Insurgent Quotes: Devoid of Emotion

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Directed by: Robert Schwentke
Written by:
Brian Duffield (screenplay)
Akiva Goldsman(screenplay)
Mark Bomback (screenplay)
Veronica Roth (novel)
Shailene Woodley – Tris
Theo James – Four
Ansel Elgort – Caleb
Miles Teller – Peter
Kate Winslet – Jeanine
Jai Courtney – Eric
Mekhi Phifer – Max
Octavia Spencer – Johanna
Naomi Watts – Evelyn
Zoë Kravitz – Christina
Ben Lloyd-Hughes – Will
Tony Goldwyn – Andrew
Ashley Judd – Natalie
Ray Stevenson – Marcus
Jonny Weston – Edgar
Keiynan Lonsdale – Uriah
Suki Waterhouse – Marlene
Emjay Anthony – Hector
Rosa Salazar – Lynn
Maggie Q – Tori
Daniel Dae Kim – Jack Kang
Janet McTeer – Edith Prior


Sadly as with the first installment, Insurgent quotes suffer from lack of life and emotion and feel stuck in a repetitive formula. The narrative follows Tris and Four’s journey in the aftermath of Erudite’s subversive attack on Abnegation as they, along with Tris’s brother Caleb and Peter Hayes are living in exile within the Amity community since they are being hunted by Jeanine Matthews the leader of the Erudite faction. After finding themselves no longer safe at Amity, Tris and Four team-up with former friends and allies to bring down Jeanine and destroy the faction system.

It is fair to say that Insurgent manages to keep a steady pace and build up a sense of suspense but where it fails to succeed is yet again building the characters up and getting them past looking one dimensional. However, despite the lack of character depth Woodley and James manage to make their characters feel more earnest and defined and looking less wooden. The rest of the talented cast have not fared as well, as apart from Winslet, none have been utilized enough due to lack of sufficient screen time. On a more positive note the film is more visually sharp and more focused on the action which keeps the plot moving along swiftly.

Verdict: The set pieces and visuals are certainly more imaginative but the plot and characters are not fully developed enough to make this installment feel satisfying.

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[first lines; Jeanine is broadcasting a message to all the factions in the city]
Jeanine: Peace. Long ago, before the founders established this great city of ours that word was all but meaningless, an ideal as elusive as a dream. Now, two hundred years later, we are all of us living proof that peace is indeed attainable. The reason for this is of course our faction system: Erudite, Dauntless, Amity, Candor, Abnegation. In dividing people according to personality and aptitude we’ve created a society in which each faction plays a critical role in maintaining the social order. But this harmony we’ve achieved is now under attack from a small but extremely dangerous group of individuals. We call them “Divergents”. They are in essence the worst of what humanity used to be: rebellious, defiant and uncontrollable.


[as Jeanine’s message continues to be broadcast we see Eric and his men go to the Prior home in Abnegation and retrieve a box with a symbol of each faction on it]
Jeanine: Five days ago, a rogue group of divergents posing as Dauntless brutally invaded Abnegation, an obvious attempt to cripple the faction system by attacking its most vulnerable members. These divergents despise our system because they’re incapable of conforming to it. These latest rumors for example that I was somehow behind the attack on Abnegation, nothing more that divergent propaganda. I am devoting myself to bringing these fugitives to justice. I’ve exercised my right as acting council leader to declare martial law until I’m confident that any threat to our security has been eliminated.


[to Max]
Eric: Tell Jeanine we got it.
[Jeanine’s broadcast continues]
Jeanine: We are all that’s left of humanity. The vast wall that encloses this city may protect us from our toxic surroundings, but it is up to us to confront any element that can poison us from within. Because when you’re civilizations last hope, peace is not merely an ideal it is an obligation. And it is up to all us to take a stand against its one true enemy: Divergents.


[Tris, Four, Max and Caleb are running the woods when they reach the outskirts of Amity]
Tris: Amity!
Four: We need to make sure it’s clear.
[Tris ignores him and rushes off towards Amity]
Four: Tris!
[Tris reaches Amity and its people]
Tris: Help us. Help us, please! Please help us, you have to help us!
Johanna: I’m sorry, you have to leave. You just don’t belong here.
Christina: It’s all her fault.
[Tris sees Christina holding the lifeless body of Will]
Christina: You killed Will.
Tris: No.
[Tris hears the people of Amity whispering around her “she killed him”]


[Tris sees her mother and father, Natalie and Andrew wearing blood soaked clothes]
Tris: Mom.
[Natalie walks over to Tris]
Natalie: You’ve killed us all.
[suddenly Tris has flashback to when she shot Will then wakes up to find she’s been having a nightmare, Tris is in an Amity compound with the others asleep, she gets up and decides to cut her hair as she feels guilty over killing Will and responsible for her parents death]


[as Four is playing with some Amity kids on the swings]
Four: And…three!
Connor: Higher!
[he notices Tris walk by and sees her short hair; to Tris]
Four: Hey.
Connor: Higher, higher!
Four: Want to go higher?
Teacher: Right everyone, back to classes.
[to the kids]
Four: Okay, here we go. See you, bye.
[the kids rush back to school]


[Four goes over to Tris; referring to her short hair]
Tris: I just wanted to do something different.
Four: Yeah.
[Four takes off the scarf she’s wrapped around her hair]
Four: Well, that’s definitely different.
[Tris chuckles and puts her arms around his neck]insurgent-15
Tris: You don’t like it?
Four: No, I like it. I like it a lot. I’m just surprised, that’s all.
[Tris nods her head]
Four: What’s going on, Tris?
Tris: Nothing. I’m fine. Just…
Four: Still having nightmares?
Tris: No.


Four: We’re good. You and me. I know nothing else is, but we are.
[they hear an Amity chime an announcement]
Four: Time for chores.
[Tris embraces Four and they hold on to each other for a moment before walk off]
Tris: How much longer do we have to stay here for?
Four: Until we know it’s safe to leave.


[Four goes to see Tris as she’s doing her chores a the Amity stables]
Four: Hey.
Tris: Hey.
Marcus: Son. You can’t ignore me forever. I know you’re thinking about your next move, but there are things you don’t know.
Tris: Marcus, please just leave us alone.
Marcus: Your mother didn’t come back to Abnegation just to save you. She died trying to hide something from Jeanine, something that was entrusted to Abnegation a long time ago.
Four: Marcus, stop! Whatever you want from us, you’re not gonna get it.
Marcus: I’m not the enemy here.
[he turns and walks away]


[back in Erudite Jeanine is keeping the box discovered in Tris’s family home locked up]
Jeanine: You found it.
Max: It was in the home of Natalie and Andrew Prior, like you said.
[Jeanine walks over the box]
Max: You mind telling me what’s inside?
Jeanine: A message from the founders that will ensure the future our people deserve. Divergents will destroy our society, unless we destroy them. And now we can. However, only a divergent can open this box. Find them. Every last one of them.


[Amity people are lining up as lunch is being served; to each person he serves food]
Amity Lunch Server: Go with happiness. Go with happiness. Go with happiness.
Four: Thank you.
[to Tris as he hands her a plate of food]
Amity Lunch Server: Go with happiness.
[to the next person he serves]
Amity Lunch Server: Go with happiness.
Tris: I really don’t know how much longer I can do this whole peace and love thing.
Four: It’s the Amity way, alright? Just try and blend in.
Tris: I’m trying to blend in, and it’s just not working.


Peter: Coming through, on you right. Okay? Here we go.
[to the girl in front of him in the lunch line up]
Peter: Hey, look a rainbow. It’s pretty.
[as the girl turns to look Peter takes her place in the line]
Peter: Virtual pathological friendliness with unquestioning pacifism. I love this place.
[to the lunch server]
Peter: Thank you. Go with happiness.


[Peter pushes Tris to the side on purpose in the food line]
Peter: Oops, excuse me. Hey, Tris. I really like your hair by the way. Did you try to cut it all short and weird like that?
Four: Peter, why don’t you take your food and sit down, huh?insurgent-16
Peter: Or what? Besides I think we all should stick together now that we are officially fugitives.
Caleb: Wait, what do you mean by official fugitives?
Peter: Oh, you don’t know?
[to Tris]
Four: Come on. Let’s go.
[Four takes Tris to sit down to eat]
Peter: You didn’t tell Caleb?


Peter: Yesterday Jeanine announced saying that the attack on Abnegation was orchestrated by a group of renegade divergents and their sympathizers.
Caleb: So they’re blaming this whole thing on us?
Four: Yeah. And Jeanine needed a reason to petition the council to institute martial law. Now she has one.
[Tris notices leader of Amity, Johanna, sitting with Marcus and laughing as they eat lunch]
Four: Staying here at Amity is still our best option for now. We need to keep an ear to the ground and find out where the rest of the Dauntless are, then we can make a move.
Tris: We need to kill Jeanine.
Four: I know, but we’re not ready yet.


Caleb: Beatrice, you’re not being serious, right?
Tris: No, I am being serious. I’m not gonna stop until she’s dead.
Caleb: Tris, you can’t just go around killing people.
Peter: No, she’s right. Listen to your sister. Tris, I think you should go to Erudite and kill Jeanine yourself. I’ll stay with Caleb so that you don’t get him killed too.
Tris: What?
Peter: Come on, you know. Like you did your parents.
[enraged, Tris attacks Peter with a knife, he tries to fight her off but she cuts his cheek and as she goes to strike a fatal blow Four pulls her away]
Johanna: What do you think you’re doing? My office, now! Enjoy your meal, everyone. Enjoy your meal.
[to Tris]
Four: Calm down, alright? Just calm down.


[Four, Tris, Peter and Caleb are in Johanna’s office]
Johanna: Was I not clear that the terms of your sanctuary here included non-violence?
Four: Well I can guarantee you nothing like this will ever happen again.
Johanna: Well be that as it may, you can no longer stay here with us. Your presence, it’s just too disruptive.
Tris: The truth is that our sanctuary was never gonna last very long here anyways, was it? With you not standing up to Jeanine.
Johanna: You don’t understand us at all.
Tris: No, I do understand you. I understand that you think you can stay out of this, but you can’t. One day she’s gonna show up and Jeanine is gonna take whatever power you think you have away from you.
Four: Tris, Tris.


Four: Look, Johanna, we…we need a little more time. We need to find out where the rest of the Dauntless are, then we can leave.
Johanna: And then what? Attack Erudite? I will not be a party to violence.
Four: No one is asking you to. We just need a few more days.
[Johanna looks at Tris]
Johanna: One.
Tris: One, what?
Johanna: One more chance. See, to be Amity is to forgive; others, and yourself. You’re hurting, Tris. And my heart goes out to you. I know what it’s like to stand helpless while you lose the ones you love. But killing Jeanine is not going to bring your mother back. I know you’re angry, but you’re letting it consume you.
[suddenly they are interrupted by an Amity member]
Johanna: What is it?
[they see vans, led by Eric and Max bursting through the Amity gates]
Johanna: Stay here and keep quiet.


[Johanna goes to greet Eric and Max]
Johanna: Gentlemen, Amity welcomes you. To what do we owe the pleasure?
Max: This isn’t really a social call, Johanna.insurgent-6
Eric: We’re looking for divergents.
Johanna: I see. Well of course, anything we can do to help.
Eric: We need you to volunteer your faction to be tested.
[he holds up a device in front of Johanna to test her]
Eric: This is screening technology from Erudite.
[the device confirms Johanna is Amity]
Eric: Now that Jeanine is heading up the council, the approval process just got a little easier.
Johanna: You’re exceeding your jurisdiction.
Max: Now, Johanna, what happened to that Amity politeness? The easy way, or the hard way? It’s up to you.
[Johanna pauses a moment]
Johanna: Alright. But under protest.
[to his men]
Max: Okay, we’re good to go! Move it out!


[over the speakers]
Voice: All of Amity report to the dome. All come to the dome for new mandatory testing. Please proceed to the dome for mandatory testing.
[Four, Tris, Peter and Caleb are hiding in Johanna’s office as the soldiers round up Amity members for testing]
Eric: You know something, lady? You seem awfully stuck in that doorway.
[he moves past Johanna to enter the building to her office]
Four: Eric’s here. We need to move now, come on.
[Tris, Peter and Caleb go to follow Four]
Eric: What’s up there?
[they hear Eric down the stairs and Four motions for them to stop]
Johanna: Just my office.
[Eric hears one of the horses in the stables and goes to investigate; to the others]
Four: Go, go, go!


[looking out the windows from Johanna’s office]
Tris: There’s two guards with guns.
[Four opens the window]
Caleb: We’re going out the window?
Four: We need to split up.
Peter: Okay, yeah. All good. Every man for himself.
Four: Good.
[just as Four and Tris are about to leave Peter shouts out]
Peter: Hey, they’re up here!
[to Tris]
Four: Go, go, go!


Peter: Hey, hey! Eric, they’re up here! Come on, they’re getting away!
[Four, Tris and Caleb get out the window]
Four: You ready?
[they jump down, attack the two guards, take their weapons and make a run for it]
Eric: Where?
Peter: Out the window!
[over the radio]
Eric: I got three on foot making a break toward the dome!
[in the dome as they Amity members are being tested]
Dauntless Soldier #1: Got one!
[over the radio]
Eric: Repeat, three on foot toward the dome.
[one of the soldiers spots Four, Tris and Caleb making a run for it]
Dauntless Soldier #2: Over there!


[just as one of the Dauntless soldiers is about to shoot the trio Marcus step in front of him]
Marcus: I demand amnesty!
Dauntless Soldier #2: Get down, now!
Marcus: I believe in Abnegation, it’s my right!
[as they are making a run for it Four notices the dauntless soldier knocking Marcus out, the soldiers then shoot at the trio]


[back in Johanna’s office; to his men referring to Peter]
Eric: Detain him!
[Peter puts up his hands as the soldiers point their weapons at him]
Peter: Woh!
Dauntless Soldier: Let’s go!
Peter: Okay.
[the soldiers grab hold of him]


[to Tris and Caleb as they are making a run for it out of Amity]
Four: Come on, keep moving!
[Eric goes after them with three of his vans following]insurgent-4
Four: Come on! Come on!
[Eric and his soldiers continue to chase after them]
Four: Come on!
[the trio run into the woods, Eric and his men are forced to chase them on foot]
Four: Keep going. Keep going.
[they hear a train in the distance]
Four: Listen!
Caleb: What?
Tris: Train!


[as the Dauntless soldiers start shooting at them]
Four: Go, go, go, go, go! Come on!
Tris: Caleb!
Four: Keep moving!
[Four stops to shoot at the soldier as Tris and Caleb cross over the train tracks]
Tris: Go!
[Four runs out of bullets]
Four: Ammo!
[Tris starts shooting at the Dauntless soldiers from across the train tracks, Four manages to jump across the train tracks just as the train approaches]


[to Caleb]
Four: Come on. Go, go! Move!
[the trio chase along the train, Tris hops on to it and holds out her hand to Caleb]
Four: Go, go, go!
Tris: Hang on!
Four: Move!
[Caleb manages to grab hold of Tris’s hand and hops onto the train with Four following behind him]


[as the trio are catching their breath on the train a group interrupts them]
Edgar: Oh, you folks sure know how to make an entrance!
Four: Factionless.
Edgar: Amity. You stand like Dauntless.
[pointing to Caleb]
Edgar: I have no idea what this one is.
Four: Look, we just need to get to the city, that’s all.
Edgar: Well too bad, the train is taken. And you damaged our cargo.
[Caleb steps in between Four and Edgar]
Caleb: These are Abnegation fabric bolts, and…and you are Factionless, right?
Tris: Caleb.
Caleb: I used to be Abnegation. We used to use those…those same bolts to make clothes for you.
Edgar: Are you saying that we’re stealing from you?
Caleb: No. No, no, no, I’m no longer Abnegation, so technically you’re not stealing from me. No, you’re not stealing at all. It’s…I mean, maybe. It’s a…it’s a questions of semantics I suppose whether it’s stealing or charity. But it’s…it’s all really the same.


[Tris pushes Edgar away as he goes to grab Caleb]
Tris: That’s enough!
Four: Everybody relax, alright? You’ve made your point. We’ll get off your train, alright?
Edgar: Guys, would everybody just relax, okay? Why don’t we, uh… take a seat?
[suddenly he pushes Caleb and Four punches Edgar and Tris stops Caleb from falling out of the train]
Tris: Caleb!
Caleb: I’m sorry! I was just trying to help!
Tris: Don’t!
Edgar: Oh, yeah. This is going to be fun, isn’t it?
Four: Everybody, just calm down, alright?
[as Tris goes to attack Four grabs her wrist to stop her]
Edgar: Aaah!
[Tris suddenly punches Edgar and the others start attacking them, Caleb rushes into the other train compartment to hide but as one of them attacks him he ends up beating him to death, horrifying him]


[Edgar attacks Tris as Caleb watches, just as he’s about to strangle her to death Four pulls him off of Tris]
Four: You alright?
Tris: Yeah.
Four: Okay.
[the rest of the Factionless group join Edgar and pull out their weapons]
Four: Tobias Eaton.
Edgar: You say that again!
Four: Tobias Eaton.
Edgar: What, you know him?
Four: I am him.
[Edgar laughs]
Edgar: We have been looking for you.
Tris: Four, what are they talking about?
[Four walks off]
Tris: Four!


[the Factionless, along with Tris, Four and Caleb jump off the train; to Four]
Edgar: Follow me.
[Tris and Caleb follow behind Four]
Caleb: Tris, I’m sorry, I wanted to help. I…
[as they follow Edgar]
Tris: Four. Four. Why are they looking for you? How do they know your name?
[Four doesn’t reply as Edgar takes them through the Factionless compound]
Caleb: This is Factionless? This is insane.


[Edgar takes the trio to their leader and Four’s mother, Evelyn]insurgent-5
Evelyn: Tobias!
Four: Mother.
[whispers to Tris]
Caleb: I thought she was dead.
[Evelyn looks at Tris and Caleb to join them in her meeting with Four]
Evelyn: You too.


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