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Mom’s Anger: Something is definitely is going on.
Mom’s Disgust: She’s never acted like this before. What should we do?
Mom’s Sadness: We’re gonna find out what’s happening, but we’ll need support.
[to Mom’s Joy]
Mom’s Sadness: Signal the husband.
[trying to get dad’s attention]
Mom: Ahem.
[inside dad’s mind we see he’s distracted as he’s remembering a hockey game]
Mom: Ahem!
[dad notices mom trying to get his attention]
Dad’s Anger: Uh-oh. She’s looking at us. What did she say?
Dad’s Fear: What? Oh, sorry, sir. No one was listening.
Dad’s Anger: Is it garbage night? Uh, we let the toilet seat up. What? What is it, woman? What?!


[referring to dad]inside-out-11
Mom’s Disgust: He’s making that stupid face again.
Mom’s Anger: I could strangle him right now!
[to Mom’s Joy]
Mom’s Sadness: Signal him again.
[mom gets dad’s attention and he suddenly realizes what she wants him to do]
Dad: Ah, so, Riley, how was school?
Mom’s Joy: Seriously?
Mom’s Sadness: You got to be kidding me.
Mom’s Anger: For this, we gave up that Brazilian helicopter pilot?


[moving Disgust and Fear aside from the console]
Anger: Move! I’ll be Joy.
[he presses a button on the console and Riley replies to dad in a snarky angry way]
Riley: School was great. Alright? Riley, is everything okay?
[Riley rolls her eyes and sighs]
Dad’s Fear: Sir, she just rolled her eyes at us.
Dad’s Anger: What is her deal? Alright, make a show of force. I don’t want to have to put the foot down.
Dad’s Fear: No. Not the foot.
Dad: Riley, I do not like this new attitude.
Anger: Oh, I’ll show you attitude, old man.
Fear: No. No, no, no. Stay happy!
[Anger punches Fear to the side and bangs the console button]


[Riley answer back to her dad in anger]
Riley: What is your problem? Just leave me alone!
Dad’s Fear: Sir, reporting high level of sass.
Dad’s Anger: Take it to DEFCON 2.
Dad’s Fear: You heard that, gentlemen. DEFCON 2.
Dad: Listen, young lady. I don’t know where this disrespectful attitude came from.
Anger: You want a piece of this, pops. Come and get it!
[Riley’s Anger goes into overdrive]
Riley: Yeah. Well…well.
Dad’s Anger: Here it comes. Prepare the foot!
[to Dad’s Disgust]
Dad’s Fear: Keys, to safety position.
[they turn the keys on the console to unlock the foot]
Dad’s Fear: Ready to launch on your command, sir.


[Anger pulls the lever, the top of his head is on fire and Riley snaps at her dad]
Riley: Just, shut up!inside-out-12
Dad’s Anger: Fire!
[Dad’s Fear pushes the red button that releases the foot down]
Dad: That’s it! Go to your room. Now!
[Riley stomps to her room in anger]
Dad’s Fear: The foot is down! The foot is down!
[dad’s other emotions cheer]
Dad’s Anger: Good job, gentlemen. That could’ve been a disaster.


[after dad has told Riley off]
Mom’s Sadness: Well, that was a disaster.
[Mom’s Anger brings up the core memory of the Brazilian helicopter pilot]
Helicopter Pilot: Come. Fly with me, criancinha.
[mom’s emotion all sigh in longing]


[back with Joy and Sadness who are trying to make their way back to headquarters]
Sadness: We’re gonna walk out there, on that?
Joy: It’s the quickest way back.
Sadness: If we fall, we’ll be forgotten forever.
Joy: We have to do this for Riley. Just follow my footsteps.
[as she starts walking on the narrow bridge]
Joy: Not that high. It’s totally fin…
[she looks down and starts to get woozy from the height and nearly falls]


[later as Riley is sulking in her room dad comes to check on her]
Dad: Hey. So, uh, things got a little out of hand downstairs. Do you want to talk about it? Come on. Where’s my happy girl? Monkey.
[he attempts to goof around making monkey noises to cheer Riley up]
Anger: Woh. He’s trying to start up Goofball.
[the emotions go over to look at Goofball island but it’s still shut down, as the core memories are missing it’s unable to activate, and instead crumbles and falls into the Abyss nearly taking Joy and Sadness with it]
Dad: I get it. You need some alone time. We’ll talk later.
[he leaves the room]


Disgust: We have a major problem.
Fear: Oh, Joy. Where are you?
[back with Joy and Sadness]
Sadness: We lost Goofball Island. That means she can lose Friendship and Hockey and Honesty and Family. You can fix this. Right, Joy?
Joy: I… Uh, I don’t know.
Sadness: Oh.
Joy: But we have to try. Okay, come on.


Joy: Riley’s gone to sleep. Which is a good thing, when you think about it. Because nothing else bad could happen when she’s asleep. We’ll be back to Headquarters fore she wakes up. We’ll just go across Friendship Island.inside-out-10
[as the look across]
Sadness: Oh, we’ll never make it.
Joy: No, no. No, no, no, no. Don’t obsess over the weight of life’s problems! Remember the funny movie where the dog dies!
[Sadness suddenly collapses]
Joy: Oh, Sadness. We don’t have time for this. We’ll…we’ll just have to go around. Take the scenic route.


[Joy starts walking towards the labyrinthine storage area of Riley’s long term memory]
Sadness: Wait. Joy, you can get lost in there.
Joy: Think positive.
Sadness: Okay, I’m positive you will get lost in there. That’s long term memory. An endless swarm of corridors and shelves. I read about it in the manuals.
Joy: The manuals? The manuals! You read the manuals!
Sadness: Yeah.
Joy: So you know the way back to Headquarters.
Sadness: I…I guess.
Joy: You are my map. Let’s go. Lead on, my map. Show me where we’re going.
Sadness: Okay, only. I’m too sad to walk. Just give me a few hours to…
[suddenly Joy grabs Sadness’s foot and starts dragging her on the ground]


[as she’s dragging Sadness by her leg through the long term memory corridors]
Joy: Which way, left?
Sadness: Right.
[Joy turns left]
Sadness: No, I mean go left. I said left was right like correct.
Joy: Okay.
Sadness: This actually feels kind of nice.
Joy: Okay, here we go. We’ll be back to Headquarters before morning. We can do it. This will be easy! This is working.


[sometime later as Joy looks exhausted still dragging Sadness through long term memory]
Joy: This is not working. Are we getting close?
Sadness: Yeah, just another right. And a left. And then another left and a right.
Joy: Are you sure you know where we’re going? Cause we seem to be walking away from Headquarters.
[as everything becomes brighter]
Joy: Riley’s awake.
[suddenly Joy drops the core memory spheres, Sadness goes to pick one up]
Joy: Uh-uh! Don’t. Don’t touch, remember? If you touch them, they stay sad.
Sadness: Oh, sorry. I…I won’t. Starting now.
[Joy looks back and sees the rows of core memories that sadness had touched as she was being dragged]
Joy: I can’t take much more of this.


[as Joy encounters some mind workers]
Mind Worker #1: Phone numbers.
Mind Worker #2: Oh.
Mind Worker #1: We don’t need all these, they’re in her phone.
Mind Worker #2: Just forget all of that, please.
[he hoovers up the core memories containing phone numbers]
Joy: Excuse me. Hi!
Mind Worker #2: Forget it!
Joy: I need to find Friendship Island.
Mind Worker #1: Look at this. Four years of piano lessons.
Mind Worker #2: Yeah, it looks pretty faded.
Mind Worker #1: You know what? Save Chopsticks and Heart and Soul, get rid of the rest.
[the other mind worker hoovers those core memories]


Mind Worker #1: US presidents. What do you think?
Mind Worker #2: Just keep Washington, Lincoln and the fat one.
Mind Worker #1: Forget em!
[the other ones hoovers those core memories]
Joy: Hey! You can’t throw those away! Those are perfectly good memories.
Mind Worker #2: The names of every Cutiepie Princess doll?
Joy: Yes. That is critical information. Glitter storm, Honey pants…
Mind Worker #1: Forget em!
[the mind worker hoovers them up]


[referring to the hoovered memories]
Joy: Hey! Bring those back!
Mind Worker #1: They’re in the Dump. Nothing comes back from the Dump.
Mind Worker #2: Yeah. Look, lady. This is our job, okay.
Mind Worker #1: When Riley doesn’t care about a memory, it fades.
Joy: Fades?
Mind Worker #1: Happens to the best of them.
Mind Worker #2: Except for this bad boy. This one will never fade.
[he holds up a core memory of Trident Gum’s annoying commercial song]
Joy: The song from the gum commercial?
Mind Worker #2: You know, sometimes we send that one up to Headquarters for no reason.
Mind Worker #1: It just plays in Riley’s head over and over again like a million times.
[they laugh]


Mind Worker #1: Let’s watch it again.
[the mind workers start singing along to the gum commercial song]
Joy: Yeah, I know. We all know the song. Okay, real catchy.
Mind Worker #2: Hey. What do you think, should we do it?
Mind Worker #1: Yeah.
Mind Worker #2: Okay. Here we go!
[he sends up the gum commercial core memory to headquarters]
Anger: What the…? This again!


[back with Riley, who’s humming the gum commercial song under her breath as she talks to her friend Meg on her laptop]
Meg: Do you like it there? Did you feel any earthquakes? Is the bridge cool?
Riley: Yeah, it’s good. What happened with the playoffs.
Meg: We won the first game. Coach says we might actually go to the finals this year. Oh, and we got this new girl  on the team. She’s so cool.
[Meg holds up a photo of the girl on her phone]
Disgust: Uh, she did not just say that.
Fear: A new girl?! Mag has a new friend already?
[Anger starts growling in anger]
Disgust: Hey-hey. Stay happy. We do not want to lose anymore islands here, guys.


Meg: We can pass the puck to each other without even looking. It’s like mind reading.
Anger: You like to read minds, Meg. I got something for you to read right here!
Disgust: Anger. What?
[Anger grabs the levers on the console, Fear tries to stop him]
Fear: Wait, wait, wait! Let’s just be calm for one second…!
[Anger makes Fear fall back, he then pulls the levers on the console as his head catches fire, we then see Riley getting angry as she listens to Meg]
Riley: I gotta go.
Meg: What?
Riley: I gotta go!
[Riley shuts her laptop in anger]


[Joy watches in horror as Friendship island crumbles down]
Joy: Oh, no. Friendship Island! What? Not Friendship.
Sadness: Oh, Riley loved that one. And now it’s gone. Goodbye, Friendship. Hello, Loneliness.
[Joy sighs in frustration]
Joy: We’ll just have to go the long way.
Sadness: Yeah. The long, long, long, long way.
[she collapses back onto the ground again]
Sadness: I’m ready.
[Joy starts to drag Sadness by her leg again]
Joy: There’s gotta be a better way.


[after Joy and Sadness encounter Bing Bong]
Joy: Excuse me.
Bing Bong: Oh. Ah! I was…I was looking for diversion!
[he grabs a core memory and throws it across]
Joy: What?
Bing Bong: Ha-ha! So long, sucker!
[Bing Bong goes to run off but smacks into a tray of core memories and falls down]
Bing Bong: Ow. I hurt all over.


Joy: Wait, I know you.
Bing Bong: No, you don’t. I get that a lot. I look like a lot of people.
Joy: No, no, no. I do. Bing Bong! Riley’s imaginary friend.
Bing Bong: You really do know me?
Joy: Well, of course! Riley loved playing with you. You two were best friends! Oh, oh. You might know. We’re trying to get back to Headquarters.
Bing Bong: Headquarters? You guys are from Headquarters?
Joy: Well, yeah. I’m Joy. This is Sadness.
Bing Bong: You’re Joy, the Joy?
Joy: Mm-hmm.
Bing Bong: Well what the heck are you doing out here?
Joy: That’s a good question. You want to answer that, Sadness?


Bing Bong: Wow. Without you, Riley won’t ever be happy. We can’t have that. We gotta get you back. I’ll tell you what, follow me.
Joy: Thank you. It is so great to see you again. I gotta tell you, I’m such a huge fan of your work. Do you remember when you and Riley were in a band? I went to all of your concerts.
Bing Bong: Yeah. I blow a mean nose.
Joy: Watching you play tag was such a treat.
Bing Bong: Two time room champ.inside-out-15
Joy: Oh, and remember your rockets.
Bing Bong: Of course, it runs on song power.
Joy: That’s right. Your theme song.
[starts singing]
Joy: Who’s your friend who likes to play?
Bing Bong: Bing Bong! Bing Bong!
Joy: His rocket makes you yell “Hooray!”
Joy and Bing Bong: Bing Bong! Bing Bong!
[they both laugh]


Sadness: What exactly are you supposed to be?
Bing Bong: You know, it’s unclear. I’m mostly cotton candy. But shape wise, I’m part cat, part elephant, part dolphin.
Joy: Dolphin?
[he starts making a sound like a dolphin]
Bing Bong: You gotta remember, when Riley was three, animals were all the rage. The cow goes moo, the horse goes neigh. It’s all people talked about back then.
Joy: Yeah, yeah. I guess that’s true. What are you doing out here?
Bing Bong: Well, there’s not much call for imaginary friends lately. So, I… Um, you know?
[Bing Bong looks sad]
Joy: Hey. Hey. Don’t be sad. Tell you what. When I get back up to Headquarters, I’ll make sure Riley remembers you.
Bing Bong: You will?
Joy: Of course. She’d love that.
[Bing Bong claps his hands with happiness]
Bing Bong: This is the greatest day of my life!


[after Bing Bong hurts himself jumping up and down in excitement, he starts crying]
Joy: Are you okay?
[referring to Bing Bong’s tears which are candy]
Sadness: Hey, what’s going on?
Bing Bong: I cry candy. Try the caramel, it’s delicious.
Joy: Ooh.
[as Joy goes to try one she nearly drops the core memory spheres]
Bing Bong: Here use this.
[he gives Joy his bag]
Joy: Thanks.
Bing Bong: Oh, hold on. Wait a second.
[he empties it, and a huge amount of memory spheres drop out from the tiny bag]
Bing Bong: That one always gets stuck at the bottom!
[he pulls out a shoe and other heavy items like a washbasin drop out too]
Bing Bong: Here.
[Joy and Sadness look shocked]
Bing Bong: What? It’s imaginary.


[putting the core memories into Bing Bong’s imaginary bag]
Joy: Thanks. This will make it a lot easier to walk back to Headquarters.
Bing Bong: Walk? We’re not walking. We’re taking the Train of Thought.
Joy: The Train! Of course. That is so much faster, but how do we catch it?
Bing Bong: Well, it kind of goes all over the place, but there is a station in Imagination Land. I know a shortcut. Come on, this way.
Joy: Oh. I’m so glad we ran into you.


Bing Bong: The station is right in here. After you.
Sadness: Joy.
Joy: What?
Sadness: Well, I read about this place in the manual. We shouldn’t go in there.
Joy: Bing Bong says it’s the quickest way to Headquarters.
Sadness: No, but, Joy, this is abstract thought.
Bing Bong: What are you talking about? I go in here all the time. It’s a shortcut. You see.
[he points up to the DANGER – KEEP OUT sign above the door]
Bing Bong: D-A-N-G-E-R. Shortcut. I’ll prove it to you.
[he steps inside abstract thought]
Bing Bong: Look at me. I’m closer to the station, cause I’m taking the shortcut!


Sadness: Let…let’s go around. This way.
Bing Bong: Almost there.
Joy: If you want to walk the long way, go for it. But Riley needs to be happy. I’m not missing that train.
[Joy enters into abstract thought]
Joy: Bing Bong knows what he is doing. He’s part dolphin, they’re very smart.
Sadness: Well, I guess.
[reluctantly Sadness enters in as well]


[the two mind workers come up to the abstract thought entrance]
Mind Worker #1: Okay. What abstract concept are we trying to comprehend today?
Mind Worker #2: Um, loneliness.
Mind Worker #1: Hm. Looks like there’s something in there. I’m gonna turn it on for a minute and burn out the gunk.
[she shuts the door; inside abstract through Joy and Sadness follow Bing Bong]
Bing Bong: What did I tell ya, you’ll be in Headquarters in no time.inside-out-14
[suddenly abstract thought becomes activated rendering everything into abstract form]
Bing Bong: Hey, will you look at that?
Joy: Woh. What’s happening?
Sadness: Oh, no. They turned it on.
Bing Bong: Never seen this before.
[as he turns his form becomes abstract too scaring Joy and Sadness]


[touching his abstract shaped face]
Bing Bong: My face! My beautiful face!
[both Joy and Sadness have now turned into an abstract form]
Joy: What is going on?
Sadness: We’re abstracting! There are four stages. This is the first. Non-objective fragmentation!
Bing Bong: Alright, do not panic. What is important is that we all stay together.
[suddenly his abstract arm falls off]
Joy: Oh!
[Sadness and Joy start falling apart too]
Sadness: We’re in the second stage. We’re deconstructing!
[as Bing Bong falls to pieces]
Bing Bong: I can’t feel my legs!
[picks one leg up]
Bing Bong: Oh, there they are.


Joy: Come here, me!
[they start putting their abstract pieces of body back together]
Sadness: We gotta get out of here! Before we’re not even shape and color! We’ll get stuck here forever!
Joy: Bong, why did we come in here?
Bing Bong: I told you! It’s a shortcut!
[they hear the train approaching the station]
Joy: The train!
[as they start making their way towards the exit door they turn 2 dimensional]
Sadness: Oh, no. We’re two dimensional. That’s stage three!
Joy: We’re getting nowhere!
Bing Bong: Death! Unlucky death!


[as she tries to get her 2D body through the exit door]
Joy: We can’t fit.
[they suddenly change into figurative shapes]
Sadness: Oh, no! We’re not figurative! This is the last stage!
Bing Bong: We’re not gonna make it!
[they change shape again]
Sadness: Wait, we’re two dimensional. Fall on your face.
[as they all become 2D they exit abstract thought but miss the train]
Joy: Stop. Stop! No.


[after they missed the train]
Joy: I thought you said that was a shortcut.
Bing Bong: I did. But, wow. We should not had gone in there. That was dangerous. They should really put up a sign.
Joy: How long till the next train?
Bing Bong: Who knows? But don’t worry, there’s another station, that way. The Train always stops there, right before it goes to Headquarters. If we hurry, we can catch it.
Joy: This isn’t another one of your shortcuts, is it?
[Bing Bong chuckles]
Bing Bong: Yeah!
[Bing Bong sets off]
Joy: Is there really another station?
Sadness: Uh-huh. Through there.


[as they enter Imagination Land]
Bing Bong: Welcome to Imagination Land.
Joy: Imagination Land?
Bing Bong: Sure, I come here all the time. I’m practically the mayor. Hey, you guys hungry? There’s French Fry Forest.
Joy: No way!
Bing Bong: Check it out! Trophy Town. Medals, ribbons, everyone’s a winner!
[as he gets a bunch of trophies]
Bing Bong: I won first place!
Joy: Me too!
[Sadness just gets a badge]
Sadness: Oh. Participation award.


[as they jump across some lava]inside-out-16
Joy: Oh, no! Lava!
Bing Bong: Imagination Land is the best.
Sadness: Oh, has it all gotta be so interactive.
Bing Bong: Hey, look! The House of Cards. Ooh, wait. Hang on just a minute.
[Bing Bong finds his rocket]
Joy: Your rocket.
Bing Bong: Yeah. I stashed it in there for safekeeping. And now I’m all set to take Riley to the moon!
[he extends his arm in excitement and accidentally knocks down the house of cards being built by two mind workers]
Bing Bong: Oh, I’m sorry.
Mind Worker: Great.


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