By Juan Espinel (Bogota, Colombia)


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, it’s a must watch movie for any fan of the action – superheroes movies. The 2017 second part movie of the acclaimed Guardians of the Galaxy doesn’t let almost anything to the hit-or-miss, the prequel is a funny, well done and stunning piece of art that leaves the spectator with desire of more. Consequently as can be expected it’s an action movie based in the Marvel universe; directed by James Gunn II and starring Christ Pratt, Kurt Russell and Michael Rooker as the main characters.

The main plot offers and interesting adventure, but with a story load of minor importance. It follows the encounter of Starlord and his Guardians of the Galaxy with his father, the relationship and finally the conflict. Also it develops in a proper way the history of the other characters, adapting their conflicts to the main plot. However, the movie lacks of a convincing argument that leads to the action, and leaves gaps in some parts where the viewer may be left with some questions about the origin and purposes of the main antagonist. Also it has a history less impressing, comparing to the first part, where even an Infinity gem appeared and had an important influence on the argument. In terms of the topic I can say I enjoyed the themes treated in the movie, but in the end it doesn’t have the same catching argument as the first one.

In terms of the acting I can say nothing more than congratulations to all the staff, it was a very well represented movie, with an own quality of these actors. Generally, the actors knew how to interact with the environment, how to express the feelings in every moment and how to be funny in all the movie without losing the essence of their characters. As a result, the viewer gets an awesome experience viewing this movie, believes in almost every action done by the actors and finally enjoys every part of the movie.

The quality of the movie is superb in every aspect. The special effects were, what everyone were expecting after watching the first part, great in every way. Also the quality of the costumes is something that deserves every applause this movie got; the transformation of Dave Bautista (Drax the Destroyer) into his character through all the makeup and work it’s just one example of the good work that the staff did in this sequel. But in my opinion the most important success in this movie was its soundtrack (Like the prequel); with the awesome mix vol. 2 left by Starlord’s mother the movie gets a retro and fast paced ambient that makes it remark among the other superheroes movies. In conclusion I have no more than good things to say about the technical part of this movie, James Gunn and all the staff did an excellent work in the realization of this film.

Finally, I recommend to all the Marvel fans that haven’t seen this movie to watch it; despite its plot failures it offers a fast paced, amusing and well done second part of this important saga. Along with the first delivery it is one of the most successful movies done based in Marvel universe over time.

Rating: 4/5



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