By Matej Zagar (Croatia)


This film is one of my all-time favorites. I can’t really remember when a movie impressed me so much, made me contemplate life and existence, and brought out so many emotions in me. It brings us to a place of unease and also relief about some of the world’s largest problems. While the movie’s themes are connected to world problems on an existential and civilizational scale, family issues are presented in a paradoxical way by showing how far someone is willing to go for his family. What is someone willing to do to protect his own? Can you save your family if you abandon them?

This film is set in the mid-21st-century dystopian future. The world is facing hard times and humanity is coping with ecological and sustainability issues on a global scale. It starts off in the US with an American family of farmers and shows their hardship by painting a picture as to how everyday life is more difficult and much more different during that time as opposed to today. Dust storms and crop blights are tearing the world apart and there is a constant shortage of resources and energy. The future of the Earth is uncertain, but scientific predictions are catastrophic. The movie paints the apocalyptic picture so well that at moments it’s frightening how likely this scenario might actually be. The story follows a group of astronauts, one of which is the father of the family, who venture in to space through a wormhole to try to find a way to save the Earth and humanity. The crew faces many challenges and tragedies on their journey and is ultimately unsure of their return to Earth. The film also follows the lives of the other family members back on Earth and their suffering.

What amazed me was how tense and dramatic it is from start to finish. A combination of special effects and an extraordinary cast made this a masterpiece. There was a lot of thought put into defining the characters, and I was struck at how relatable their moral dilemmas were. It constantly shifted between astonishing imagery and sci-fi scenes with some touching and dramatic scenes. I was not expecting to experience such a connection with the movie’s characters and their problems because it rarely happens for me with sci-fi movies. But this is not a regular science fiction film. The suspense was never ending. Although three hours long, I never had a moment to pause as it switched between breathtaking scenes in outer space and those back on Earth—every moment somehow dramatic.

Christopher Nolan directed and co-wrote the screenplay with his brother Jonathan. Nolan’s amazing talent never ceases to amaze me, and I have loved almost every one of his movies. But I especially admire him for this movie. He worked very close with theoretical physicists and astrophysicists alongside the special effects team to create these startlingly accurate scenes. The special effects are jaw dropping, but what’s even more amazing is how they managed to create realistic situations and abstract ideas to portray physics problems and how the characters tackled them. Although science fiction, almost everything seemed plausible and believable.

It is a great movie that I would recommend to everyone. Even if someone dislikes science fiction, I believe they could enjoy this motion picture.

Rating: 5/5



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