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The Star Wars of Marvel

Over rated and bad action 0/10 ending

When you hear Marvel you think Iron Man. For Guardiands, most people have to read up on the movie to understand the background to even know what the conflict is in this story! Comics should stay on planet earth. But I am just glad this has an original ending in a sci-fi future movie where there is some all powerful bomb-like weapon that can annihilate an entire planet but has to be delivered to the target by physically being there (Star Wars – New Hope, Return of the Jedi, Avatar).

Beginning – middle – end – facts- ideas – condense – plot- tell it!

This movie is great if you are 10 and not wanting to care about the way space works. Multiple times in the film the whole concept of needing special gear to survive in space is glossed over for the sake of the plot.

The ending of the movie is a real disappointment and I am sure that the audience members have put more thought into the ending of the movie than the writers of the movie did. When you go to a movie you expect it to have an original ending and to have thought out story line.

Nearing the end where there is the obligatory final battle I am not sure what is actually happening in the film because there are so many subplots and little random fights that do not need to happen. Everything is happening too fast and at the same time to be entertaining. At some point it is like mixing all the colors on the paper and getting brown. It becomes overwhelming.

The ending of this movie reminds me of the ending of Avatar with all the random bad guy ships flying around for no reason to try and deliver a bomb like it’s a 1943 bombing raid over Germany. It is the future! You do not need to be physically directly over the target to be able to deliver the bomb! The whole thing that everyone is worried about, the orb thingy touching organic matter, if it does the planet blows up, wouldn’t it be a whole lot easier to just shoot a missile at the planet with the orb thingy attached to it?

The basic building blocks for a story but no, of course not the movie has to completely neuter what would be otherwise amazing and powerful characters for the sake of the plot!

You will notice the prisoner who takes everything so literally can only kill someone if their back is turned. Even in the future where there are lasers and interstellar space travel he fights with a knife in each hand and decides it is necessary to punch the villain to death. Which I would find OK but this indeed a sin because earlier in the movie we have seen that “guardian” get his butt kicked by the very being he is trying to beat. But he tries it again a second time because for some reason he thinks that it will work differently. And each time that guardian always gets beaten and needs saving. He’s like Peeta in The Hunger Games!

Bottom line this movie is egregiously long with action sequences so contrived and un-interesting they could be written by a drunk 4 year old. I am glad that I did not waste money to go see it.



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