Hanna Movie Quotes: Disjointed Dark Fairytale

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Directed by: Joe Wright
Written by:
Seth Lochhead (screenplay & story)
David Farr (screenplay)
Saoirse Ronan – Hanna
Eric Bana – Erik
Cate Blanchett – Marissa
Tom Hollander – Isaacs
Paris Arrowsmith – CIA Tech #1
Olivia Williams – Rachel
Jason Flemyng – Sebastian
John MacMillan – Lewis
Tim Beckmann – Walt
Vicky Krieps – Johanna Zadek
Christian Malcolm – Head of Ops
Jamie Beamish – Burton
Tom Hodgkins – Monitor
Vincent Montuel – Camp G Doctor #1
Nathan Nolan – Camp G Doctor #2
Michelle Dockery – False Marissa
Jessica Barden – Sophie
Aldo Maland – Miles


Hanna movie quotes come across cerebral but also disjointed. The story is a dark fairy tale about a girl’s coming of age story who happens to also be a highly trained killer. Although this action packed movie is entertaining enough, it does leave one feeling as though the script is incomplete and the plot a little too underdeveloped as there isn’t enough depth in the story. The narrative has such potential that you feel a bit disappointed at the predictability of the plot.

Verdict: Despite it’s lack of depth, the movie is quirky enough to make it appealing and engaging.

Hanna Quotes


[first lines; after shooting an arrow at a deer]
Hanna: I just missed your heart.
[she points a gun at the deer and shoot it dead]



[to Hanna from behind as she’s busy gutting the dear she’s shot]
Erik: Your dead. Right now. I’ve killed you.
[Hanna turns and throws her knife at him]


Erik: What’s wrong? Are you hurt? You were half asleep. You must always be ready. Even when you’re sleeping, think on your feet. Adapt…
Hanna: …or die. I’ll do better next time.


[reading from a book]
Erik: The great blue whale is the largest animal to have ever existed. It’s heart weighs thirteen hundred pounds, and the male has seven gallons of te…testicles.
[Hanna smiles]
Erik: The blue whale’s music can be heard for over five hundred miles. A blue whale’s tongue weighs overs two and a half tons.
Hanna: What does music feel like?
[Erik flips through the pages of his book until he reaches the subject of music]
Erik: Music; a combination of sounds with a view to beauty of form and expression of emotion.
Hanna: I want to hear it for myself.
Erik: We’ve all we need right here.
Hanna: It’s not enough. I’m ready.
[Erik doesn’t answer]
Hanna: Papa, I’m ready.


[repeating what she’s learned about her new identity]
Hanna: I live in Leipzig, German city. Population zero point seven million peoples.


[repeating what she’s learned about her new identity]
Hanna: I like literature and sport, in particular tennis and athletics. We live at number seven, Vicenza Platz. I go to school at The Klaus College Gymnazium and my best friends are Rudy Gunter and Clara Scheitz. I also have dog called, Trudy.


[to Erik after seeing and hearing an airplane for the first time]
Hanna: Did you see it? Did you hear it? It’s like thunder! It was so beautiful!


[referring to the small device in front of Erik]
Hanna: What is it?
Erik: It tells Marissa Wiegler where we are. If you think you’re ready, you want to leave here, all you have to do is flip that switch. But once it’s done there’s no going back. She won’t stop until your dead, or she is. Understand?
[Hannah nods her head]
Erik: I won’t be there to hold your hand. So be sure. Be sure it’s what you really want.
[he looks at Hanna]
Erik: It’s here. There’s no rush.


[reading from a book]
Erik: Like a mongrel dog from the street of Moscow, it was the first animal to ever return. She was launched into outer space on the third of November, nineteen fifty seven. Scientists believed humans would be unable to survive the conditions of outer space. So flights by animals refute as experiments precursory to human submissions. A rocket was not designed to be retrievable and like it has always been, it returned to die.
Hanna: But she didn’t, did she?
Erik: They couldn’t bring the rocket back, remember?
Hanna: I remember. But sometimes I wish you would read it differently.


Erik: Will you hunt with me?
Hanna: If you want.
Erik: Well, it’s up to you.
Hanna: Me?
Erik: Yes.
Hanna: I’ll stay.


Hanna: Marissa Wiegler.
[she turn on the switch on the device]
Hanna: Come and fine me.


Marissa: Erik Heller, recruited nineteen ninety one, for SFK operative. He became integral to our Counter Intelligence Ops in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. His file ends in ninety four, there was no sign of life until April eighteenth, nineteen ninety six, when his finger prints were found on a twenty two caliber luger found beside of one, Johanna Zadek. Johanna Zadek born nineteen seventy, German. She was spotted and developed by Heller in nineteen ninety four, never recruited.
Head of Ops: Why was she being developed?
Marissa: That’s not in the file. Let’s keep on the past. Heller is a rogue asset. I propose we go and pull him out.
Head of Ops: We got bigger problems, Marissa. Let Interpol pick him up. He’s no longer our responsibility.
Marissa: Interpol nabs him, that exposes him to BND, FSB, France. Do you really want every intelligence agency in Europe scratching at this threat?


Marissa: I’m sorry, but we need to keep this contained, gentlemen. Keep it small. I worked with this man. He knows things I don’t think you wanna know.
Head of Ops: I appreciate your candor.


Erik: Tell me again.
Hanna: Marissa Wiegler.
Erik: Then?
Hanna: Post card.
Erik: Then?
Hanna: What?
Erik: The address where we meet?
Hanna: Wilhelm Grimm House, Stefan Straza two sixty one, one-o-five-five-nine, Wilhelm in Germany.
Erik: What else?
Hanna: Adapt or die.
Erik: Think on your feet.
Hanna: Even when I’m sleeping.


[Marissa is listening to Lewis on her cell phone]
Lewis: Erik Heller escaped.
Marissa: How did that happen?
Lewis: Unclear. We think he got away in the snow storm or
Marissa: One man, one day, operation…
Lewis: Look there were many variables.
Marissa: Just find him, Lewis. Find him and bring him to me.
Lewis: There was a kid. Things got out of our control!
[Marissa goes suddenly goes silent]
Lewis: Wiegler? Wiegler, are you there?
Marissa: Where is she now?


[Hanna is being held in a holding cell]
Burton: Hello Hanna.
Hanna: Hello.
Burton: My name is Dr. Burton. Would you like to talk to me?
Hanna: I was told by my father to gain the upper hand.
Burton: That’s very interesting. What else does your father tell you?
Hanna: Where am I?
Burton: You’re in holding.
Hanna: I’ve never been in a room like this.
Burton: It must all be very strange for you. How long have you been in the forest?


[looking at all the camera’s in the cell]
Hanna: Are those cameras?
Burton: Uh-huh. They’re taking your picture right now, to keep a record. How does that make you feel?



[Marissa and Lewis are looking at Hanna through the TV monitors]
Burton: Can I get you something? What do you like? Music? Magazines? Just ask. Anything at all.
Hanna: I want to speak to Marissa Wiegler.
[speaking in the microphone to Lewis]
Marissa: Tell her I’ll be there tonight.
Lewis: I can handle this.
Marissa: Just do what you’re told.


False Marissa: My name is Marissa Wiegler. You wanted to speak with me.
[Hanna looks at the woman impersonating Marissa and the guard that’s entered the cell]
False Marissa: [to the guard] You can wait outside.
[the guard leaves the cell]
Hanna: Where am I?
False Marissa: You’re in a safe place, sweetie.
Hanna: Where did you meet my father?
[Marissa who’s watching on the TV monitor gives false Marissa instructions on what to say]
Marissa: Erik.
False Marissa: [to Hanna] You mean Erik?
[Hanna looks at her]
False Marissa: Yes.
[Marissa gives false Marissa instructions over the microphone]
Marissa: I met him by a news kiosk at Alexander Platz. East Berlin.
False Marissa: [to Hanna] I met him at a news kiosk, Alexander Platz.
[to false Marissa]
Marissa: Say it was raining.
False Marissa: [to Hanna] In the rain.
[to false Marissa]
Marissa: Just arrived from Prague.
False Marissa: [to Hanna] He’d just arrived from Prague.


False Marissa: You know where your father is? Did he tell you where he was goin’?
[Hanna bursts into tears]
False Marissa: We’re all worried about him. It’s okay.
[Hanna in tears hugs false Marissa tightly, Lewis gives false Marissa instructions]
Lewis: Agent, keep your distance.
[false Marissa consoles Hanna]hanna-4
False Marissa: It’s okay. It’s okay.
Burton: Do you want me to give her something.
False Marissa: I think that might be necessary.
Lewis: Abort.
[Burton walks to the cell to give Hanna a shot]
Lewis: I repeat, Agent, abort!
[just as the cell door is about to be opened Hanna suddenly twists false Marissa’s neck killing her]


[to Marissa who’s just shot at the car Johanna was in with Erik and baby Hanna]
Johanna Zadek: She will never be yours.


[after Hanna has escaped from the compound]
Sophie: Hey. Hello?
[Hanna doesn’t reply]
Sophie: Don’t you speak English? It’s not your fault if you can’t. M.I.A didn’t speak English till she was eight, because she was like, a refugee or something from Sri Lanka. Now she’s a pop star, in America too. But don’t worry if you can’t speak English yet.
Miles: Who’s she?
Sophie: I found her. She can’t speak English. She’s from Sri Lanka.
Hanna: I’m from Germany.
Sophie: Oh.
Hanna: I live in Leipzig, population zero point seven million peoples. We live at number seven, Vicenza Platz. I like literature and sport, in particular tennis and athletics. I go to school at The Klaus College Gymnazium and my best friends are Rudy Gunter and Clara Scheitz.
Sophie: They sound fun.
Hanna: I also have dog called Trudy.
Miles: We had a dog called Vincent. He went mad and died.


[on the phone]
Lewis: Tactiles says she’s in the desert, south east of vessel we’re in.
Marissa: Focus all operations on Heller.
Lewis: Are you saying the girl’s not of interest to us.
Marissa: Yes, of course she’s of interest, Lewis. But not an immediate threat to the security of the United States of America. Erik Heller is the immediate threat. Focus on Heller.


[Miles spots Hanna running out of her hotel room]
Miles: It’s the German girl!
Sophie: It’s Kraut in a big Djellaba. Like quail or lesbo. I think I’d quite like to be lesbian. But not one of those fat ones, one who’s like, a supermodel. But who don’t hold hands, and I think I’d probably marry a man.
Hanna: What?


Isaacs: No kiss?
[turning to look at the woman dancing on the stage at a nightclub]
Marissa: She’s a bit old for you, isn’t she?
Isaacs: She has male and female genetalias.
Marissa: And you love her just the way she is.
Isaacs: I like to give people what they want.


Isaacs: What do you want, Marissa?
Marissa: Erik Heller is still alive.
Isaacs: Of course.
Marissa: And the girl.
Isaacs: Ah. Why are you here precisely?
Marissa: I need you.
Isaacs: You need me? Little old me! I’m very flattered.
Marissa: I need your talents, darlin’. I need you to do things my agency will not let me do.


Isaacs: It’s the girl or Erik?
Marissa: She’s in Morocco. It’s all in the envelope. Let me worry about Erik.
Isaacs: Shall I kill her?
Marissa: Just find her.
[she kisses him on the cheek and turns to leave]
Isaacs: Marissa? Did she turn out as you hoped?
Marissa: Better.


[to Hanna whilst having dinner at a restaurant]
Sophie: Mum is against plastic surgery.
Rachel: I am.
Sophie: Mum doesn’t even wear make-up.
Rachel: I don’t. I think it’s dishonest. This is my face. Take it or leave it! If you study History of Art, Anthropology…
Sebastian: Rachel got a first at Cambridge.
Rachel: …you learn that red lipstick mimic arousal and suggests the geography of the labia minora.
Sophie: Puke!
Rachel: Where as I have a lot of natural red pigments in my lips, and so I really don’t need it.


[Hanna watches them in amusement as they argue]
Sophie: It’s embarrassing!
Sebastian: Just grow up! All right?
Sophie: Grow up?
Sebastian: Yeah!
Sophie: Oh, because yesterday mum was saying how I shouldn’t act beyond my years.
Rachel: No, it does leave her with mixed messages, darling. Because we’re trying to communicate to her how to enjoy childhood.
Sebastian: I just want her to stop saying vomitory, all right?
[Miles mimics vomiting]
Sebastian: Oi! It’s not funny.


Sebastian: So, Hanna. Hanna?
[Hanna looks at Sebastian]
Sebastian: Quite impressed about you traveling around on your own.
Hanna: My father encourages me to be independent.
Rachel: You see, that’s wonderful. I was back packing at your age.
Sebastian: And where is he, your father?
Rachel: I spent a heavenly summer, just island hopping around Greece,
Sebastian: Island hopping around Greece!
Rachel: What?
Sebastian: No. It’s valuable. Our experience makes us who we are. Isn’t that right, kids?
[Hanna nods her head in agreement]


Sebastian: So Hanna, is your mum and dad still together?
Hanna: My mother is dead.
Sophie: Nice one, dad!
Sebastian: I’m sorry to hear that. I lost my mum when I was very young, so…
Hanna: It’s all right. It happened a long time ago.
Rachel: Hanna, what did your mum die of?
Hanna: Three bullets.
[Sebastian chokes on his drink]
Rachel: That’s appalling!


Lewis: I’ve contacted Interpol.
Marissa: On who’s authority?
Lewis: Walt. We can’t keep this to ourselves anymore.
Marissa: Were you not listening?
Lewis: He killed two policemen. He’s reframed the situation. It is out of our control.
Marissa: Then we must regain control, Mr. Lewis. I am the first and the last person Erik Heller will see. Are we clear?
[Lewis doesn’t reply]
Marissa: Are we clear, Mr. Lewis?
Lewis: Yes, Ma’am.


Total Quotes: 62



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