By Joey Saucedo (Glendora, CA, USA)


A lot of people are talking about this movie; they’re saying it is the scariest movie they’ve seen in years, some have even stated it’s ‘traumatic’ well were going to take a look at it right now.

Hereditary follows the breakdown of an American Family after the death of the matriarch. A small family a Mother and Father, A Son and Daughter.

This family is the main focus throughout the film while the spotlight is mainly taken up by the mother Annie Graham played by (Toni Colette), in a role where she seems bored. Annie is every psychological cliché rolled into character trying to come to grips with her mother’s death and embrace her family.

I say this because, first off, Annie, our protagonist, is not likeable in any sense, we never care for her, while the director and actor went through great lengths to establish her flaws they clearly didn’t know when to stop as her flaws are exaggerated to the point of surreal absurdity. While she is the most vocal and active of the family that is sadly all I can say for the rest of the family. They live in her shadow and have no real development, the only development we get for Peter the son is through info dumps by Annie, unfortunately for the Father Steve, we receive no backstory and he plays no major role in the film.

On the subject of structure is largely incoherent, it is a pretentious overindulgence; all flash and no substance. Others will try to convince you there’s something underneath yet everything is clearly said in the film, either through exposition or conveyed visually. Speaking of exposition, at random intervals of the film Annie will give massive amounts of exposition spreading intricate plot threads with no discernible payoffs, throughout the rest of the film were supposed to put the pieces together, only there are a few problems with this method.

1. Annie’s shtick becomes very annoying very fast.
2. Without proper identity the film tends to ‘borrow’ (and I use the term lightly) from other more recent Horror films.
3. At the end the story gives up on itself and instead of taking any real risk they seek a safe ending. There is no twist.

Charlie has a little bit of the spotlight, the eccentric child, the film played as being the main protagonist. What the director’s goal in mind for this character I’m not sure but what came across on film was a sadistic, soulless, malevolent individual. Where we supposed to get behind this character? I ask all viewers to examine the character again and ask themselves, what did they like about her?

Visually speaking this film is jaw dropping and the director is on to a very unique style, hopefully in the future they take more time to craft the story as well as the shots were crafted.

All in all, Hereditary while it may be a visual masterclass, it’s a terrible horror film suffering from an incoherent plot, transparent characters, ludicrous overacting, jagged pacing, and an inability to reach out far enough to try its own thing, relying on to much of the past to push onto the future.

Many say it’s the greatest horror film of our age. I say it’s a complication of scenes from the greatest horror films of our age, a greatest hits record of you will. I believe all horror fans and filmmakers should watch and say this is how not to do a horror film.

Some have called Hereditary the next Exorcist. That’s like comparing a Ford Pinto to Cadillac, there both cars but that’s where the similarities stop the same can be said for the two movies, they’re both horror films but that is where the similarities stop.

Rating: 1/5



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