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[Peter puts the Walkman headphones onto Gamora’s head so she can listen to the music, after listening for a moment she speaks out loud]
Gamora: The melody is pleasant!
[as Gamora listens to the music Peter’s leans in to kiss her when suddenly Gamora puts a knife to his throat]
Gamora: No!
Peter Quill: Ow! What the hell?guardians-of-galaxy-10
Gamora: I know who you are, Peter Quill! And I am not some starry-eyed waif here to succumb to your…your pelvic sorcery!
Peter Quill: That is not what is happening here.
[as Gamora lets go of his throat Peter notices Drax, Rocket and Groot are all fighting inside the bar]
Peter Quill: Oh, no.


[Peter and Gamora enter the bar to stop the fight between Drax, Rocket and Groot, Gamora drags Drax off of Groot]
Gamora: Stop it!
[Rocket points his weapon at Drax as he’s about to shoot Peter intervenes]
Peter Quill: Woh! Woh! What are you doing?
Drax: This vermin speaks of affairs he knows nothing about!
Rocket: That is true!
Drax: He has no respect!
Rocket: That is also true!
Peter Quill: Hold on! Hold on!
Rocket: Keep calling me vermin, tough guy! You just wanna laugh at me like everyone else!
Peter Quill: Rocket, you’re drunk. Alright? No one’s laughing at you.
Rocket: He thinks I’m some stupid thing! He does! Well, I didn’t ask to get made! I didn’t ask to be torn apart, and put back together, over and over and turned into some…some little monster!
Peter Quill: Rocket, no one’s calling you a monster.


Rocket: He called me vermin! She called me rodent! Let’s see if you can laugh after five or six good shots to your frickin’ face!
[as Rocket points his weapon at Drax again Peter stands in front of him]
Peter Quill: No, no, no, no! Four billion units! Rocket! Come on, man. Hey! Suck it up for one more lousy night and you’re rich.
[Rocket hesitates for a moment then lowers his weapon]
Rocket: Fine. But I can’t promise when all this is over I’m not gonna kill every last one of you jerks.
Peter Quill: See? That’s exactly why none of you have any friends! Five seconds after you meet somebody, you’re already trying to kill them!
Drax: We have traveled halfway across the quadrant, and Ronan is no closer to being dead.
[Drax turns and leaves in anger]
Peter Quill: Drax!
Gamora: Let him go. We don’t need him.
[just then the Collector’s assistant, Carina, enters the bar]
Carina: Milady Gamora, I’m here to fetch you for my master.


[Carina escorts them to the Collector’s home]
Rocket: Okay, this isn’t creepy at all.
Carina: We house the galaxy’s largest collection of fauna, relics, and species of all manner.
[she takes them to the Collectors massive room of collections where he’s waiting for them]
Carina: I present to you, Taneleer Tivan, the Collector.
[Gamora and the Collector walk towards each other]
The Collector: Oh, my dear Gamora. How wonderful to meet in the flesh.
[he kisses her hand]
Gamora: Let’s bypass the formalities, Tivan. We have what we discussed.
[as the Collector notices Groot]
The Collector: What is that thing there?
Groot: I am Groot.
[the Collector goes over to Groot]
The Collector: I never thought I’d meet a Groot. Sir, you must allow me to pay you now so that I may own your carcass. At the moment of your death, of course.
Groot: I am Groot.
Rocket: Why, so he could turn you into a frickin’ chair?
[to Groot]
The Collector: That’s your pet?
Rocket: His what?!
[Rocket goes to grab his weapon and the Collector chuckles, Gamora intervenes]
Gamora: Tivan, we have been halfway around the galaxy, retrieving this orb.
The Collector: Very well, then. Let us see what you brought.
[Gamora looks at Peter, he retrieves the orb from his bag but accidentally drops it, he quickly picks it up to show the Collector]


[meanwhile a drunken Drax notices a man making a call in a booth]
Knowhere Civilian: Three quarnyx batteries, seven cases of cotati seeds. No, cases. Last time, you sent me…
[suddenly Drax comes up from behind and holds a knife against his throat]
Drax: You shall send a message for me.
[back with the Collector and the group]
The Collector: Oh, my new friends. Before creation itself, there were six singularities.
[he uses a device to unlock and open the orb]
The Collector: Then the universe exploded into existence, and the remnants of these systems were forged into concentrated ingots. Infinity Stones. These stones, it seems, can only be brandished by beings of extraordinary strength. Observe.
[he shows them the giant beings that use the Infinity Stones as weapons]
The Collector: These carriers can use the stone to mow down entire civilizations like wheat in a field.
Peter Quill: There’s a little pee coming out of me right now.
The Collector: Once, for a moment, a group was able to share the energy amongst themselves, but even they were quickly destroyed by it.


[the orb is opened to reveal and Infinity Stone]
The Collector: Beautiful. Beyond compare.
Rocket: Blah, blah, blah. We’re all very fascinated, whitey. But we’d like to get paid.
The Collector: How would you like to get paid?
Rocket: What do you think, fancy man? Units!
The Collector: Very well, then.
[as the Collector goes to get the money, Carina, fascinated by the Infinity Stone, walks towards it]
The Collector: Carina. Stand back.
Carina: I will no longer be your slave!
The Collector: No!
[Carina grabs the Stone, triggering an explosion that destroys herself as well the Collectors archive, Groot grabs Rocket and runs out of the place as it explodes; Peter and Gamora come out from under the table to look at the destruction caused by the explosion]
Peter Quill: What the fff…?


[Gamora grabs the orb and locks it back up to contain the Infinity Stone as they leave the Collector’s place]
Gamora: How could I think Tivan could contain whatever was within the orb?
Rocket: What do you still have it for?
Peter Quill: Well what are we gonna do, leave it in there?
Rocket: I can’t believe you had that in your purse!
Peter Quill: It’s not a purse, it’s a knapsack!
Gamora: We have to bring this to the Nova Corps. There’s a chance they can contain it.
Rocket: Are you kidding me? We’re wanted by the Nova Corps! Just give it to Ronan!
Peter Quill: So he can destroy the galaxy?
Rocket: What are you, some Saint all of a sudden? What has the galaxy ever done for you? Why would you wanna save it?
Peter Quill: Because I’m one of the idiots who lives in it!


Gamora: Peter, listen to me. We cannot allow the stone to fall into Ronan’s hands. We have to go back to your ship and deliver it to Nova.
Peter Quill: Right, right, okay. I think you’re right. Or we could give it to somebody who’s not going to arrest us, who’s really nice for a whole lot of money. I think it’s a really good balance between both of your points of view.
Gamora: You’re despicable.
Peter Quill: I…
Gamora: Dishonorable. Faithless!
[Gamora turns and starts to walk off when she notices Ronan and his crew arriving in their ships]
Gamora: Oh, no.
Drax: At last! I shall meet my foe and destroy him.
Peter Quill: You called Ronan?


[just as Ronan’s ships are landing Yondu and his men turn up too]
Yondu Udonta: Quill! Don’t you move, boy!
[Peter and Gamora make a run for it]
Yondu Udonta: Don’t you move! Get out of the way!
[Yondu chases after them, at the same time Ronan steps off his ship and Drax waits for him with his knives raised]
Drax: Ronan the Accuser!
Ronan: You are the one who transmitted the message?
Drax: You killed my wife. You killed my daughter!


[Gamora, Rocket and Peter find the little mining pods and go to board three of them; to Groot]
Rocket: I told you, you can’t fit. Now, wait here. I’ll be back.
[Nebula notices the three mining pods taking off]
Nebula: It is Gamora. She is escaping with the orb.
[Nebula goes back to board their ship, Ronan turns to join her]
Drax: No!
[Drax runs towards Ronan he goes to strike him with his knife when Ronan easily dodges it]
Ronan: Nebula, retrieve the orb.
[as Nebula takes off on the ship, Ronan stays behind to fight with Drax]


[as Nebula is chasing after the three mining pods containing Rocket, Peter and Gamora]
Nebula: The stone is in the furthest pod. Bring it down!
[Nebula chases Gamora’s ship, at the same time Drax continues his battle with Ronan; as Nebula chases after Gamora Peter takes his pod over to Rocket’s]
Peter Quill: Rocket, keep them off Gamora until she gets to the Milano.
Rocket: How? We’ve got no weaponry on these things.
Peter Quill: These pods are industrial grade, they’re nearly indestructible.
Rocket: Not against necroblasts, they’re not.
Peter Quill: That’s not what I’m saying.
Rocket: Oh!
[Rocket takes his pod over to the two ships chasing them, he crashes into each one destroying them both, then as another one comes over to shoot at his pod, Rocket flies straight into it making it explode, Peter then hijacks one of the ships chasing them]
Peter Quill: Let me borrow your ride.


[Ronan and Drax continue their battle with Ronan beating Drax and holding him down by his throat]
Ronan: I don’t recall killing your family. I doubt I’ll remember killing you, either.
[at the same time Nebula and her crew continue chasing after Gamora]
Gamora: Quill, I’m trapped! I can’t make it to the Milano, I have to head out.
Peter Quill: What? Wait! These things aren’t meant to go out there.
[Gamora takes her pod above the atmosphere with Nebula chasing after her]
Nebula: You are a disappointment, sister. Of all our siblings, I hated you least.
Gamora: Nebula, please. If Ronan gets this stone he’ll kill us all.
Nebula: Not all. You will already be dead.
[Nebula blows up Gamora’s ship leaving Gamora floating in space and taking the Infinity Stone]


[we see Ronan dragging and unconscious Drax on the ground and then throwing him into a tub of yellow liquid]
Nebula: Ronan, it is done.
[at the same time Peter and Rocket watch Gamora’s body as it floats in the atmosphere]
Rocket: Quill, come on. Her body mods should keep her alive a couple more minutes, but there’s nothing we can do for her. These pods aren’t meant to be out here. In a second, we’re gonna be in the same boat.
[Rocket turns his pod and starts leaving]
Peter Quill: Aw, damn it!
Rocket: Quill?
[Peter reluctantly places a call]
Peter Quill: Yondu! Yondu! This is Quill! My coordinates are two-two-seven-K-three-two- four.
Rocket: Quill? Quill, what are you doing?
Peter Quill: Just outside Knowhere. If you’re there, come get me. I’m all yours.
[Peter then puts on his mask, exits the pod and goes over to Gamora]
Rocket: Quill, don’t be ridiculous. Get back into your pod! You can’t fit two people in there, you’re gonna die.
[Peter hold Gamora’s body and starts to take off his mask]
Rocket: You’ll die in seconds! Quill!
[Peter puts his mask onto Gamora’s head and she starts to breath, then Yondu’s ship arrive and takes Peter and Gamora before they die]


[as they enter Yondu’s ship Gamora becomes conscious whilst Peter is still holding her]
Gamora: Quill? What happened?
Peter Quill: I saw you out there. I don’t know what came over me, but I couldn’t let you die. I found something inside of myself. Something incredibly heroic. I mean, not to brag, but objectively…
[Gamora sighs with frustration]
Gamora: Where’s the orb?
Peter Quill: It’s…well, they got the orb.
Gamora: What?
[just then a door opens and Yondu’s men enter]
Kraglin: Welcome home, Peter.


[Groot saves Drax out of the yellow liquid and helps him to breath, Rocket then lands his pod right in front of them and gets out]
Rocket: Blasted idiot. They’re all idiots! Quill just got himself captured!
[to Drax]
Rocket: None of this ever would have happened if you didn’t try to single-handedly take on a frickin’ army!
Drax: You’re right. I was a fool. All the anger, all the rage, was just to cover my loss.
[Groot places his hand on his shoulder in comfort]
Rocket: Oh, boo-hoo-hoo. “My wife and child are dead.”
[Groot gasps in shock at Rocket’s callousness]
Rocket: Oh, I don’t care if it’s mean! Everybody’s got dead people! That’s no excuse to get everybody else dead along the way! Come on, Groot. Ronan has the stone. The only chance we got is to get to the other side of the universe as fast as we can and maybe, just maybe, we’ll be able to live full lives before that whack-job ever gets there.
[Groot rises to his feet in defiance]
Groot: I am Groot.
Rocket: Save them? How?
Groot: I am Groot.
Rocket: I know they’re the only friends that we ever had, but there’s an army of Ravagers around them. And there’s only two of us!
[Drax rises and stands next to Groot]
Drax: Three.
[Rocket grunts in anger and frustration, turns and starts kicking the ground with his feet]
Rocket: Aw! You’re making me beat up grass!


[back on board the Dark Astor Ronan contacts Thanos]
Ronan: The orb is in my possession, as I promised.
[Korath holds up the orb in his hand]
Thanos: Bring it to me.
Ronan: Yes, that was our agreement.
[Ronan takes the orb from Korath]
Ronan: Bring you the orb, and you will destroy Xandar for me. However, now that I know it contains an Infinity Stone, I wonder what use I have for you.
Thanos: Boy, I would reconsider your current course.
[Ronan opens up the orb and looks at the Infinity Stone inside]guardians-of-galaxy-14
Korath: Master! You cannot! Thanos is the most powerful being in the universe.
Ronan: Not anymore.
[suddenly Ronan embeds the Infinity Stone in his warhammer and absorbs its power into his body]
Ronan: You call me “boy!” I will unfurl one thousand years of Kree justice on Xandar, and burn it to its core! Then, Thanos, I’m coming for you.
[he ends his call to Thanos]
Nebula: After Xandar, you’re going to kill my father?
Ronan: You dare to oppose me?
Nebula: You see what he has turned me into. You kill him, I will help you destroy a thousand planets.


[on Yondu’s ship, Yondu is beating Peter who’s being held by Yondu’s men]
Yondu Udonta: You betrayed me! Steal my money!
Gamora: Stop it! Leave him alone!
Yondu Udonta: When I picked you up as a kid, these boys wanted to eat you. They ain’t never tasted Terran before. I saved your life!
Peter Quill: Oh, will you shut up about that? God! Twenty years, you’ve been throwing that in my face, like it’s some great thing, not eating me! Normal people don’t even think about eating someone else! Much less that person having to be grateful for it! You abducted me, man. You stole me from my home and from my family.
Yondu Udonta: You don’t give a damn about your Terra! You’re scared because you’re soft, in here.
[he beats his chest]
Yondu Udonta: Here! Right here!
[Yondu grabs Peter again to hit him]
Gamora: Yondu! Listen to me! Ronan has something called an Infinity Stone.
Yondu Udonta: I know what he’s got, girl.
Gamora: Then you know we must get it back! He’s gonna use it to wipe out Xandar. We have to warn them. Billions of people will perish.


[to Peter, referring to Gamora]
Yondu Udonta: Is that what she’s been filling your head with, boy? Sentiment?
[he slaps Peter and his men laugh]
Yondu Udonta: Eating away your brain like maggots! That’s it.
[he whistles commanding his weapon fly over to point at Peter’s throat]
Gamora: No!
Yondu Udonta: Sorry, boy. But a captain’s gotta teach his men what happens to those what cross him.
Kraglin: Captain’s gotta teach stuff!
[the others grunt in agreement]
Peter Quill: If you kill me now, you are saying goodbye to the biggest score you have ever seen.
[Yondu smiles and turns to face Peter]
Yondu Udonta: The Stone? I hope you got something better than that. Because ain’t nobody stealing from Ronan.
Peter Quill: We got a ringer.
Yondu Udonta: Is that right?
Peter Quill: She knows everything there is to know about Ronan. His ships, his army.
Gamora: He’s vulnerable.
Peter Quill: Hey, what do you say, Yondu, huh? Me and you, taking down a mark side-by-side, like the old days.
[Yondu hesitates as he thinks for a moment, then he whistles and his weapon moves from Peter’s throat]


[Yondu and his men start to laugh and Peter joins in]
Yondu Udonta: Let him go! Oh! You always did have a scrote, boy! That’s why I kept you on as a young’un.
[just then the ship shakes as it gets hit by something]guardians-of-galaxy-13
Ravager Pilot: Captain, the shot was non-damaging.
[we see the Milano approaching Yondu’s ship]
Rocket: Attention, idiots. The lunatic on top of this craft is holding a Hadron Enforcer.
[we see Drax in a space suit standing on top of the Milano holding a weapon]
Rocket: It’s a weapon of my own design.
Yondu Udonta: What the hell?
Rocket: If you don’t hand over our companions now, he’s gonna tear your ship a new one. A very big new one!
Yondu Udonta: I ain’t buyin’ it.
Rocket: I’m giving you to the count of five. Five, four, three…
[Peter and Gamora stop Kraglin from giving the order to blow up the Milano]
Peter Quill: No!
Gamora: No, no! Don’t!
Peter Quill: No! Wait, hold on!
[Peter quickly turns on the radio comm]
Peter Quill: Rocket, it’s me, for God sakes! We figured it out! We’re fine!
Rocket: Oh, hey, Quill. What’s going on?


[on board the Milano after Peter’s explained his plan to the group]
Rocket: You call that “figured it out”? We’re gonna rob the guys who just beat us senseless.
Peter Quill: Oh, you want to talk about senseless? How about trying to save us by blowing us up?
Rocket: We were only gonna blow you up if they didn’t turn you over!
Peter Quill: And how on earth were they gonna turn us over when you only gave them a count of five?
Rocket: Well we didn’t have time to work out the minutiae of the plan. This is what we get for acting altruistically!
Groot: I am Groot.
Rocket: They are ungrateful.
Gamora: What’s important now is we get the Ravagers’ army to help us save Xandar.
Rocket: So we can give the Stone to Yondu who’s just gonna sell to somebody even worse?
Peter Quill: We’ll figure that part out later.
Gamora: We have to stop Ronan.
Rocket: How?
Peter Quill: I have a plan.
Rocket: You’ve got a plan?
Peter Quill: Yes.
Rocket: First of all, you’re copying me from when I said I had a plan.
Peter Quill: No, I’m not. People say that all the time, it’s not that unique of a thing to say.
Rocket: Secondly, I don’t even believe you have a plan.
Peter Quill: I have part of a plan!


Drax: What percentage of a plan do you have?
Gamora: You don’t get to ask questions after the nonsense you pulled on Knowhere.
Drax: I just saved Quill.
Peter Quill: We’ve already established that you destroying the ship that I’m on is not saving me.
Drax: When did we establish it?
Peter Quill: Like three seconds ago!
Drax: I wasn’t listening, I was thinking of something else.
[in frustration]
Gamora: Oh!
Rocket: She’s right, you don’t get an opinion.
[to Peter]
Rocket: What percentage?
Peter Quill: I don’t know, twelve percent.
Rocket: Twelve percent?
[Rocket laughs out loud]
Peter Quill: That’s a fake laugh.
Rocket: It’s real!
Peter Quill: Totally fake.
Rocket: That is the most real, authentic, hysterical laugh of my entire life because that is not a plan.
Gamora: It’s barely a concept.
Peter Quill: You’re taking their side?
Groot: I am Groot.
Rocket: So what, it’s better than eleven percent? What the hell does that have to do with anything?
Peter Quill: Thank you, Groot. Thank you. See? Groot’s the only one of you who has a clue.
[Peter turns to see Groot starting to chew on a leaf protruding from his shoulder, Peter shakes his head and Rocket chuckles]


Peter Quill: Guys. Come on. Yondu is gonna be here in two seconds. He expects to hear this big plan of ours. I need your help. I look around at us, you know what I see? Losers. I mean, like, folks who have lost stuff. And we have. Man, we have. All of us. Our homes, our families, normal lives. And, usually, life takes more than it gives, but not today. Today, it’s given us something. It has given us a chance.
Drax: To do what?
Peter Quill: To give a shit. For once, not run away. I, for one, am not gonna stand by and watch as Ronan wipes out billions of innocent lives.
Rocket: But, Quill, stopping Ronan, it’s impossible. You’re asking us to die.
Peter Quill: Yeah, I guess I am. I…
[Peter turns his back to the group in defeat]
Gamora: Quill. I have lived most my life surrounded by my enemies.
[Gamora rises to her feet]
Gamora: I will be grateful to die among my friends.
[Drax rises to his feet]guardians-of-galaxy-15
Drax: You are an honorable man, Quill. I will fight beside you. And in the end, see my wife and daughter again.
[Groot rises next]
Groot: I am Groot.
[they all then look at Rocket, who finally sighs and gives in]
Rocket: Oh, what the hell. I don’t got that long a lifespan, anyway.
[Rocket also rises and stands on his seat]
Rocket: Now I’m standing. You all happy? We’re all standing up now. Bunch of jackasses, standing in a circle.


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