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Are we really going through one of these again? Ever since the release of The Hunger Games (2012), the teenage genre has become a juggernaut for the movie industry, earning millions at the box office. Every single movie company has rushed out teen sci-fi flicks, at the very height of their popularity, and hence, the movies are often terrible.

Such is the Divergent Series. My main problem with it, other than it completely copying and pasting the world of The Hunger Games, is that it often makes very little sense. Plot points and explanation are often missed to get to the ‘exciting’ stuff that the film makers think that the audience wants. “Oh, Four has a mother, whatever, let’s get to the sex scene!”

The events in this movie take place directly after Divergent (2014) and Shailene Woodley’s Tris is under a hunt by Kate Winslet’s Jeanine, who is trying to open a box, (what?) using the perfect Divergent as a way of opening it, which has a secret message from the founders of the faction system. My big, big problem with this premise is that it makes a microbe of sense. Why would the founders hide their message in a box? Wouldn’t it help the system with them knowing that Divergents are important? Why does the box need a perfect Divergent to open it? Etcetera, etcetera.

These questions remain unanswered throughout the entire film and, as I said, they are pushed aside for the stuff that the audience ‘likes’. Speaking of action, it’s not bad for a Hunger Games knockoff. It’s well choreographed, but you can’t exactly tell what’s going on. The VFX is of a high standard, and stands out visually.

The performances, while varied, are pretty poor, with Shailene Woodley’s face staying almost the same expression throughout the whole film. She puts little emotion into her voice at times, which isn’t exactly good for some the more emotional scenes that she’s in. Theo James also has room for improvement, with him playing the generic hunk/rebel leader/protector that is really clichéd throughout film. His voice, again, has very, very little emotion put into it, and it sometimes comes off as if he doesn’t really care much for the role.

The supporting cast aren’t the worst, Kate Winslet’s performance as Jeanine is certainly the standout here. Though I find a lot of them extremely creepy (e.g.: Four’s mother) and annoying. The score is as you’d expect for a teen sci-fi movie.

This is a pretty terrible flick. The cast are awful, the plot is nonsensical, and everything is pretty much skipped over and it barely makes any sense. I give Insurgent: 2 out of 10.


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