Starring: Lin Shaye, Leigh Whannell, Angus Sampson, Spencer Locke, Kirk Acevedo, Bruce Davison, Josh Stewart, Hana Hayes, Tessa Ferrer, Ava Kolker


Story: Supernatural horror spinoff from the Insidious franchise, directed by Adam Robitel. The story takes place before the events of the previous movies and follows parapsychologist, Dr. Elise Rainier (Lin Shaye), who faces her most fearsome and personal haunting yet in her own family home, pushing her deeper into the Further.

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Best Quotes    (Total Quotes: 16)


Elise Rainier: People who need help with matters that can’t be explained come to me. These hauntings can be terrifying things. I should know, I have faced many evils in my life. This was different though, the haunted house is my family’s house.


Ted Garza: He’s in my head.


[over the phone]
Elise Rainier: This is Elise.
Ted Garza: I need help. Things are happening in my house and they said you know about this stuff.
Elise Rainier: May I ask where you live?
Ted Garza: I live in Five Keys, New Mexico.


Elise Rainier: This house was my family’s house.


Elise Rainier: When did these occurrences start?
Ted Garza: Soon after we moved in.


Elise Rainier: I’ve seen ghosts before, all those years ago.


Imogen Rainier: I can see things too.
Elise Rainier: But this one was different.


Imogen Rainier: Elise, there’s someone right in front of you.
Elise Rainier: There’s nothing.


Tucker: Elise, there’s someone right in front of you.
Elise Rainier: I don’t see anything.
Tucker: Be careful, you’re going to touch it.


Tucker: Somebody has to go in there and find them.
Imogen Rainier: I can help.


Lost Soul: This way…


Specs: Be careful.
Imogen Rainier: Trust me.


Elise Rainier: If we can find out what it is we can stop this curse.


Elise Rainier: To end this evil I need to go deeper into the Further.


Elise Rainier: I don’t have memories from this place, I have scars.


Elise Rainier: I’m going to find it and I’m going to finish it.

Total Quotes: 16


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