By Daniel Occelli (Mexico City)


After 2 Years the Insidious saga is back with another prequel to the original film, again following Elise’s character played by Lin Shaye except this time, we get a look into her hunted past and understand some of her own demons. The film is directed by Adam Robitel, director of the disastrous Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension, and is written once again by the amazing Leigh Whannell.

I’ve been a huge fan of the Insidious franchise since the first one, I thought that was an original, terrifying experience that reminded me why horror movies are amazing, then the second one came out and I liked it a lot, it was not as good but it really tied in perfectly with the original. When the third one came out I was still on board, loved the concept of the further and the lure this franchise was starting, but this time, with The Last Key, I have to say I am extremely disappointed, this film made no sense at all, the writing was filled with exposition and terrible dialogue that we’ve heard before, the acting in this film is decent but it gets worse with every movie. The story was laughably bad, we don’t spend nearly as much in the further as we should and when we do, we are left with terrible CGI and rehashed scares.

This saga really changed the way I saw contemporary non-indie horror, it was not a bunch of cheap jump scares made for teenagers, but now it became everything it tried to change in the past, and that really saddens me. The characters are completely plain and dumb to say the least. The humor has its ups and downs, sometimes it makes you chuckle but sometimes it is literally disturbing, Elise’s sidekicks are supposed to be the comedic relief but they are just creepy, they were also great characters in the previous films but now they are just inappropriate and useless.

That being said there are some redeemable qualities in The Last Key, first of all, the fact that a horror film made for teenagers is still carried through by a seventy something year old woman is amazing, I love Lin Shaye, and as bad as her lines were she is still my favorite thing in this film, also the story took some twists and turns that surprised me, I was actually excited with the way they were managed from time to time, at the end they butchered that brief spark of originality, but for a brief moment I thought the twists were pretty cool. And we still got some original scares, especially one involving some briefcases, now, don’t watch any trailers for this film, because this scares are spoiled in them, as I would later find out.

To end my review I will say that the score of this film was absolutely terrible compared to the last 3 films, we never got the chilling violins that make the first three films so unique, only a basic ominous rehashed score.

I am left extremely disappointed with Insidious: The Last Key and I will give it a 3.7/10

Rating: 1/5



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