By Xavier Brown (London)


This is a classic sports comedy film starring Adam Sandler who is also the writer. He is playing the main character who is called Happy Gilmore has a short lived unsuccessful time as a hockey player and decides to then take up golf. Happy learned hockey from his father as a child before he passed away due to being ironically struck by a hockey puck.

The film opens showing Happy’s grandmother in a heap of money problems. She has not paid her taxes for many years now, as a result of this she now only has three months left to find the money or she will be evicted. Happy, being the fabulous grandchild he moves her into a retirement home. Whilst perusing through his grandmother’s belongings Happy comes across some clubs and a pair of removal men make a bet with him to hit some golf balls. Happy even shocks himself as he manages to hit the ball 400 yards not once, not twice but three times.

Happy realises he has some sort of talent and perhaps he is better at golf than he is at hockey. He begins to go down to the range before being spotted by Chubbs Peterson who takes him on and into tournaments where Happy has some success but the odd arguments here and there. There is a common theme of plenty drama and a lot of fights in Adam Sandler flicks.

There is a famous scene which Sandler has a fight with host Bob Barker playing himself. This scene increased ratings for Barker’s show The Price is Right. The film also went on to be nominated for a sound effects award. The film is quite laughable to watch a person who just picked up a club compete against a man who has been playing his whole life in the antagonist, Shooter McGavin. The film could have been longer or perhaps a sequel which could have showed the progression or maybe the downfall.

It is clear the Happy was a hockey player previously to falling into this sport and of all sports it has to be golf. It is evident in the film that his drive is immaculate but he cannot putt to save his life. He putts like he was trying to hit the ball further than 400 yards and makes a spectacle of himself on a few occasions.

The film is one of my favourite comedies of all time and I would definitely say this is one of Sandler’s better films as opposed to Grown Ups which I believe was incredibly average. Sandler displays his writing skills for a film which earned $41.2 million on a $12 million budget.

Elements of the film are featured in the Rowan Atkinson film Johnny English Reborn. Rowan Atkinson much like Sandler’s character is undoubtedly not a golfer and is one scene uproariously hitting a golf ball with everything he has. I believe the film is also so great as Sandler wrote it himself and others have said that they can tell he was the man behind the story. This was part of a golden era in the late 90s for Sandler with other films such as Billy Maddison, The Waterboy and Big Daddy.

This film is a classic comedy in my eyes. It will have viewers in hysterics from start to finish, probably his second best film after Billy Maddison. Sandler at his best playing a violent sociopath.

Rating: 5/5


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