By Kaelyn Watkins (United States)


The movie Hot Fuzz was a well written blend of comedy and action with a witty crack at other cop movies. I thought it was put together very well, and the storyline flowed well. I really liked it because of its references to other movies and its way of making everything a joke. Though you sometimes had to think about it to understand the references, I thought it was put together very well. The actors were great in my opinion. With Simon Pegg playing Nicholas Angel, the star cop in London that gets transferred to a small town called Sandford with little to no crime, and Nick Frost playing Officer Angel’s sidekick and partner Danny, their humor and great acting combines to make a great storyline.

At first Angel seems to act as if Danny annoys him, but he starts to grow on him just in time for the first murder, or accident. When “accidents” seem to be happening everyday, Officer Angel decides it isn’t an accident. When he starts investigating, he finds out things no one else in Sandford seems to know, he relies on Danny to help him bring justice to the town. Though some people would say the special effects weren’t realistic, I thought the car jumps, many explosions leaving everyone practically unscathed, and slow motion shooting scenes added to the farcical feel of the movie.

I did feel that there was a lot of unnecessary shooting and very unrealistic shots as well. Sure, not every shot is going to hit something but with so many people shooting like they showed they needed to show damage on something. It seemed as though they would shoot and the bullet would disappear before getting the chance to make contact with anything. The cinematography in the film was well done, flowing well and seeming as if there wasn’t a camera at all, instead putting you into the town of Sandford and into all the action.

Though some of the graphics were a little gory for my taste, it did help make the point of the movie and I felt that without the gory parts the theme of the movie wouldn’t have come across as well. I think the Director of the movie, Edgar Wright, did an amazing job of making the movie a farce without showing it too much. To many people who didn’t get the references, it was probably just a funny cop movie. But look a little deeper and think a bit more and you’ll understand the references from a farcical point of view.

As for whether this movie will stand the test of time, I would say to an extent no. Yes, it will always be a good movie that’s funny, but the older it gets the more the weapons will evolve, making the ones used in the movie seem outdated and boring. As well, you’ll always get advances with cameras and filming movies that will make older movies seem outdated. I think that as this movie gets older, it’s going to get less and less popular with the people and technology evolving.

Rating: 5/5


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