By Preet Patel (Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA)


Imagine, you’re alone on a ship far from home. Your fellow passengers left to explore a planet, but you do not see them for years. When the passengers come back, only a few hours had passed for them. Scientifically, this is possible. Filled with theories that have yet to be disproven is a major reason why Interstellar is an amazing movie. The movie is also filled with complex and difficult to create visual effects. The plot itself also give the movie an eye drawing effect which helps wrap the effects of the movie and the drama portion together. The first noticeable major event that happens is the event of traveling through a wormhole.

A wormhole is a ‘shortcut’ from path A to B. Imagine a piece of paper with a point on each end of the page. The way the wormholes work is relatable to folding the paper in half to connect the two points. The wormhole in the movie is presented correctly. In space, it looks like a sphere, yet it is 1.25 miles in diameter one way and 10 billion-light years long. Although this may not make sense, it matches the scientific theories on wormholes currently presented in the science community. Being scientifically accurate, those who are well versed in the many theories can enjoy the movie without having the blaring of inaccuracy skewing their view. Another large scientific event that happens is the severe change in time around super massive black holes.

The way time works is it is bent around anything high in mass. When the passengers make a trip down to the water planet, time moves one hour on the planet to seven years everywhere else. This shows the same effect of time being bent around the super massive black hole. It was done so by using one character who stayed back in the ship while everyone else went to the planet in a dropship. When the dropship passengers came back hours later, their friend was decades older. Although it seems unrealistic, this is one of the most accepted theories of time and mass. These major science events show the amount of research and backing this movie has making it a great movie.

Interstellar even leaves some of the more unknown aspects of science to interpretation and baffle the viewers. For example, the fourth dimension in which time was a physical object is how the protagonist ends up communicating with his daughter. This ties the movie in a full circle through plot and is baffling because that truly could be a possibility. The movie is filled with complex visuals. For example, the scene where they are about to enter the worm hole is graphically impressive. They were able to portray an image that does not really exist extremely well.

Another impressive animation is one of a wide shot of the black hole. A human cannot see a black hole directly. The black hole here was designed in the best way so that it was visually pleasing. The black hole had an accretion disc around it, which is made of gas and dust, to add to the visual appeal. The last major event that was visually pleasing was when the protagonist was about to go into the black hole. The approach and the journey through the point of no return, where even light gets pulled in, of the black hole are based all on the most accepted theory of how a black hole would take in a visible object.

This movie has won the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects. The visual effects are important for this movie to be able to develop because the audience needs to stay engaged, and that is achieved with the level of complexity this movie brings. The scientific accuracy along with the complex visual effects makes this movie entertaining. The entertainment aspect of the movie along with the plot and push of finding a new home for humanity with the lack of resources to do so gives this movie such good anticipation and makes the movie amazing.

Rating: 5/5




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