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[Jeanine is testing a Divergent girl out to see if she can unlock the box]
Computer: Abnegation sim complete. Dauntless sim initiated.
Erudite Tech #1: Ma’am, the Divergents viable is dropping. If we don’t pull her out of the sim soon we’ll loose her.
Jeanine: You’ll stop when I say so.
[Jeanine continues to watch the girl]
Jeanine: She’s gonna do it. She’s gonna pass the sim.
[suddenly the girl dies]
Computer: Dauntless sim failed.
Erudite Tech #1: Divergent test subject six is no longer viable.
Jeanine: Alright, shut it down. Wasting our time. I’ve been assuming that all Divergents are the same. Some are stronger than others. Assign all non-essential personnel to the Divergent detail. We need to work harder. We need to find that very special one.


[Tris is standing on the Candor rooftop when Uriah comes up to her]
Uriah: Where’s your scary boyfriend?
Tris: Probably out doing scary boyfriend things.
Uriah: Mind if I join you?
[he stands next to her and leans against the railings]
Uriah: I love heights. From up here it all just seems so much smaller, you know? I know it sounds crazy, but sometimes I think I see lights out beyond the wall. I know they say it’s all just wasteland out there, but we can’t be the only ones left. Can we?
[suddenly they hear shots, windows breaking and ropes being shot across to their building from the opposite building]


[Tris and Uriah make a run for it]
Tris: Come on! Got any weapons ?
Uriah: No!
[Dauntless soldiers start invading the Candor building and shooting at them, Tris sees Uriah getting shot, she runs into the building as the soldiers shoot at her and follow her into the building, Tris is shot and falls on the stairs]
Dauntless Soldier: Floor is clear, moving out!
[when the soldiers leave Tris gets up to find she’s been shot with sim serum on her back, she looks at the bodies shot around her and sees they’ve all been shot with the same sim]
Candor Small Girl: Mommy! Mommy!
[Tris goes over to the girl]
Tris: Ssh.
Candor Small Girl: That thing hurt me.
Tris: Look I got one too.
[she shows where she’s been shot on her back]
Tris: See? It’s okay. It’s just a thing that made everybody go to sleep.


Tris: Okay, I need you to do me a favor. Okay, I need you to go to the top of the stairs and don’t come down until your mommy comes to get you.
Candor Small Girl: Don’t come down.
Tris: Don’t come down. Can you do that?
[the girl nods her head]
Tris: Be brave, okay?
[the girl nods her head again]
Tris: Okay. Go.
[the girl turns and rushes off]


[Tris runs down into the building and finds the weapons room locked, Uriah then finds her]
Tris: Hey!
Uriah: Why are we the only ones awake?
Tris: Because we’re Divergents. Come on, I need your help to open this. Uriah, I need your help!
[as Uriah tries to break open the door Eric, Max and their soldiers find them]
Eric: Hey! Look who decided to show up.
[he walks over to Tris]
Eric: It’s really good to see you again.


[the Dauntless soldiers make the people awake kneel down with their hands tied]
Eric: Alright, folks. Nothing to be nervous about, just a little routine inspection, Then we can all go back to our business.
[to Uriah]
Eric: Hello.
[he scans Uriah]
Scanner: Divergent ten percent.
Eric: Hm. Shit. You’re almost normal. That’s boring.
[he suddenly shoot Uriah in the head, killing him]
Max: That is not part of the mission.
Eric: So what? As far as I’m concerned the rest of them are still outlaws.
Max: Let’s just wrap this up quickly. The others are gonna be awake soon.


[Eric goes over to the little girl Tris had helped earlier]
Eric: Hi, sweetie.
Candor Small Girl: I shouldn’t have…
[Eric scans her]
Scanner: Divergent forty percent.
Eric: Hm, I’m afraid it’s not you either.
Candor Small Girl: The lady said that I shouldn’t have…the lady said that I shouldn’t have come downstairs.
Eric: Well I guess you should have listened.
[Eric points his gun at her head and just before he shoots her Tris pushes him over, Eric tries to strangle her]
Max: Enough! We still have to test her. Eric!
[Eric lets go of Tris]


Max: Jeanine told us that we have to test everyone.
[Eric kicks Tris in the stomach, then Max scans her]
Scanner: Divergent one hundred percent.
Max: I’ll be damned.
Eric: What?
Max: She’s what we’ve been looking for.
Eric: Bullshit!
[Eric scans her again]
Scanner: Divergent one hundred percent.
Max: Get her in the vehicle. I’ll alert Jeanine.
[to Tris]
Eric: If you think you got lucky, you’re wrong. You’re gonna wish I killed you.


[as Tris is being escorted by the Dauntless soldiers Four shows up and attacks Eric and the rest of the Dauntless join him to disarm the soldiers, Four then unties Tris’s hands]
Tris: Hey. Thank you.
Eric: It’s lucky you got that gun, Four.insurgent-8
[Four looks at him]
Eric: Well we both know you’re not much without one.
[Four gives his gun to one of the Dauntless, then punches Eric and drags him across the room and one of the Dauntless ties his hands behind his back]
Eric: You think she’s safe now? You’re wrong. Jeanine’s never gonna stop searching for you.
Four: Why? What does she want with her? Tell me.
Eric: Look, all I know is she’s exactly what Jeanine needs. She’s the perfect subject.


[as Four cocks his gun]
Eric: Was that supposed to scare me?
Four: You’re responsible for the death of hundreds of people. You know the punishment for that.
Eric: Listen, I found a way to live with the blood on my hands. But can you?
[Four points his gun and shoots Eric in the head, Tris turns away in shock]


[referring to the sim serum they’ve been shot with]
Christina: Why won’t they come out?
Lynn: All I know is that they put me sleeping sim and then I woke to all hell breaking loose. Hec, don’t play!
[the rest of the Candor and Dauntless find Four and Tris standing next to Eric’s dead body]
Four: You all know what this means.
[to Kang]
Four: Thank you for helping us.
Jack Kang: I wish I could do more. I had no idea Jeanine was capable of something like this.
Four: It’s time we fight back.
Tori: We don’t have the numbers.
Four: We will. Once we get the Factionless.


[to Tris as they are making their way to the Factionless]
Four: You heard Eric. Jeanine is not gonna stop coming after you. It’s our only option.



[back in Erudite after Max has given Jeanine Tris’s scan results]
Jeanine: Tris Prior. Of course, it had to be her. Is she still off the grid?
Max: Yeah. But I think I found a solution.
[Peter is brought to Jeanine]
Jeanine: It’s Peter, right?
Peter: Yeah. And, Jeanine, can I just say that it is truly an honor to finally meet you in person.


[after Four returns to Factionless]
Four: Congratulations, mother. You got your war.
Evelyn: I know you wish there was another way.
Four: But there isn’t.
Evelyn: I’m the lesser of two evils, is that it?
Four: You better be.


Jeanine: Tell me, why did you surrender to Erudite? What do you want?
Peter: I would like a position in your regime. Ideally I would like a position with some advancement opportunities. I may be Dauntless but I’m not just some meathead. No offense, Max.
Jeanine: Prove your worth to us. Then we can discuss your ambitions.
Peter: Great. When do I start?
Jeanine: Let’s talk about your friend Tris Prior. How do I flush her out?
Peter: It’s simple, the girl’s a walking bleeding heart. She was born Abnegation. That’s her weak spot. You just have to know how to press it.


Factionless #1: Help! Come quick!
Factionless #2:It’s coming from up there.
Lynn: Christina! Please, help!
Factionless #2: Somebody do something!
Factionless #3: Look! On the ledge!
[Christina, Hector and a girl named Marlene are standing at the ledge of the roof]
Christina, Hector, Marlene: The traitor Tris Prior must be surrendered to Erudite or every day more deaths will follow.
[to Tori]
Tris: Go!
[Tris and Tori quickly climb up to the roof as the trio keep stepping closer to the edge of the roof]
Christina, Hector, Marlene: Hand over Tris Prior or every day more deaths will follow. Hand over Tris Prior or every day more deaths will follow.


Lynn: Get down! Hector! No!
[Tori and Tris make it to the roof]
Christina, Hector, Marlene: Hand over Tris Prior or every day more deaths will follow.
Tris: Christina!
[Tori grabs Hector]
Tori: No!
[just as Christina steps over the edge and fall Tris manages to grab her hand, but Marlene falls to her death]
Tris: Christina!
[just then Christina becomes aware of her surroundings]
Christina: Tris, help me! Tris!
[Tris and Tori pull Christina up]
Tori: It’s okay.


[referring to the sim serum]
Evelyn: We removed this from the body of the suicide.
Lynn: Marlene. Her name was Marlene.
Evelyn: I’m sorry. Marlene.
Tori: It’s a very sophisticated sim serum injector. It also has a radio transmitter in its head.
Uriah: How do we get them out?
Tori: I don’t know. This tech was built to defend itself. This tendril wraps around the nearest major artery. Try to remove them and they kill the host.
Christina: So what do we do?
Four: Tori has to find a way to neutralize the disks before we do anything else.
Edgar: Or we could do the logical thing.
points to Tris
Edgar: And we hand her over. Nobody knows about this alliance, we have to protect that advantage. If we hand Tris over now, it might buy us some time.
[the Factionless crowd uproars in agreement]
Factionless: Get rid of her!


Four: I think it’s a good idea.
Edgar: Damn right.
Four: Except you’ll have to go through me first.
Christina: Me, too.
Dauntless Crowd: And all of us.
[the rest of the Dauntless are in agreement with Four and Christina]
Edgar: Hey! I ain’t the one with the time bomb in my arm.
[feeling guild-ridden Tris walks off]


[Four finds Tris sitting on the bed in their room crying, he goes over to her]
Four: I know what you’re thinking. But I’m not gonna let you do it.
Tris: I can’t let anyone else die because of me.
Four: No one else is gonna die because of you. Tori’s gonna find a way to disable the disks…
Tris: And if she doesn’t?
Four: Then…then…then if she doesn’t, we figure it out. Together.
Tris: You know I’m just one person. I’m not worth it.
Four: No, you are worth it. You are worth it to me. I love you.
[Tris kisses him and they end up having sex, later that night as Four sleeps Tris leaves Factionless and Evelyn watches her walk away from her window]


[as Tris walks through the city towards Erudite Jeanine’s new message is being broadcast across the city]
Jeanine: …plays a critical role in maintaining the social order. But this harmony we’ve achieved is now under attack. This city may be safely enclosed behind a vast wall. But make no mistake, that wall alone does not ensure our security. It is up to us, every one of us, to remain vigilant in identifying and isolating any potential threat to our stability. There are individuals hiding among us who must be contained. So permit me to address the objections of my fellow faction leaders. I am aware that there have been some concerns about the unavoidable raid on Candor. So let me be clear. The harboring of Divergents by any faction cannot be tolerated.insurgent-10
[we see Tris walking into Erudite and immediately being apprehended by Dauntless soldiers]
Jeanine: Very soon, I will be presenting what I believe to be no less than a mandate from The Founders themselves. And this will, I have no doubt, validate the measures I am taking to keep the peace. And provide the instructions that will allow us to eradicate the Divergent crisis, once and for all.


[back in Factionless Four get a weapon ready to leave]
Evelyn: Where are you going?
Four: Tris left. She’s gone.
Evelyn: What? When?
Four:Last night.
Evelyn: Wait. Tobias! People look to you for leadership. You can’t just abandon them.
[Tobias looks at her for a moment before walking out the door]
Evelyn: Tobias!


[as Tris sits in her Erudite cell Peter walks in]
Peter: Wow. I have to admit, I’m impressed. I mean, I knew that you were dumb, but I didn’t think that you were dumb enough to actually come down here and turn yourself in.
[he sits next to her]
Tris: The killings have to stop.
Peter: Well, that just goes to show that you can take the girl out of Abnegation, but you can’t take the Abnegation out of the girl. Let’s go.
[he grabs her arm and escorts her out of the cell]
Peter: Once a stiff, always a stiff, right?


[as they enter the sim room]
Tris: What is this?
Peter: What is this? This is the only reason why you’re alive, Tris. Man, I love knowing stuff that you don’t.
[he pushes Tris into the room and points his gun at her]
Peter: Need you to open up that box, Tris. The only way to open that box is to pass the sims of all five factions. But the only people that have tried to do it so far have died.
[he laughs]
Peter: Oops. I don’t think I was supposed to tell you that. Oh, well. No pressure.
[Tris hears Jeanine’s voice]
Jeanine: Remarkable. Chances of it being you, of all people. Nearly defies the laws of probability.
[Tris turns and sees Jeanine on the other side of the glass wall of the sim room]
Tris: As remarkable as the amount of people you’ve managed to murder.
Jeanine: Dark times call for extreme measures. You may find it hard to believe, but I am serving the greater good.


Jeanine: Step up on the disk, please.
[Tris looks at he disk area but doesn’t move, Peter points his gun at the back of her head]
Peter: Step up on the disk, please.
[suddenly Tris punches Peter in the nose, takes his gun and pushes him into the glass wall]
Erudite Tech: Ma’am?
Jeanine: Hm?
[Jeanine turns to see Tris holding Peter’s gun at his head as he’s pushed up against the glass wall with a bloodied nose]
Jeanine: Oh.
Tris: Stop the suicides or I swear I will shoot him.
Jeanine: That’s okay. You can kill him if you want, we have plenty of guards.
Peter: What?!
[Tris pushes Peter aside in anger and starts shooting at the glass wall which does nothing]


[angry and frustrated Tris looks at Jeanine and points the gun to her own head]
Tris: I’m guessing you need me alive for this to work. Right? Right?!
[Jeanine looks at Tris with apprehension and just then Tris sees Caleb in the room]
Caleb: Beatrice.
[Caleb walks over to her]
Tris: Caleb. Caleb.
Caleb: I…
Jeanine: Don’t engage the subject. Conditions are already less than optimal.
[Tris watches in shock as Caleb leaves the sim room]
Tris: Oh, my God.


Tris: If I do this, the suicides stop?
Jeanine: No. The suicides will continue until you succeed and pass all five sims. Should be incentive enough. Good luck.
[Jeanine initiates the sims and Tris is stuck with multiple wires]
Jeanine: Let’s begin.
Computer: Initializing Dauntless sim.
[Tris finds herself in the ruins of the city where she sees her mother in a building]
Tris: Mom.insurgent-11
[suddenly the building catches on fire]
Natalie: Tris, help me!
[the building starts moving backwards as Tris runs towards it]
Tris: Mom!
[the building then starts to float into the air]
Natalie: Tris, help!
[Tris manages to grab hold of the edge of the building]


[as they observe Tris in the sim room]
Erudite Tech: Her heart rate is rising.
Jeanine: Keep her in play.
[back in the sim, Tris loses her grip and falls, she rushes after the floating building]
Tris: Mom!
Natalie: Tris!
Tris: I’m coming! Mom!
[Tris jumps and manages to catch hold of a pipe attached to the building, she climbs up to the side and sees Natalie inside as the fire continues to burn]
Tris: Mom! I’m coming.
[Tris climbs to the roof, which starts to tilt, then grabs hold of a hanging wire which she uses to swing into the building through the window]
Natalie: Tris, help me!
[Natalie falls off the edge of the building but Tris grabs hold of her hand]
Tris: Hold on. Hold on!
[as she saves Natalie Tris is taken into another sim]
Natalie: Tris.
Computer: Dauntless sim complete.


[in another sim, Tris embraces her mother]
Tris: Mom. I miss you so much.
Natalie: Mmm. I know you do. But I’m still with you. You need to be strong now. Tell me you’re gonna be strong.
Tris: I’m trying.
Natalie: You can do this. I know you can. You’re brave. Braver than anyone.
Tris: I’m not brave, Mom. I pretend that I am, and I want people to think that I am, but I’m not. I’m really, really scared. That maybe we are actually what’s wrong in this world. Divergents. I never wanted any of this. You and Dad and Caleb and then Four. And I can’t help but think that if I was normal we would all still be together. Mom, I don’t wanna be Divergent anymore. I just want to feel safe again.
Computer: Candor sim complete.


[Tris wakes in the sim room to find Erudite is being attacked, the sim room door explodes and Four comes to rescue her]
Tris: Four. You’re here. Yeah?
Four: Yeah, I am.
Tris: You’re here.
Four: Are you okay?
Tris: Yeah.
Four: Secure the hallway!
[we see Christina nod her head as she heads out with the other Dauntless]
Four: Alright, let’s get you out of here.
[Four gets Tris off the wires and gives her a gun]
Four: You good?
Tris: Yeah.


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