Starring: Robert Pattinson, Juliette Binoche, André Benjamin, Mia Goth, Lars Eidinger, Agata Buzek, Ewan Mitchell, Jessie Ross, Scarlett Lindsey, Claire Tran, Gloria Obianyo


Sci-fi drama co-written and directed by Claire Denis. The story takes place beyond the solar system in a future that seems like the present and follows a group of criminals as they are sent on an alternative energy finding mission in space. They’ve been told they’ll be freed once they study a black hole, but undergo sexual experiments courtesy of the scientists on board. Monte (Robert Pattinson), one of the criminals on board previously had a daughter, Willow (Jessie Ross), against his will through artificial insemination, but comes to love her as they near the end of their journey struggling to survive in deep space where they live in isolation.



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[referring to Willow]
Monte: [voice over] She’s mine. I’m hers.


Monte: [voice over] We were scum, trash, refuse that didn’t fit into the system, until someone had the bright idea of recycling us to serve science.


Monte: Break the laws of nature, you have to pay for it.


Dr. Dibs: The odds are not in our favor, but when my work is accomplished, when perfection is achieved…
Nansen: Then what, fly away?


Dr. Dibs: I know I look like a witch.
Monte: You’re foxy, and you know it.


Dr. Dibs: There is nothing to fear. Everything is going to be fine.


Tcherny: This mission can turn our shame into some type of glory. I can’t do this flying around no more.


Tcherny: I have a sensation of moving backwards, even though moving forwards is getting further from what’s getting nearer.


Boyse: [to Dibs] You lied to us, and you knew it.


Boyse: Are you sick?! Do you realize that nothing is ever going to grow inside us!


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