Starring: Aubrey Plaza, Elizabeth Olsen, O’Shea Jackson Jr., Wyatt Russell, Billy Magnussen

Story: Comedy drama co-written and directed by Matt Spicer, the story centers on Ingrid Thorburn (Aubrey Plaza) a mentally unstable young woman who becomes obsessed with Taylor Sloane (Elizabeth Olsen), a social media “influencer” with a seemingly-perfect life in Los Angeles.

Following the death of her mother and a series of self-inflicted setbacks Ingrid decides to drop everything and move to the West Coast to befriend Taylor in real life, her behavior turns unsettling and increasingly dangerous. After a quick bond is forged between these unlikeliest of friends, the façade begins to crack in both women’s lives, with comically malicious results.


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[Ingrid is looking at her friend’s social media]
Charlotte: A couple that yoga’s together stays together. Prayer hands emoji. A perfect day for a perfect wedding. Hastag perfect.


Charlotte: Happy to be sharing this day with all my favorite humans. Hastag bless.


Charlotte: Is this real? Hastag no filter.


Charlotte: A perfect day for a perfect wedding. Yeah, that’s how we roll.


[Ingrid turns up to her friend’s wedding looking haggered]
Ingrid Thorburn: Congratulations.
[Ingrid suddenly maces Charlotte]
Ingrid Thorburn: Thanks for inviting me, you fucking cunt!


[talking on the phone as she sees Ingrid at the grocery store]
Nicole: Oh, my God. That’s Ingrid Thorburn, I thought she was in an insane asylum.
[we see Ingrid Key her car outside]


Ingrid Thorburn: I’ll give one of you two hundred bucks if you punch me in the face.
[the boys start laughing]
Ingrid Thorburn: No, it’s fine. If you pussies can’t handle it.
Boy #1: Come on.
[one of the boys punches Ingrid in the face]
Boy #2: Oh, shit!


Taylor Sloane: Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea. Hashtag, California.


Ingrid Thorburn: LA is the best, I’m making a ton of new friends.


Ingrid Thorburn: [to Dan] You can totally follow me on Instagram.


Dan Pinto: [to Ingrid] Are you an escort or something? Suspicious.


Taylor Sloane: Have we met before?
Ingrid Thorburn: No.
Ezra O’Keefe: Maybe you’re confusing her with one of your Instafans.


Taylor Sloane: Oh, sorry. This is Ingrid.
Ingrid Thorburn: Ingrid.
Taylor Sloane: Ingrid, this is my brother, Nicky.
Nicky Sloane: Stop!
Ingrid Thorburn: How long are you here for?
[Nicky doesn’t reply but instead takes a photo of  Ingrid on his phone]


Ingrid Thorburn: You are by far the coolest, the most interesting person I’ve ever met.
Taylor Sloane: You’re so funny. I love you so much, you’re amazing.


Ingrid Thorburn: My best friend Taylor has been helping me explore my creative side.


[to the man she’s asked to take her and Ingrid’s photo on her phone]
Taylor Sloane: If you got lower that would be better.
Man: You mean on the floor?
Taylor Sloane: Yeah.
[the man drops to the floor to take their photo]
Taylor Sloane: Thanks, you’re the best.


Taylor Sloane: You’ve been dating a week and he’s already letting you borrow his truck.
Ingrid Thorburn: I just gave him a blowjob.
[Taylor laughs]
Taylor Sloane: Damn, girl, you move fast.


[as they are taking drugs]
Ingrid Thorburn: You do this a lot?
Taylor Sloane: Not anymore really.


Taylor Sloane: Okay, you need to relax. It’s just a scratch.
[we see the side of Dan’s truck is badly scratched]
Taylor Sloane: You can buff that right out.


[referring to his scratched truck]
Dan Pinto: Look at my shit!
Ingrid Thorburn: It was an accident, okay?
Dan Pinto: Is there anything else I need to know about, Ingrid?
Ingrid Thorburn: We might have done all of your cocaine that we found in the…
Dan Pinto: Ssh.
Dan Pinto: [to the cops] Thank you, guys. Thank you for your service.


Ingrid Thorburn: [to Dan] I need you to tell everyone here you’re my boyfriend.


Dan Pinto: What is this? Why are you acting like this? You don’t even like these people.
Ingrid Thorburn: I do like them.
Taylor Sloane: Is everything okay?
Dan Pinto: Yeah, everything’s dope.


Ingrid Thorburn: Nicky, where’s my phone?
Nicky Sloane: Your password to your phone is my sister’s birthday.
Ingrid Thorburn: I’m not a psychopath.
Nicky Sloane: I own you.
Ingrid Thorburn: I just want to be her friend.


Ingrid Thorburn: Nicky, where’s my phone?
[reading Ingrid’s Instagram page]
Nicky Sloane: “Taylor’s favorite lunch spot. Here’s a picture of her sleeping.”
Ingrid Thorburn: Those are just a joke.
Nicky Sloane: You’re fucked.


Dan Pinto: We’re going to kill this dude, right?
Ingrid Thorburn: No, we’re just going to scare him a little bit.


Dan Pinto: Tupak said there would be days like this.


Taylor Sloane: [to Ingrid] Are you actually insane?


Ingrid Goes West is set to open in the US 08/11/2017 and UK 11/17/2017.



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