome movie like Guardians, but when you hear it, you’re just like… of course. No other music would fit here. The cinematography was just gorgeous. I fell in love with the scenery immediately. I was not only pleasantly surprised by the characters, but I also welcomed the good strong story-line of this movie.

I think MARVEL comics did the right thing in picking Guardians of the Galaxy as their next movie to make. Star-Lord was very lovable and easy to relate to as a person. The actor Chris Pratt was very good for the part even though some say he is too big. My favorite scene is in the beginning when he gets out of his ship and he has on his mask. It looks so good and so much like the comics that I couldn’t help welling up with joy. Gamora was another amazing character. I loved Zoe Saldana in Avatar so I was very anxious to see her turn from blue to green. But she is an amazing actor, one of my favorites.

Drax the Destroyer. I LOVE that they incorporate some of Dave Bautista’s wrestling moves into some of his fights, him being the one who plays Drax, of course. Finally, my two favorite and probably yours too: Groot and Rocket Raccoon. Vin Diesel did a spectacular job in this role even though he didn’t say too much. As for Rocket Raccoon, played by Bradley Cooper, he was my favorite character because he didn’t quite fit in with any of them being a homicidal maniac who LOVED his guns, one of which is his personal house plant/muscle. Which brings us to another point, I also loved that they did a great job when it came to emotions, Groot’s death scene in particular, and to top it all off they end the movie with a sneak peek at our friend Howard the Duck.

That left us with a lot to look forward too. I personally don’t think that they will make a movie for him specifically but if they put him in another movie I would be quite pleased. Anyways thanks for reading I hope you liked my review of Guardians of the Galaxy.



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