Hugo Movie Quotes: Ode to Cinema

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Directed by: Martin Scorsese
Written by:
John Logan (screenplay)
Brian Selznick (book “The Invention of Hugo Cabret”)
Ben Kingsley – Georges Méliès
Sacha Baron Cohen – Inspector Gustav
Asa Butterfield – Hugo Cabret
Chloë Grace Moretz – Isabelle
Ray Winstone – Uncle Claude
Emily Mortimer – Lisette
Christopher Lee – Monsieur Labisse
Helen McCrory – Mama Jeanne
Michael Stuhlbarg – Rene Tabard
Frances de la Tour – Madame Emilie
Richard Griffiths – Monsieur Frick
Jude Law – Hugo’s Father
Kevin Eldon – Policeman
Gulliver McGrath – Young Tabard


This is an extravagant but heartfelt story which makes Hugo movie quotes feel magical, charming and engaging. The story is set in 1930’s Paris and it centers on a boy, Hugo Cabret, who after his father’s death ends up living in the walls of a train station fixing clocks and gadgets and gets himself involved in a mystery trying to find the heart-shaped key that fits into the automaton his father left him.

Scorsese’s adaptation is hugely ambitious and gives the audience an imaginative history lesson with a great tribute to the magic of early cinema. The only true criticism is that the story may feel sluggish at times and it doesn’t entirely succeed as a children’s movie.

Verdict: It’s one of those movies that can be joyfully treasured and revisited many times.

Hugo Quotes   THE NOVEL


[Hugo watches the people in the train station from inside a massive clock, one day he notices a toy shop owner fiddle with a toy mouse and sees the old man fall asleep, so he sneaks to steal the mouse but gets caught by the shop owner]
Georges Méliès: Got you at last! Its’ not the first time you’ve stolen from me, is it? My little thief! Quick, empty your pockets.
Hugo Cabret: You’re hurting me!hugo-1
Georges Méliès: Empty your pockets or I’ll call the station inspector. Do as I say!
[reluctantly Hugo puts the contents of his pocket on the counter, a pile of assorted metal gears, springs, and screws]
Georges Méliès: What are you doing with all these? And the other one.
Hugo Cabret: There’s nothing in it.
Georges Méliès: [shouting] Where’s the station inspector?
[Hugo takes out a small leather-bound notebook and places it on the counter]


[Méliès opens Hugo’s notebook and sees it’s filled with hand drawn mechanical diagrams and a flip book animation of what looks like a face of a robot]
Georges Méliès: Ghosts. Did you draw these pictures?
[Hugo doesn’t reply]
Georges Méliès: Did you draw these pictures? Where did you steal this?
Hugo Cabret: I didn’t steal it.
Georges Méliès: A thief and a liar. Get out of here.
Hugo Cabret: Give me my book!
Georges Méliès: It isn’t your notebook, it is my notebook and I’ll do with it what I like! Maybe I’ll just burn it!
Hugo Cabret: No!
Georges Méliès: Then tell me who did the drawings!
[Méliès slams the notebook onto the counter]
Georges Méliès: Get out of here you little thief!
[Méliès voice echoes through the station speakers and the station inspector hears this]
Georges Méliès: Why are you still here? Get out!
[the station inspector releases his dog and chases after Hugo, leaving a trail of destruction behind them, but Hugo manages to disappear into a concealed heating duct]


[Méliès is closing his shop]
Georges Méliès: I know you’re there.
[he turns around and faces Hugo]
Georges Méliès: What’s your name, boy?
Hugo Cabret: Hugo. Hugo Cabret.
Georges Méliès: Stay away from me, Hugo Cabret. Or I’ll drag you to the station inspector’s office, he would lock you up in his little cell and you’ll never get out. You’ll never go to school, you’ll never get married and have children of your own to take things that don’t belong to them.
Hugo Cabret: Give me back my notebook.
Georges Méliès: I’m going home to burn your notebook.
[Méliès leaves and Hugo follows him]
Hugo Cabret: You can’t burn my notebook!
Georges Méliès: And who’s to stop me?


[after Hugo follows Méliès to his home, Hugo tosses pebbles at the bedroom window of the young girl he’d seen earlier in the station and pleads her to come down]
Isabelle: Who are you?
Hugo Cabret: Your grandfather stole my notebook. I’ve got to get it back before he burns it.
Isabelle: Papa Georges isn’t my grandfather and he isn’t a thief. You’re the thief. You’re nothing but a…reprobate. You have to go.
Hugo Cabret: Not without my notebook.
Isabelle: Why do you need it so badly?
Hugo Cabret: I can’t tell you.
Isabelle: Is it a secret?
Hugo Cabret: Yes.
Isabelle: Oh, good! I love secrets. Tell me this instant.
Hugo Cabret: No!
Isabelle: Well, if you won’t tell me you’ll have to leave.
Hugo Cabret: Not without my notebook!
Isabelle: Shhh! I’ll get in trouble. Just go home!
[Hugo crosses his arms not moving an inch]
Isabelle: Alright. I’ll make sure he doesn’t burn your notebook. Now go!
[Hugo nods his head, turns and runs]


[inside the clock he lives in, Hugo looks at the robot he keeps with him and has flashback of his first memory of the robot]
Hugo Cabret: What is it?
Hugo’s father: It’s called an automaton.
Hugo Cabret: An au…automaton?
Hugo’s father: I found him abandoned in the attic at the museum.
Hugo Cabret: What does he do?
Hugo’s father: He’s a wind up figure, like a music box. This is the most complicated one I’ve ever seen by far. See this one…this one can write.
[he places table in front of the robot and put its hand on the table]
Hugo’s father: He must have been made in London.
Hugo Cabret: Where mother was from.
Hugo’s father: She was from Coventry, but she moved to London. Magicians used machines like this when I was a boy. Some walked, some danced, some sang, but the secret was always in the clock work.


[referring to the robot]hugo-3
Hugo Cabret: Can we fix him?
Hugo’s father: Oh, I don’t know, Hugo. He’s badly rusted and finding parts to fit will be very hard.
[Hugo looks disappointed]
Hugo’s father: Of course we can fix him. We’re clock makers, aren’t we?
[he hugs Hugo]
Hugo’s father: But only after I finish my work at the shop and at the museum. Mmm? You understand.
[we see how Hugo and his father spend time fixing the robot]


[to Hugo pointing to the heart shape key hole on the robot]
Hugo’s father: Do you see this? Another complication. Another mystery.
Hugo Cabret: But it makes you happy.
Hugo’s father: Mmm. A key hole in the shape of a heart. Unfortunately, we don’t have the key.
[we see Hugo’s father open his notebook containing drawings of the robot and he draws the key hole]


[after we see Hugo’s father die in the museum from a fire, Hugo unaware sits and works on the robot when his uncle arrives]
Uncle Claude: There was a fire. Your father’s dead. Pack your things quickly, you’re coming with me.
[Hugo looks shocked and very upset]
Uncle Claude: Quick!


Uncle Claude: You’ll be my apprentice and you’ll live with me at the station and I’ll teach you how to take care of them clocks.
[he takes Hugo to the room at the back of the massive train station clock]
Uncle Claude: These apartments were built for them that from the station years ago. But everybody’s forgotten they’re here. Your bed is in the corner, over there. Now get some sleep. We start work at five.
Hugo Cabret: What about school?
Uncle Claude: You’re finished with school! They’ll be no time for that when you’re in them walls. Hugo, without me you’d be in the orphanage.


[as Méliès opens his shop]
Georges Méliès: I thought I might see you today.hugo-4
Hugo Cabret: I need my notebook.
Georges Méliès: Why do you need it so badly?
Hugo Cabret: To help me…fix something.
[Méliès gives Hugo a folded handkerchief, Hugo unravels the cloth and sees a pile of burnt ashes and Hugo starts to cry]
Georges Méliès: Go away. Please just go away.
[Hugo turns and runs away]


[as Hugo is running away from Méliès he runs into Isabelle]
Hugo Cabret: So…sorry. I…
Isabelle: I saw. Are you crying?
Hugo Cabret: No.
[Hugo tries to get away]
Isabelle: Hold still. Look, there’s nothing wrong with crying.
[she takes out a handkerchief and wipes Hugo’s face]
Isabelle: Sydney Carton cries and Heathcliff too. In books they’re…they’re crying all the time.
Hugo Cabret: I can do it.
[Hugo grabs the handkerchief away from Isabelle]


Isabelle: I need to talk to you. It’s terribly important, but…but not here. We’re too…exposed. Come on.
Hugo Cabret: Where are we going?
Isabelle: Only to the most wonderful place on earth. It’s Neverland and Oz and Treasure Island all wrapped into one.
[the walk into the train station book shop]
Isabelle: Good morning, Monsieur Labisse.
Monsieur Labisse: Isabelle.
Isabelle: May I present to you, Monsieur Hugo Cabret. A very old and dear companion.
[Labisse gives Hugo a cold look]
Monsieur Labisse: Monsieur Cabret.
Hugo Cabret: Hello.
Isabelle: Well, thank you for this.
[she hands Labisse a book]
Isabelle: I think I’m halfway in love with David Copperfield. Photography?
Monsieur Labisse: Back corner, left, top shelf.
Isabelle: Thank you.
[she walks off with Hugo following behind her, Labisse gives Hugo another cold look]


Hugo Cabret: Listen, what’s so important?
Isabelle: Papa Georges still has your notebook. He didn’t burn it, that was all a trick.
Hugo Cabret: Why?
Isabelle: I don’t know. All I know is the notebook made him very upset. And he and Mama Jeanne stayed up very late talking about it. Well, you see, I think he was crying.
Hugo Cabret: Why are you helping me?
Isabelle: Because, this might be an adventure! And I’ve never had one before, not outside of books at least. And I think it will be very clandestine.
Hugo Cabret: Okay.


Isabelle: By the way, my name’s Isabelle. Do you want a book? Monsieur Labisse lets me borrow them and I’m sure he could get one for you.
Hugo Cabret: No.
Isabelle: Don’t you like books?
Hugo Cabret: No…no, I do. My father and I used to read Jules Verne together.


Hugo Cabret: How do I get my notebook back?
Isabelle: Well, I think you should stand up to him. And don’t tell him we talked. I’ll help you if I can. Be steadfast.


Georges Méliès: Go away.
[Hugo doesn’t move and just stares back at him, Méliès places the broken toy mouse on the counter]
Georges Méliès: Fix it.
[Hugo doesn’t move]
Georges Méliès: I said, fix it. I know you’ve been stealing parts from the shop. Might as well use those you have stolen yet.
[Méliès places a cup containing tools on the counter and Hugo takes the tools and fixes the toy mouse]


Hugo Cabret: Give me my notebook.
Georges Méliès: You got a bit of talent. But you’ll have to prove there’s more to you than being a thief. You can earn your notebook.hugo-6
Hugo Cabret: How?
Georges Méliès: Come to the booth everyday and I’ll decide how long you must work for each item you stole. And it will be up to me to decide when you’ve earned your notebook, if ever.
Hugo Cabret: I already have a job.
Georges Méliès: A thief is not a job, boy.
Hugo Cabret: I have a different job. But I’ll come when I can.
Georges Méliès: You begin tomorrow. Go away.
Hugo Cabret: I begin now.
[Hugo starts working for Méliès and watches as Méliès does some card tricks which he then teaches Hugo]


[after the station inspector has caught a small boy in the station, Hugo watches the inspector as he talks on the phone]
Inspector Gustav: Yes, Gustav here. Yes, officer. Another orphan. Um…trespass and theft this time. His hand was trespassing inside a paper bag with intent of removing its contents. The object of his candor? A pastry.
[to the small boy in the prison cell who’s crying loudly]
Inspector Gustav: Be quite! Kid, stop your sniffling. You little urchin! With your filthy little mints!
[to the person on the telephone]
Inspector Gustav: No, of course I wasn’t talking to you.


[as they enter the book shop Hugo notices book on Robin Hood]
Hugo Cabret: Robin Hood. I saw this movie with Douglas Fairbanks. Did you see that?
Isabelle: I’ve never seen a movie.
Hugo Cabret: What?
Isabelle: Isn’t it appalling?
Hugo Cabret: You’ve never seen a movie? Not ever?
Isabelle: Papa Georges won’t let me. He’s very strict about it.
Hugo Cabret: I love the movies. My father always took me for my Birthday.


Isabelle: Hugo, is your father dead?
Hugo Cabret: I don’t want to talk about it.
[Isabelle takes his hand as they walk around the book shop]
Hugo Cabret: Isabelle, do you want to have an adventure?


[Hugo takes Isabelle to a local movie theater, and using his lock-pick, he sneaks Isabelle in through the back door]
Isabelle: We could get into trouble!
Hugo Cabret: That’s how you know it’s an adventure.



Hugo Cabret: Why doesn’t Papa Georges let you go to the movies?
Isabelle: I don’t know. He never said. I bet my parents would let me.
Hugo Cabret: What happened to them?
Isabelle: They died when I was a baby. But um…Papa Georges and Mama Jeanne, they’re my godparents, so they took me in. They’re very nice about most everything, except the movies.


Hugo Cabret: My father took me to the movies all the time. He told me about the first one he ever saw. He went into a dark room and on a white screen saw a rocket fly into the eye of the man in the moon. It went straight in.
Isabelle: Really?
Hugo Cabret: He told me it was like seeing his dreams in the middle of the day.
Isabelle: Wow!
Hugo Cabret: The movies were our special place where we could go and watch something. We didn’t miss mum so much.
Isabelle: You think about him a lot, don’t you?
Hugo Cabret: All the time.
Isabelle: Hugo, um…where do you live?
[he turns and points to the giant clock at the train station across the bridge]
Hugo Cabret: There.


Hugo Cabret: My uncle taught me how to run the clocks. So I just keep on doing it. Maybe he’ll come back one day, but I doubt it.
Isabelle: Aren’t you afraid someone will find out?
Hugo Cabret: Not as long the clocks keep on running and no one sees me.


[Hugo and Isabelle are walking in the station trying to avoid the station inspector, he spots them]
Inspector Gustav: You two, halt! Come here!
[they turn and walk over to the inspector]
Isabelle: Good day, monsieur.
Inspector Gustav: Where are your parents?
Isabelle: I work with my Papa Georges, at the toy booth. Surely you’ve seen me there before? And this is my cousin from the country, Hugo.
[the inspector’s dog sniffs Hugo]
Isabelle: You’ll have to forgive him, he’s quite simple minded, doltish really. Poor thing.
[the inspector’s dog barks at Hugo and the inspector looks suspiciously at Hugo]
Inspector Gustav: Seems Maximilian doesn’t like the cut of your jibling man. He is disturbed by your physiognomy. He is upset by your visage. Why would he not like your face? Hey?
Isabelle: Well, perhaps he smells my cat.
Inspector Gustav: Cat?
Isabelle: Yes. Christina Rossetti is her name, after the poetess. Would you like me to recite? ‘My heart is like a singing bird, whose nest is in a watered shoot. My heart is like an apple tree, whose boughs are bent with thickset…’
Inspector Gustav: Alright! Alright! I know the rest. That’s enough poetry for today. I love poetry, particularly that poem by Christina…
Isabelle: Rossetti.
Inspector Gustav: Yes, she’s one of my favorites. I know it’s Rossetti! I know it’s Rossetti. I love poetry, just not in the station. We’re here to either get on trains, get off them or work in different shops. Is that clear?
Isabelle: Yes, sir.
Inspector Gustav: Watch your step. Go on. Go!


[referring to saving him from detection by the station inspector]
Isabelle: Now, since I just saved your life, how about letting me see your covert lair?
Hugo Cabret: My what?
Isabelle: Where you live? In the walls.
Hugo Cabret: I have to go now. I have things to do.
[he starts walking away from her]
Isabelle: Hold on! You’ve seen my house, isn’t it about time that I saw yours? After all I am your only friend!
Hugo Cabret: You’re not my only friend.
Isabelle: Being enigmatic really doesn’t suit you! What are you up to?
Hugo Cabret: I’ve got to go! I should never have left the station to begin with.
[as she tries to follow Hugo through the station crown she falls and calls for Hugo]
Isabelle: Hugo!
[Hugo hears her cry and comes back to help her up]


[after Hugo rescues Isabelle from being trampled he notices a heart shaped key round her neck]hugo-7
Hugo Cabret: Where did you get this?
Isabelle: None of your business!
Hugo Cabret: I need it.
Isabelle: What for?
Hugo Cabret: I just need it.
Isabelle: Not unless you tell me why?
Hugo Cabret: Come.


[Hugo takes Isabelle into the walls of the train station to his room where he unveils his robot]
Isabelle: What is that?
Hugo Cabret: It’s an automaton. My father was fixing it before he died.
[Isabelle looks more closely at the robot]
Isabelle: Why would my key fit into your father’s machine? He looks sad.
Hugo Cabret: I think he’s just waiting.
Isabelle: For what?
Hugo Cabret: To work again. To do what he’s supposed to do.
Isabelle: What happens when you wind him up?
Hugo Cabret: I don’t know.


[Isabelle gives her heart shaped key to Hugo but Hugo hesitates]
Isabelle: What’s the matter?
Hugo Cabret: I know it’s silly, but I think it’s going to be a message from my father.
[Hugo winds the robot and puts the key into the robot and turns it, Hugo and Isabelle watch in amazement as the robot comes to life and begins writing random letters and numbers]


[disappointed and angry that the robot has only written an incomprehensible mess]
Hugo Cabret: What an idiot! Thinking I could fix it!
Isabelle: Hugo.
[Hugo loses his composure]
Hugo Cabret: It’s broken! It’s always been broken!
[Hugo begins to cry]
Isabelle: Hugo, it doesn’t have to be like this. You can fix it.
Hugo Cabret: You don’t…you don’t understand. I thought if I could fix it I wouldn’t be so alone.
[the robot begins to move again]
Isabelle: Hugo! Hugo look! Look, it’s not done! It’s not done!
[they watch in amazement as the robot draws on the paper again]
Hugo Cabret: It’s not writing, it’s drawing!


[after the robot has stopped drawing we see that it’s a drawing of the moon from the movie ‘A Trip to the Moon’]
Hugo Cabret: That’s the movie my father saw!hugo-8
[the robot moves again and writes the signature of Georges Méliès]
Isabelle: Georges Méliès. That’s Papa Georges name. Why would your father’s machine sign Papa Georges name?
Hugo Cabret: I don’t know.
[taking the robots drawing Hugo looks at the robot]
Hugo Cabret: Thank you.
[turning to Isabelle]
Hugo Cabret: That was a message from my father. And now I have to figure it out.


[Isabelle takes Hugo to her home]
Isabelle: This is Hugo Cabret.
Hugo Cabret: Good evening, Ma’am.
Mama Jeanne: Very good manners, for a thief.
Hugo Cabret: I’m not a thief.
Mama Jeanne: What’s going on, Isabelle?
Isabelle: Oh! Well, it’s a terribly long story, filled with circumlocutions. But do you remember several weeks ago when…
Hugo Cabret: Wait!
[Hugo takes out the robot’s drawing of the moon and gives it to Mama Jeanne who looks at it in shock]


Mama Jeanne: Oh, children! What have you done? Where did you get this?
Hugo Cabret: You’ll call me a liar.
Mama Jeanne: No, child.
Hugo Cabret: A mechanical man drew it.
Mama Jeanne: Do you have him?
Hugo Cabret: My father found him in a museum, nobody wanted him. We fixed it.
Mama Jeanne: No, you didn’t. My…
[she looks at Isabelle]
Mama Jeanne: My key. The key I gave you.
Isabelle: No! No! No! Mama, he…
Mama Jeanne: No! Now, you take this away. You can’t dredge up the past now. Whatever happens, don’t let Papa Georges see it.
[she gives the drawing back to Hugo and takes him to the front door]
Hugo Cabret: Please tell us what’s going on?
Mama Jeanne: Out! It’s none of your business. You must both forget this.
Hugo Cabret: My father and I, we worked hard to fix this! This is all I have left of him! I need to know what this means! Please.
Mama Jeanne: There are things you are too young to understand. You should not yet know such sadness.


[after Hugo and Isabelle find a wooden box in a hidden cabinet in Méliès house, the box gets accidently broken exploding a mass of paper with sketches including a similar one of the moon]
Georges Méliès: Back from the dead.
[Méliès picks up the some of the drawings and starts to rip them in anger]
Mama Jeanne: Stop it! Stop it! This is your work!
Georges Méliès: Work! What am I? Nothing but a penniless merchant with a broken windup toy!
[looking at Hugo]
Georges Méliès: I trusted you. This is how you thank me. You’re cruel. Cruel.
[he starts to cry and Isabelle takes Hugo out of the room]


Total Quotes: 68



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