Starring: Toni Collette, Gabriel Byrne, Alex Wolff, Ann Dowd, Milly Shapiro


Horror directed and written by Ari Aster in which the story centers on the Graham family. When Ellen, the matriarch of the Graham family dies, her daughter, Annie (Toni Collette), suspects a presence was left behind, which has a bizarre focus on her teenage granddaughter, Charlie (Milly Shapiro). With the household under threat by a supernatural force, Annie must explore the darkness to escape their inherited fate.



Best Quotes: 

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[at her mother’s funeral]
Annie Graham: It’s heartening to see so many strange new faces here today. I know my mom would be very touched and probably a little suspicious. My mother was a very secretive and private woman. She was a very difficult woman, which maybe explains me.


Teacher: [to Charlie] Maybe we finish the toy after the quiz.
[suddenly a crow slams into the classroom window]


[at a support group meeting]
Annie Graham: My name’s Annie. My mom died a week ago. She was a very private woman and she wasn’t altogether there at the end.


Annie Graham: [to Charlie] That’s grandma, you know you were her favorite, right? Even when you were a little baby she wouldn’t let me feed you because she needed to feed you.


Charlie Graham: Who’s going to take care of me?
Annie Graham: You don’t think I’m going to take care of you?
Charlie Graham: But when you die?


Joan: Sorry, I recognize you from your mother.
Annie Graham: What?


Joan: How’s your relationship with your daughter?
Annie Graham: What?


Joan: Sometimes I swear I can feel her in the room.


Joan: She isn’t gone.


Annie Graham: She had private rituals, private friends.


Annie Graham: She wasn’t altogether there, at the end.


Peter Graham: I don’t like this. Dad, I don’t like this.


Annie Graham: Don’t you ever raise your voice to me! I am your mother!


Charlie Graham: Mom, what’s happening?


Charlie Graham: Peter.
Peter Graham: Charlie? Are you okay? Charlie? Please stop.


Peter Graham: Make it stop! Make it stop!


Annie Graham: I just don’t want to put any more stress on my family.


Charlie Graham: You okay, mom? Is there something on your mind?
Annie Graham: Is there something on your mind?
Charlie Graham: It just seems like there might be something you want to say.


Annie Graham: [to Charlie] I never wanted to be your mother.
[shocked at herself immediately as she says it]


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