Starring: Jeffrey Wright, Alexander Skarsgård, James Badge Dale, Riley Keough, Julian Black Antelope


Thriller directed by Jeremy Saulnier, the story follows retired naturalist and wolf expert Russell Core (Jeffrey Wright), who journeys to the edge of civilization in northern Alaska at the pleading of Medora Slone (Riley Keough), a young mother whose son was killed by a pack of wolves. As Core attempts to help Medora track down the wolves who took her son, a strange and dangerous relationship develops between the two lonely souls.

But when Medora’s husband, Vernon (Alexander Skarsgård), returns home from the Iraq War, the news of his child’s death ignites a violent chain of events. As local cop Donald Marium (James Badge Dale) races to stop Vernon’s vengeful rampage, Core is forced on a perilous odyssey into the heart of darkness.


Best Quotes: 

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Medora Sloane: [voice over] Dear Mr. Core, three days ago my son, Bailey, was taken by wolves. No one in the village will hunt them. My husband will come home from the war soon, I must have something to show him.


Medora Sloane: So you come to kill it, to kill the one that took him?
Russell Core: I came to help if I can, to explain this, if I can.


Villager: [to Core] It’s not the first time people died out there. The hillside is scattered with pieces of bodies.


Donald Marium: That’s what you get when you talk to the villagers.
Russell Core: People are dying. It’s real enough.


Donald Marium: I’ve never seen anything like this before.
Russell Core: The behavioral term is savaging.
Donald Marium: We’re not talking about animals here, Mr. Core.
Russell Core: Well, if you say so.


[after discovering a dead body]
Russell Core: Help!
Villager: Leave us to the devils.


Vernon Sloane: You’re the one who found my boy?
Russell Core: Yes.
Vernon Sloane: Do you raise the dead?
Russell Core: No, sir.
Vernon Sloane: Then I have no questions for you.


Medora Sloane: What’s outside those windows, it gets in you. Find it, kill it. Kill it. Kill it.


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