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Cooper: CASE, how much time?interstellar-18
CASE: Forty-five to an hour.
Cooper: The stuff of life, huh? What’s this gonna cost us, Brand?
Brand: A lot. Decades.
Cooper: God! What happened to Miller?
Brand: Judging by the wreckage she was broken up by a wave soon after impact.
Cooper: How’s the wreckage stayed together after all these years, huh?
Brand: Because of the time slippage. On this planet’s time she only just landed hours ago. She probably just died minutes ago.
CASE: The data Doyle received was just the initial status echoing endlessly.
Cooper: Oh, we are not prepared for this. You eggheads have the survival skills of a boy-scout troop.
Brand: Well we got this far on our brains, further than any human in history.
Cooper: Well not far enough! And now we’re stuck here till there won’t be anyone left on Earth to save.
Brand: I’m counting every minute same as you, Cooper.


Cooper: Is there any possibility, I don’t know, maybe some way we could jump in a black hole and gain back the years?
[Brand shakes her head and looks away]
Cooper: Don’t shake your head at me.
Brand: Time is relative, okay? It can stretch and it can squeeze, but, it can’t run backwards! Just can’t. The only thing that can move across dimensions, like time, is gravity.
Cooper: Okay. The beings that led us here, they communicate through gravity, right?
Brand: Yes.
Cooper: Could they be talking to us from the future?
Brand: Maybe.
Cooper: Okay, if they can…?
Brand: They are beings of five dimensions. Right, to them, time might be another physical dimension. To them, the past might be a canyon that they can climb into, and the future, a mountain that they can climb up, but to us, it’s not. Okay? Look, Cooper, I screwed up. I’m sorry. But you knew about relativity.


Cooper: Brand. My daughter is ten years old. Couldn’t teach her Einstein’s theories before I left.
Brand: Couldn’t you have told her you were going to save the world?
Cooper: No. When you become a parent, one thing becomes really clear. And that is that you want to make sure your children feel safe. And it rules out telling a ten year old that the world’s endin’.
CASE: Cooper.
[Cooper looks out the window to see another massive wave approaching]
Cooper: How long for the engines, CASE?
CASE: A minute or two.interstellar-17
Cooper: Well we don’t have it! Helmets on! Brand, co-pilot, you’re up. CASE, run the cabin oxygen through the main thrusters. We’re gonna spark it!
CASE: Roger that.
[Brand takes her seat]
Brand: Locked!
Cooper: Depressurizing. Engines up!
[Cooper gets the Ranger up and out of the planet]


[back at the Endurance Romilly, now significantly aged, opens the doors to let Brand and Cooper in]
Brand: Hello, Rom.
Romilly: I’ve waited years.
Cooper: How many…how many years?
Romilly: By now it must be twenty-three years, four months, eight days.
[Cooper looks visibly upset]
Romilly: Doyle?
[Cooper enters Endurance without replying]
Brand: I thought I was prepared, I knew the theory, I… Reality is different.
Romilly: And Miller?
Brand: There’s nothing here for us.
[she goes over to Romilly and puts her hands gently on his face]
Brand: Why didn’t you sleep?
Romilly: Oh, I had a couple of stretches. I stopped believing you were coming back. Something seemed wrong about dreaming my life away. I learned what I could from the black hole, but I couldn’t send anything to your father. We’ve been receiving but nothing gets out.
Brand: Is he alive?
Romilly: Oh, yeah.
Brand: Yeah?
Romilly: Yeah.
[Brand starts to break down and cry]
Romilly: We’ve got years of messages stored.


[Cooper sits to watch the video messages left for him over the years]
Cooper: Cooper.
Computer: Messages span twenty-three years.
Cooper: Play from the beginning.
[message from Tom starts playing]
Young Tom: Hey, Dad. Just checkin’ in, sayin’ hi. Um…finished second in school, Miss Carlin’s still giving me Cs though. Pulled me down, but second’s not bad. Grandpa attended the ceremony. Um…oh, I met another girl, dad. I, uh…I really think this is the one. Her name is Lois. That’s her right there.
[Tom holds up a photo of Lois, Cooper, overwhelmed with emotion, begins weeping]
Young Tom: Murphy stole grandpa’s car. She crashed it, she’s okay though.
[we see another message from Tom showing him as an adult]
Tom: Hey, Dad. Look at this!
[Tom holds up his baby next to him]
Tom: You’re a grandpa. His name’s Jesse. I kind of wanted to go with Coop, but Lois says maybe next time. And Donald says he’s already got the ‘great’ part so, we’re just gonna leave it at that.
[to Jesse]
Tom: Say goodbye to Grandpa. Goodbye, grandpa.


[Cooper continues to watch his messages, the next one shows Tom looking despondent]
Tom: Sorry, it’s been a while. Just…what with Jesse and all. Uh…grandpa died last week. We buried him out in the back plot next to mom, and Jesse. Which is where we would’ve buried you if you’d ever…come back. Murph was there at the funeral. We don’t see her that much, but she came for that.
[Tom hesitates]
Tom: You’re not listening to this, I know that. All these messages are just…drifting out there in the darkness. Lois says that, uh…I have to let you go. And, uh…so, I guess…I’ll let you go. I don’t know where you are, Dad. But I hope that you’re at peace. And…goodbye.
[Tom turns off the camera, Cooper touches the screen not wanting to let go when suddenly a message from a now adult Murph comes up]


Murph: Hi, Dad.
Cooper: Hey, Murph.
Murph: You son of a bitch. I never made one of these when you were still responding because I was so mad at you for leaving. And then when you went quiet, I feel like I should’ve lived with that decision, and I have. But today is my birthday. And it’s a special one, because you told me…you once told me that when you come back weinterstellar-19 might be the same age. And today I’m the age you were when you left.
[as Murph begins to cry Cooper becomes emotional again and starts weeping]
Murph: So it would be a real good time for you to come back.
[Murph wipes the tears from her eyes and ends the message]


[after ending her message to Cooper, Murph turns and sees the Professor behind her]
Professor Brand: I didn’t mean to intrude. It’s just that I’ve never seen you in here before.
Murph: I’ve never been in here before.
[Murph wheels the Professor to his office]
Professor Brand: I talk to Amelia all the time. It helps. I’m glad you’ve started.
Murph: I haven’t. I just had something I needed to get out.
Professor Brand: I know they’re still out there.
Murph: I know.
Professor Brand: There are so many reasons their communications might not be getting through.
Murph: I know, Professor.
Professor Brand: I’m not sure what I’m more afraid of. Them never coming back or coming back to find we’ve failed.
Murph: Then let’s succeed.
Professor Brand: So, back to the fourth iteration. Let’s run it through some new fields.
Murph: With respect, Professor, we’ve tried that hundreds of times.
Professor Brand: It only has to work once, Murph.


Professor Brand: Every rivet that they strike could’ve been a bullet. We’ve done well, in the world here, whether or not we crack the equation, before I kick the bucket.
Murph: Don’t be morbid, Professor.
Professor Brand: I’m not afraid of death. I am an old physicist. I’m afraid of time.
[later Murph looks at the equation on the black board in the Professor’s office]
Murph: Time. You’re afraid of time. For years we’ve been trying to solve the equation without changing the underlying assumption about time.
Professor Brand: And?interstellar-21
Murph: And it means each iteration is an attempt to prove its own proof, it’s recursive it’s nonsensical.
Professor Brand: Are you calling my life’s work nonsense, Murph?
Murph: No, I’m saying that you’ve been trying to finish it with one arm, no, with both arms tied behind your back. And I don’t understand why.
Professor Brand: I am an old man, Murph. Can we take this point up at another time? I want to talk to my daughter.
[the Professor turns his wheelchair and wheels himself out]


[Brand is sat watching a message from her father]
Professor Brand: Stepping out into the universe, we must confront the reality of interstellar travel. We must reach far beyond our own lifespans. We must think, not as individuals, but as a species. “Do not go gentle into that good night.”
[later Cooper, Brand and Romilly are sat trying to figure out which planet to go to next]
Cooper: TARS kept the Endurance right where we needed her but the trip took years longer than what we anticipated. We no longer have the fuel to visit both prospects, so, we’ve got to choose.
Romilly: But how? They’re both promising. And Edmunds data is better, but Dr. Mann is the one still transmitting.
Brand: We’ve got no reason to suspect Edmunds data would’ve soured. His world has key elements to sustain human life.
Cooper: As does Dr. Mann’s.
Brand: Cooper, this is my field. And I really believe Edmund’s is the better prospect.
Cooper: Why?
Brand: Gargantua, that’s why. Look at Miller’s planet. Hydrocarbons, organics, yes; But no life. Sterile. We’ll find the same thing on Mann’s.
Romilly: Because of the black hole?
Brand: Murphy’s Law. Whatever can happen, will happen. Accidents are the first building block of evolution, but when you’re orbiting a black hole, not enough can happen, it sucks in asteroids and comets, other events which would otherwise reach you. We need to go further afield.


Cooper: You once said that Dr. Mann was the best of us.
Brand: He’s remarkable. We’re only here because of him.
Cooper: And yet here he is, he’s on the ground, and he’s sending a very unambiguous message, telling us to come to his planet.
Brand: Granted. But Edmund’s data is more promising.
Romilly: We should vote.
Cooper: Well, if we’re going to vote, there’s something you should know. Brand, he has a right to know.
Brand: That has nothing to do with it.
Romilly: What does?
Cooper: She’s in love with Wolf Edmunds.
Romilly: Is that true?
Brand: Yes. And that makes me want to follow my heart. But maybe we’ve spent too long trying to figure all this out with theory.


Cooper: You’re a scientist, Brand.
Brand: So listen to me, when I say that love isn’t something we invented, it’s observable, powerful. It has to mean something.
Cooper: Love has meaning, yes, social utility, social bonding, child rearing…
Brand: We love people who have died, where’s the social utility in that?
Cooper: None.
Brand: But maybe it means something more, something we can’t yet understand. Maybe it’s some evidence, some artifact of a higher dimension that we can’t consciously perceive. I’m drawn across the universe to someone I haven’t seen in a decade. Who, I know, is probably dead. Love is the one thing we’re capable of perceiving that transcends dimensions of time and space. Maybe we should trust that, even if we can’t understand it yet.
[there’s a moment’s pause]
Brand: Alright, Cooper. Yes! The tiniest possibility of seeing Wolf again excites me. But that doesn’t mean I’m wrong.
Cooper: Honestly, Amelia, it might.
[overcome with emotion Brand gets up and leaves]
Cooper: TARS, chart a course for Dr. Mann’s.


[back on earth the corn field on Cooper’s farm has been set on fire]
Tom: We’ll lose about a third again. Next year…next year, I’m gonna work Nelson’s farm and I’ll make it up.
Murph: What happened to Nelson?
[Tom and Murph walk back to the house]interstellar-22
Lois: Murph, have you eaten enough? Would you like some more Soufflé?
Murph: Oh, no, I’m full. Thanks. It was delicious.
[to Tom’s son, Coop]
Lois: Finish your food, alright?
[to Murph]
Lois: Will you spend the night? Your room is exactly as you left it. It’s…
Murph: I need to get back.
Lois: My sewing machine is in there, but there’s plenty…
Murph: I need to…too many memories.
Tom: Well, we might have something for that. Coop.
[Tom and Coop rise, Coop starts clearing the table when he begins coughing]
Lois: Dust.
Murph: Lois, I have a friend who could look at his lungs.
[Lois doesn’t reply as Tom returns to the table with a bottle of wine]


[back on the Endurance]
Cooper: Amelia, I’m sorry.
Brand: You’re just being objective. Unless you’re punishing me for screwing up on Miller’s planet,
Cooper: You know this wasn’t a personal decision.
Brand: Well, if you’re wrong, you have a very personal decision to make. Your fuel calculations are based on a return journey. Strike out Mann’s planet and we’ll have to decide whether to return home, or push onto Edmonds with Plan B. Starting a colony could save us from extinction. You might have to decide between seeing your children again or the future of the human race. I trust you’ll be as objective then.
[Brand walks off]


[Murph goes to the hospital where her partner Getty directs her to the Professor’s room]
Getty: He has been asking for you since he came to. We were trying to reach you.
[Murph enters the room and goes to sit by the Professor’s bedside]
Murph: Hey.
Professor Brand: Murph?
Murph: I’m here, Professor.
Professor Brand: I think I’ve let you all down.
Murph: No, you got us so far. We’re close. I’ll finish what you started.
Professor Brand: Good, good, Murph. You had faith. All those…all those years, I asked you to have faith. I wanted you to believe that your father would come back.
Murph: I do, Professor.
Professor Brand: Forgive me, Murph.
Murph: There’s nothing to forgive.
[the Professor starts to break down]
Professor Brand: I lied, Murph. I lied to you. There was no need for him to come back. There’s no way to help us.
Murph: But Plan A? All this? All these people? And the equation?
[the Professor shakes his head]
Murph: Did my father know? Did he leave me?
Professor Brand: “Do not go gentle…”
[the Professor passes away]
Murph: No. No! You can’t leave. No!


[Murph sends a video message to Brand to inform her the Professor’s death]
Murph: Dr. Brand, I’m sorry to tell you that your father died today. He had no pain. He was at peace. I’m very sorry for your loss.
[she goes to turn off the video but stops herself]
Murph: Brand, did you know? He told you, right? You knew. This was all a sham. You left us here. To suffocate. To starve.
[we see that no one is watching Murph’s message as Cooper, Brand and Romilly have already left on the Ranger]


[as they enter Mann’s planet the Ranger hits a frozen cloud]
Cooper: Frozen cloud.
[they land on Mann’s planet which is an icy planet, they find Mann’s pod and after entering they wake Mann from hypersleep, Mann gets overwhelmed to see another human again and begins to cry in Cooper’s arms]
Cooper: It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s okay.
[a little while later after Mann has calmed down]interstellar-20
Dr. Mann: Pray you never learn just how good it can be to see another face. I hadn’t had a lot of hope to begin with. After so long I had none. My supplies were completely exhausted. The last time I went to sleep I didn’t even set up a waking date. You have literally raised me from the dead.
Cooper: Lazarus.
Dr. Mann: What about the others?
Romilly: I’m afraid you’re it, sir.
Dr. Mann: So far, surely.
Cooper: No. In our present situation there’s very little chance of rescuing any others.


Brand: Dr. Mann. Dr. Mann, tell us about your world.
Dr. Mann: Our world, we hope. Our world, uh… it’s cold, stark, but undeniably beautiful. The days are sixty-seven hours long, cold. The nights are sixty-seven far colder hours.
[we see Mann taking the other three out to show them the planet before going back to his pod to show them the results of his expeditions]
Dr. Mann: The gravity is a very, very pleasant eighty percent of the Earth. Now up here, where I landed, the water is alkali and the air has too much ammonia to breathe for more than just a few minutes. But down at the surface, and there is a surface, the chlorine dissipates, the ammonia gives way to crystalline hydrocarbons. Breathable air, to organics. Possibly even to life. We might be sharing this world.
Brand: These readings are from the surface?
Dr. Mann: Over the years I’ve dropped various probes.
Cooper: How far have you explored?
Dr. Mann: I’ve managed several major expeditions, but with oxygen in limited supply, KIPP there, really did most of the legwork.
[he looks over to his robot which is no longer in use]


[referring KIPP]
TARS: What went wrong with him, sir?
Dr. Mann: Degeneration. He misidentified the first organics we found as ammonia crystals. We struggled on for a time, but ultimately I decommissioned him, used his power source to keep the mission going. I thought I was alone before I even shut him down.
TARS: Would you like me to take a look at him?
Dr. Mann: No, no. He needs a human touch.
TARS: Dr. Brand, CASE is relaying a message for you, from the station.
Brand: Okay, be right there. Excuse me.
[Brand goes over to watch Murph’s video on the monitor]
Murph: Dr. Brand, I’m sorry to tell you that your father died today. He had no pain. He was at peace. I’m sorry for your loss.
[Cooper goes over to comfort Brand]
Brand: Is that Murph? She’s…she’s grown!
[just then they hear the rest of Murph’s message]
Murph: Brand, did you know? He told you, right? You knew. This was all a sham. You left us here. To suffocate. To starve. Did my father know too?
[Murph begins to cry]
Murph: Dad! I just want to know if you left me here to die? I just have to know!
[as Murph cries she ends the message]


Brand: Cooper, my father dedicated his whole life to plan A, I have no idea what she’s talking about.
Dr. Mann: I do.
[Brand and Cooper turns to face Mann]
Cooper: He…he never even hoped to get the people off the Earth?
Dr. Mann: No.
Brand: But he has been trying to solve the gravity equation for forty years.
Dr. Mann: Amelia, your father solved his equation before I even left.
[Brand begins to cry]
Brand: Then why wouldn’t he use it?
Dr. Mann: The equation couldn’t reconcile relativity with quantum mechanics. You need more.
Cooper: More? More what?
Dr. Mann: More data. You need to see into a black hole. The laws of nature prohibit a naked singularity.
Cooper: Romilly, is that true?
Romilly: If a black hole is an oyster then the singularity is the pearl inside. The gravity is so strong it’s always hidden in darkness, beyond the horizon. That’s why we call it a black hole.
Cooper: Okay, if we see beyond the horizon.
Romilly: We can’t, Coop.
Dr. Mann: There are some things that aren’t meant to be known.


Dr. Mann: Your father had to find another way to save the human race from extinction. Plan B: a colony.
Brand: But the people? Why keep building those stations?
Dr. Mann: Because he knew how hard it would be to get people to work together to save the species instead of themselves. Or their children.
Cooper: Bullshit.
Dr. Mann: You never would have come here unless you believed you were gonna save them. Evolution has yet to transcend that simple barrier. We…we can care deeply, selflessly about those we know. But that empathy rarely extends beyond our line of sight.
Brand: But the lie? That monstrous lie?interstellar-23
Dr. Mann: Unforgivable. And he knew that. He was prepared to destroy his own humanity in order to save the species. He made an incredible sacrifice.
Cooper: No! No, an incredible sacrifice is being made by the people on Earth who are gonna die! Because in his fucking arrogance he declared their case hopeless.
Dr. Mann: I’m sorry, Cooper. Their case is hopeless.
Cooper: No. No.
Dr. Mann: We are the future.
Brand: Cooper. Cooper, what I can do?
Cooper: Let me go home.


[back on Earth Murph is driving with Getty in the truck]
Getty: You’re absolutely positive?
Murph: His solution was correct, he’s had it for years.
Getty: It’s worthless?
Murph: It’s half the answer.
Getty: Okay. Well how do you find the other half?
Murph: Up there, a black hole. But stuck down on Earth?
Getty: Yeah?
Murph: I’m not sure you can.
[as they drive through town they encounter a dust storm and a stream of cars driving off in the opposite direction to get away from it]
Getty: God, they just pack up and leave. What are they hoping to find?
Murph: Survival.
[as the dust storm gets too much Murph parks by the side of the road]
Murph: Dammit!


Getty: Murph, don’t…don’t people have the right to know?
Murph: Well, panic won’t help. We just have to keep working, same as ever.
Getty: Yeah, but isn’t that exactly what Professor Brand was manipulating us to do…
Murph: Brand gave up on us. I’m still trying to solve this.
Getty: So, do you have an idea?
Murph: A feeling. I told you about my ghost. My dad thought I called it a ghost because I was scared of it. But I was never scared of it. I called it a ghost because it felt….it felt like a person. It was trying to tell me something. If there is an answer here on Earth, it’s back there, somehow in that room. So I have to find it. We’re running out of time.


[as Cooper prepares for his journey back to Earth]
CASE: What about auxiliary oxygen scrubbers?
Cooper: They can stay, CASE. I’ll be sleeping most of the way anyway.
Romilly: Hey, Coop?
Cooper: Yeah?
Romilly: I have a suggestion for your return journey.
Cooper: Yeah, What’s that?
Romilly: Have one last crack at the black hole.
Cooper: I’m going home, Rom.
Romilly: Yeah, I know. This isn’t gonna cost you any time. It’s a chance for the people on Earth.
Cooper: Talk to me.
Romilly: Gargantua is an older spinning black hole. It is what we call a gentle singularity.
Cooper: Gentle?
Romilly: They’re hardly gentle. But the tidal gravity is so quick that something crossing the horizon fast might survive. A probe say.
Cooper: What happens after it crosses?
Romilly: After, the horizon is a complete mystery. So, what’s to say that there isn’t some way that the probe can glimpse the singularity and relay the quantum data? If he’s equipped to transmit every form of energy that can pulse…
TARS: Just when did this probe become a “he” professor?


Romilly: TARS, is the obvious candidate. I’ve already told him what to look for.
TARS: I’ll need the old optical transmitter on KIPP, Cooper.
Cooper: You would do this for us?
TARS: Before you get all teary, try to remember that as a robot I have to do anything you say.
Cooper: Your cue light’s broken.
TARS: I’m not joking!
[just then TARS turns on his cue light indicating he’s joking]


Romilly: I’m gonna need TARS to remove and adapt some components from KIPP.
Dr. Mann: Well, I don’t wanna disturb his archival functions.
Romilly: Well, I’ll supervise.
Dr. Mann: Alright.
Cooper: Dr. Mann, we need to find three secure sites. One for Brand’s lab and two for habitat. And once those modules have landed, you don’t wanna move ’em.
Dr. Mann: Well I can take you to the probes sites, but I don’t think this…these conditions are gonna hold. I think we should wait.
Cooper: CASE is headed back down with the rest of the distillery equipment. I’d really like to secure those sites by nightfall.
Dr. Mann: Well, these squalls do usually blow over.
Cooper: Okay then.
Dr. Mann: But you’re gonna need a long range transmitter.
Cooper: Got it.
Dr. Mann: Are you charged?
Cooper: Yeah.
Dr. Mann: Follow me.
[Mann starts heading off and Cooper follows him]
Cooper: TARS, seventy-two hours, yeah?
TARS: Roger that, Cooper.


[Mann takes Cooper to secure their three sites on the planet]
Dr. Mann: Brand told me why you feel you have to go back. But I’d be remiss if didn’t at least mention that a mission such as ours could certainly use an extra engineer.
[Cooper notices the Ranger taking off, he contacts CASE who’s navigating the Ranger]
Cooper: Oh, you better slow down, turbo. Safety first, CASE, remember?
CASE: Safety first, Cooper.interstellar-24
Cooper: Well, I have to tell you, Dr. Mann, I’m honored to be a part of this. But once we set up base camp, secure those modules, my work is done here. I’m going home.
[at the same time we see Murph and Getty going back to Murph’s old family home where Lois greets them]
Dr. Mann: You have attachments. But even without a family, I can promise you that…that yearning to be with other people is powerful. That emotion is at the foundation of what makes us human. It’s not to be taken lightly.


[as Murph returns to her old room Getty tries to help Lois and Coop with their coughs]
Getty: How long have you had that cough?
Lois: A while.
[in her old room, Murph has flashback to when she placed the watch Cooper on the bookcase as she cried]
Coop: Mom lets me play in here. I don’t touch your stuff.
[back with Mann and Cooper]
Dr. Mann: Just take this gently.
[they jump down the mountain with the aid of their space suits]
Dr. Mann: You know why we couldn’t just send machines on these missions, don’t you, Cooper? A machine doesn’t improvise well, because you can’t program the fear of death. Our survival instinct is our single greatest source of inspiration. Take you for example; father, with a survival instinct that extends to your kids. What does research tell us is the last thing you’re gonna see before you die? Your children. Their faces. At the moment of death, your mind is gonna push a little bit harder to survive. For them.


[Murph and Coop walk into the kitchen where Getty is examining Lois]
Getty: Uh, hey. I bet you’re Coop. Why don’t you have a seat here for me?
[to Murph]
Getty: It’s bad. They cannot stay here. Okay?
Murph: Yeah.
[back on Mann’s planet, Romilly is supervising TARS activating KIPP]
Romilly: TARS, what’s taking so long?
TARS: Professor, I’m having trouble completing the boot-up.
Romilly: I don’t understand.
[Cooper is still following Mann who stops at the side of a hill]
Dr. Mann: It’s funny. When I left Earth, I thought I was prepared to die. The truth is, I never really considered the possibility that my planet wasn’t the one. Nothing worked out the way it was supposed to.
Cooper: Let’s go.
[suddenly Mann removes Cooper’s emergency oxygen pack from his helmet and throws it down the hill after which he then pushes Cooper down the hill]


[back at the old family house Getty examines Coop]
Getty: Oh, hey, buddy. Why don’t you give me a big deep breath.
[just then Tom enters the house]
Tom: What is this?
[back to Mann and Cooper who is holding on to the side of the hill after Mann pushed him]
Cooper: What are you doing?!
[Mann starts making his way down to Cooper]
Dr. Mann: I’m sorry, I can’t let you leave with that ship. We’re gonna need it to complete the mission. Once the others realize what this place isn’t, we cannot survive here! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!
[as he reaches Cooper he starts striking Cooper’s hand with the spikes on his boots, Cooper fights back and they both fall further down the hill]


[to Tom; referring to Lois and Coop]
Murph: They can’t stay here anymore.
Getty: You have to leave, right now. Okay? Let me…let me make something abundantly clear, you have a responsibility…
[suddenly Tom punches Getty in the face]
Getty: Jesus!
Tom: Coop, get her stuff, she’s goin’ home.
Murph: Dad didn’t raise you to be this dumb, Tom!
Tom: Dad didn’t raise me, grandpa did, and he’s buried out back with mom and Jesse.


Cooper: You faked it, all the data.
Dr. Mann: Yes.
Cooper: There’s no surface.
Dr. Mann: No. I tried to do my duty, Cooper. But I knew, the day that I arrived here, this place had nothing and I resisted the temptation for years. But I knew that if I just pressed that button, then somebody would come and save me.
Cooper: You fucking coward.
Dr. Mann: Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.
[Mann walks over to Cooper and attacks him again; then it’s back to Murph and Tom]
Murph: Listen, if you’re not gonna go, let your family go. Just let…save your family.
Tom: And we go live underground? With you? Pray that daddy comes to save us?
Murph: Dad’s not coming back. He never was coming back. It’s up to me!
Tom: Are you gonna save everybody? Cause dad couldn’t do it?
Murph: Dad didn’t even try! Dad just abandoned us! He left us here to die.
Tom: Nobody is going with you.
Murph: You’re gonna wait for your next kid to die?
Tom: Get out, and don’t come back.
[Murph turns and sees Coop carrying her box of stuff]
Murph: You can keep my stuff.


[back with Mann and Cooper who continue to fight each other]
Cooper: Stop it!
[suddenly Mann starts slamming his head against Cooper’s visor]
Cooper: No.
[Mann does it again and cracks the glass on Cooper’s visor]
Cooper: No!
[Mann continues slamming his head onto Cooper’s visor]
Cooper: Dr. Mann, there’s a fifty-fifty chance you’re gonna kill yourself!
Dr. Mann: Those are the best odds I’ve had in years!
[Mann slams his head onto Cooper’s visor again and finally cracks open the glass making Cooper loose oxygen, Mann then takes Cooper’s transmitter from him]
Dr. Mann: Don’t judge me, Cooper. You were never tested like I was. Few men have been.


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