By Jack Butler (United Kingdom)


I’m going to be honest. When I first saw the trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy, I was initially assuming, ‘great here comes avengers little brother mixed in with a bit of frustrating Disney child-appeal humour.’ I can honestly admit that I was so wrong. Me being a huge Star Wars fan, I like many others, had mixed feelings about George Lucas selling off the Star Wars franchise to Disney, but now, Guardians of the Galaxy has filled me with hope. JJ Abrams with the backing of Disney, should (I hope) make a fantastic job of the new movies they have lined up.

The film opens with a flashback to Peter Quill or Star-Lord’s childhood when he unfortunately watches his mother pass away, and is then abducted by what seems to be an alien vessel. Although the use of superheroes with troubled backgrounds is a common theme throughout various Marvel characters, I felt this one worked particularly well and thanks to the clever and yet humorous performance from Chris Pratt, Star-Lord’s character was the most important asset of the film.

All the characters worked very well together and the gradual buildup of the bonds between them grew stronger as the plot thickened. The individual and group humour produced by the characters was memorable and pleasing for a large spectrum of ages. The element of surprise was also added which I believe enhanced the fresh comedy produced the characters. A good example of the surprise factor was when Peter Quill lands his ship and walks across the forlorn and dismal looking planet at the beginning of the film; in this scene, which begins by looking dramatic, you would imagine it would sustain its tense aura, however we see Star-Lord play his ‘Awesome Mix Vol 1’ and the funky, positive vibes of the music kill the tension in a good way and open up an opportunity for some crude humour.

It wasn’t only the characters of the Guardians that were enjoyable to watch. I felt that the idea of the main antagonist, Thanos leaving Ronan to do his deeds worked well, and Ronan using the power of the orb to try and over-power his ‘master’ worked well. The film introduced other characters from different angles that complimented the main characters whilst keeping the momentum of the film flowing. Yondu and his group were rather cool characters and I personally found his whistle spear very visually entertaining when he kills a group of Ronan’s foot soldiers. Aside from the acting area of the film, the visual and sound effects were fantastic. My only criticism of this film was that the aid of the visual effects did become slightly over-powering at points, dominating scenes when it wasn’t always necessary.

I think that overall James Gunn has done a phenomenal job of not only keeping up to the standards that Disney have obviously set for the Marvel film, but also individually directing each scene and characters so well that they end up working well together to create a variety of emotions throughout scenes in the film. The amount and type of humour used was just right and certainly helped this Marvel film stand out from the others.

My final verdict: 8.4/10



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