Starring: Daniel Radcliffe, Toni Collette, Tracy Letts, Devin Druid, Pawel Szajda, Nestor Carbonell, Sam Trammell, Chris Sullivan


Story: Thriller written and directed by Daniel Ragussis making his feature directorial debut based on the experiences of FBI undercover agent Michael German. The story centers on Nate Foster (Daniel Radcliffe), a young, idealistic FBI agent, who goes undercover to take down a radical right-wing terrorist group. The bright up-and-coming analyst must confront the challenge of sticking to a new identity while maintaining his real principles as he navigates the dangerous underworld of white supremacy.

Verdict: Based on a true story with an unarguable disturbing theme, this could have turned out into clichéd, paint-by-numbers thriller, but what we get is an effective thriller which is ironically so relevant to what’s happening in our world now. Daniel Radcliffe really shines here in a difficult role as he has goes from being a nerdy FBI agent to transform himself into a hateful neo-Nazi. The first part of the movie is a little slow but it quickly builds up as Radcliff’s character, Foster, goes deeper into his undercover role and we get such gripping tension build up. This is definitely not a movie for everyone, especially with such a touchy subject matter, but overall this is a very well-made thriller with a strong central performance.


Best Quotes    (Total Quotes: 15)


Tom Hernandez: I know you don’t get a lot of news downstairs, Zamparo, but we just broke up a massive terrorist plot, all right? Try and keep up.


Angela Zamparo: You’re focused on the Islamic guys. I get it. We all create a narrative based on what we think is important. We see what we want to see, but just because you’re not looking at something doesn’t mean it’s not there.
Nate Foster: So, why are you telling me this?


Angela Zamparo: So, I need someone to get in there, and get close to him.
Nate Foster: Right, and I’m trying to tell you that this is not my thing! I barely passed the PFT!
Angela Zamparo: What do you think undercover work is?
Nate Foster: Beating guys up and shooting at them?
Angela Zamparo: No, it’s people skills. It’s controlling situations. It’s this.
Nate Foster: Seriously?
Angela Zamparo: This is the only undercover training you’ll ever need. I saw you with that Muslim kid. You got most of this going on anyway. Look, I read your file. High IQ, great people skills, but, not your typical FBl profile. Nate Foster: Introverted, an outsider, unhappy childhood. Single mother, always moving around a lot, always the new kid, bullied at school, no close friends or…
Nate Foster: Okay, okay, okay, fuck you! That’s, this is an invasion. What gives you the right to look around…
Angela Zamparo: Because we don’t have time to dick around here! You don’t smuggle a boatload of cesium into the country and then just let it fucking sit there!
Nate Foster: Fine, but I’m trying to tell you, I don’t have the skills for this! I can’t even defend myself!
Angela Zamparo: You do have the skills, and they mean you will never have to!


Vince Sargent: [to Nate] We are a thinking man soldiers. First here.
[he points to his head]
Vince Sargent: And then here.
[he makes a fist with his hand]
Vince Sargent: And that is where the revolution starts. We’re not these tired old KKK guys, waiting for some catastrophe to start a race war. We’re the catastrophe.


Andrew Blackwell: I’m not gonna beat around the bush. You see the type of organization we have here, but we could always use a man like you, Nathan. Educated, war veteran, clean record. I mean, hell, you don’t even have any parking tickets. Yeah, we have our contacts in law enforcement, local, state, federal, not to mention military hospitals, laboratories, you name it.
Nate Foster: And so what’s the overall objective here? I mean, are you just trying to get the message out, or what?
Andrew Blackwell: Get the, get the message out? To who? We’re not trying to recruit the public here. What would we do with them? They’re at home sitting on their asses, watching sitcoms and surfing Facebook. This is revolutionary activity we’re talking about here.


Skinhead: [to Nate] We know where you live.


Angela Zamparo: And what the fuck is going on with this guy Roy? You make him look small, you make him into an enemy.
Nate Foster: Sometimes, Angela, it would just be great to hear, “Good job. “
Angela Zamparo: I’m only so hard on you because I’m trying to protect you. You have to remember your objective here. This is about getting to Dallas Wolf.
Nate Foster: So what do I do about that?
Angela Zamparo: Try relating to these guys as human beings. You know? Open up to them, if you can. You may have more in common with them than you think.


Angela Zamparo: I’m sorry, Nate. I lost you. What do you mean?
Nate Foster: What I mean is, you have been talking a lot about a lot of big things that are coming.
Angela Zamparo: Bigger than Oklahoma City, bigger than 9/11…
Nate Foster: Oh, yeah, for sure.


Dallas Wolf: It’s morning in America and there’s a new day coming.


Andrew Blackwell: Let me ask you something, Nathan. What’s your opinion on infiltration?
Nate Foster: Well, how do you mean? How do we prevent it? Well, it’s tough. For one thing, you gotta keep guys with rap sheets out of important positions. That’s, that’s how they flip most people.
Andrew Blackwell: We have a polygraph back at the compound. Maybe we should make everybody take it.
Nate Foster: I mean, I think someone who’s trained can beat a polygraph without blinking.
Andrew Blackwell: Yeah, maybe we should just do background checks for everybody. Get everyone’s records and documents together.
Nate Foster: Yeah, I mean, for informants, that might work. But for law enforcement, they just forge whatever they need.
Andrew Blackwell: Yeah, but with a few phone calls, you know, a cover only runs so deep.
Nate Foster: Do you suspect someone?
Andrew Blackwell: Ah, it’s just, you know, it’s like they say at these rallies, “Look to the left, look to the right. One of these people is a snitch.”  
[he looks over to Nate who looks really nervous as he drives]
Andrew Blackwell: It’s the left. Turn left right up here.
[Nate looks really nervous]
Andrew Blackwell: You okay there, Nate? You look a little off?
Nate Foster: No, I’m good. Just tired, been a long day.


Gerry Conway: God, it’s hard to find what we’re looking for in life. But then, I listen to something like that. One man made something that will make millions, maybe billions of people feel the way we just did. We all have that power, Nate. All of us.
Nate Foster: Honestly, I used to feel that way, Gerry. I always felt like I could change the world. You know, I could right wrongs, you know, fight injustice.
Gerry Conway: Nate, listen, it’s guys like us that feel these things the most. Idealists.
Nate Foster: Yeah, I just keep thinking about that quote. “For evil to triumph, it only takes good men to do nothing. ” But how? You know, fucking how?


Gerry Conway: You know, I’ve thinking about this for a long time, Nate, years really. What’s needed is an event.
Nate Foster: What kind of event?
Gerry Conway: An event that wakes people up. They’re sleepwalkers out there. They’re blind. Think about this regime. Media brainwashing, secret courts, mass surveillance, Waco, Ruby Ridge. Using Katrina and 9/11 to set up “refugee camps,” or “detention camps”, in other words; concentration camps, because who cares about the rights of a few Arabs,  iggers and racists, if it makes us safer? Right? That’s how it all starts. All the lies that the Zionists tell about Nazi Germany, that’s what’s actually happening right now! The irony of it! Right?
Nate Foster: That’s why we gotta be smart. That’s why the event has to force the ZOG to show its hand. It’s gotta reveal the men behind the curtain, because it’s not the event that wakes people up, it’s the reaction to the event.
Gerry Conway: Yes! Yes, you get it!
Nate Foster: Yeah, Look at the Sons of Liberty. Look at the IRA. That is how you start a revolution.
Gerry Conway: Yeah, yeah, I always felt this kinship with you, Nate. And I wanted to talk openly with you, but I just haven’t known you that long, but, I know in my heart, I can trust you.
Nate Foster: You can. You can, Gerry, I want to help.


Gerry Conway: But, Nate, if you get involved we may not live to see the world we’re building.
Nate Foster: But I’ll have helped to build it. A man’s body dies, but his deeds live forever.


Nate Foster: These guys are fanatics. They will not be taken alive!


[quoting Byron]
Nate Foster: “This should have been a noble creature; he hath all the energy which would have made a goodly frame of glorious elements, had they been wisely mingled.”

Total Quotes: 15




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