By Matt Turner


I’m very excited about the soon to be released Man of Steel, from what I can gather from the trailers it’s going to be more epic Nolan style and less lovey dovey singer style. I know that like many people the fate of Justice League doesn’t just rely on this movie being great, it relies on this movie being so dam awesome that filmgoers everywhere will be super excited and impatient to see the Justice League hit the screens. Yes marvel did a stand up job and played the long game with their universe by releasing solo movies for the majority of the cast, although I would have loved to have seen Mr. Samuel L. Jackson get one for his Nick Fury character which is ace, and most probably Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow would of been great to for erm…other reasons, however, I do think she has been portrayed fairly well in Iron Man 2 and The Avengers Assemble

Anyway back to those DC people, what Christopher Nolan did for the Batman franchise was nothing short of genius and he single handily made Batman current, cool and above all else just a normal guy trying to help. The less said about what Joel Schumacher did the better (I can still see them bat nipples; they will unfortunately never leave my mind!). Some say that the new DC universe wouldn’t be able to fit round Nolan’s creation and that it wouldn’t seem feasible to put the likes of Superman or the Green Lantern there, well why not? This is the movies at the end of the day and ultimately not real but we are clever enough to suspend some disbelief for the sake of what could be potentially a bad ass of a movie. At the end of the day I suspend disbelief that Jennifer Lopez can act and I have done many times when the Mrs has dragged me to her choice of movie.

Anyway, the Man of Steel movie has to be the beginning of the opening of the Justice Leagueshowpiece, they don’t all need solo movies and I believe as long as you get Supes right and slightly reinvent Batman to a degree (Joseph Gordon Levitt, I’m hoping) the other characters will slip in to the Justice movie nicely and it will have most likely multiple sequels to develop and get to know other characters. I do think Batman will have a few other standalone movies, and yes, I think only Bruce Wayne should be Batman, but for the league I think Joseph Gordon Levitt’s Batman/Robin will do wonderfully. As for the ending of Man of Steel, I think that after the action and plot of this movie has taken place, which I have no idea what that will be (so excited though) we should see Henry Cavill’s Superman flying off Metropolis and out of the city, we see him flying over water and then we see him land again and buildings, when all of a sudden he turns to see the batsign in full glow. Superman flies over and end credits…

I would love to see this ending and hope if this doesn’t happen something similar happens.


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