Starring: Robert Pattinson, Juliette Binoche, André Benjamin, Mia Goth, Lars Eidinger, Agata Buzek, Ewan Mitchell, Jessie Ross, Scarlett Lindsey, Claire Tran, Gloria Obianyo



Sci-fi drama co-written and directed by Claire Denis. The story takes place beyond the solar system in a future that seems like the present and follows a group of criminals as they are sent on an alternative energy finding mission in space. They’ve been told they’ll be freed once they study a black hole, but undergo sexual experiments courtesy of the scientists on board. Monte (Robert Pattinson), one of the criminals on board previously had a daughter, Willow (Jessie Ross), against his will through artificial insemination, but comes to love her as they near the end of their journey struggling to survive in deep space where they live in isolation.


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Monte: [to Willow] If my old man could see me now. “Break the laws of nature, and you’ll pay for it, you little son of a bitch. You little son of a bitch.”


Monte: [voice over] These fucking images from Earth. I can’t believe they still make it here. After all this time. Just like viruses chasing after us. Parasites. I’m holding up. I’ve held up. I never caved in. I’ll hold up.


[referring to Willow]
Monte: [voice over] She’s mine. I’m hers. Fuck. Since we left the solar system, radio silence. Nothing. Those random images. Maybe they were programmed to keep us on a leash. Make us believe a return was possible. We invented rituals. Hygiene first.


Monte: [voice over] We were scum. Trash. Refuse that didn’t fit into the system, until someone had the bright idea of recycling us. Some of us got life sentences, some of us were on death row. The agency made us an offer, to serve science. Given our ages, how could we say no?


Nansen: Why do you keep taking their sperm? Even if you manage to inseminate one of the girls, the babies die from radiation.
Dibs: The odds are not in our favor, but when my work is accomplished, when perfection is achieved…
Nansen: Then what? Fly away?


[referring to Dibs]
Monte: [voice over] Except for me. I kept my fluids to myself. She thought she was doing me a favor. She was cocky that way.


Boyse: They lied to us, and you knew it. You knew it. Fucking second-chance doctor.
Dibs: When I first saw you, you were a filthy little crackhead. Now look at you. A fine specimen.


Boyse: [to Dibs] Don’t you realize nothing is ever going to grow inside of us?


Monte: [to Dibs] God, it’s so humiliating. You need to wipe your nose.
[he wipes her nose]
Dibs: I know I look like a witch. I mean, you all call me Vultura, right?
Monte: Because you’re foxy and you know it.


Monte: I just don’t understand how you can still believe in your Class-2 mission. It’s like you’ve become a shaman of sperm. It’s just a new religion for you.
[Monte walks away]
Dibs: Because I’m totally devoted to reproduction, happy monk. Going to sow your fields?


Monte: [voice over] Like everyone, I’d used the box. But as time passed, I chose abstinence over indulgence. Chastity was a way of making myself stronger.


Tcherny: I made my wife promise to raise our son gently. Only thing that makes me happy is knowing he’s going to be all right.
Monte: Your son is old now, or he’s dead.


Tcherny: This little garden is teaching me to enjoy the present. Nothing else really matters, man.
Monte: And Tcherny can’t be your real name, right?
Tcherny: No. One of the Russian crew instructors gave it to me. I think it means black, but who knows, man? What’s Monte? Your folks Italian or something?
Monte: No. I was raised by my dog.


Tcherny: [to Monte] I’m tired as a bat, all this flying around. I can’t do this space shit no more.


Monte: [voice over] At ninety-nine percent of the speed of light, the entire sky converged before our eyes. This sensation, moving backwards, even though we’re moving forwards, getting farther from what’s getting nearer, sometimes I just can’t stand it.


Tcherny: Even up here, the black ones are the first to go.


Boyse: [to Dibs] Your hormones are fucking bullshit. It’s our willpower that kills the fetuses.


Dibs: [to Chandra] There is nothing to fear. I promise. Everything’s going to be fine. I have no one to help me like I’m helping you. No one to put me out of my misery. I live alone with my guilt.


[to Monte; referring to Willow]
Dibs: That child is your daughter, born of your genes. She’s strong-made. Like her big-booty mother. For me, she’s perfection.


Tcherny: “I’d rather sink into the Earth after I’ve lost you than to sit around and grieve once you’ve gone off into your destiny.”
Monte: What are you talking about?
Tcherny: It’s what my wife told me. I told her I was doing all this for her and our son, to turn our shame into some type of glory, you know. She says that this mission was like burying her twice and that my idea of glory was bullshit.


Willow: I’m sad that you deleted all your data. Even your prison records. You might’ve been thugs and criminals, but you’re heroes to me.
Monte: It’ll all be destroyed by the firewall once the ship gets sucked into the black hole anyway.
Willow: There is no firewall. I know it. We’ll make it through.


Willow: You always avoid my questions. Do I look like my mother?
Monte: No.
Willow: Take a good look. My eyes?
Monte: No.
Willow: My hair?
Monte: No, not at all.
Willow: My nose? My mouth?
Monte: [smiling] You got rodent teeth, like a little rat.
Willow: Rats are incredibly intelligent animals. Am I weird-looking?
Monte: You’re special. So different. You’re like no one else, and I love that.


[last lines]
Monte: Shall we?
Willow: Yes.
[they hold hand as they approach a yellow light source]

Total Quotes: 23


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