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[suddenly Brandt grabs hold of Tony’s arm and twists it, slamming his head onto the table, Tony manages to quickly grab hold of Chad’s dog tags that were on the table]
Rose Hills Sheriff: Hey, hey, hey! What’s all this about? What the hell’s going on here?
Brandt: It’s called an arrest.
[she pushes Tony to the ground and steps towards the Sheriff]
Brandt: Sheriff, is it?
Rose Hills Sheriff: Yes ma’am, it is. And you are?
Brandt: Homeland Security.
[she holds up her badge]
Brandt: We good here?
Rose Hills Sheriff: No, we’re not good. I need a little more information than that.
Brandt: Well, I think it’s a little above your pay grade, Sheriff.
Rose Hills Sheriff: Yeah, well, why don’t you get on the horn to Nashville and uh…upgrade me?
[Tony gestures to Mrs. Davis to hide the file, she pushes it under the bar]


Brandt: Alright, you know what? I was hoping to do this the smart way, but uh…the fun way’s always good.
[Tony notices her hand turning red hot, burning the badge in her hand]
Rose Hills Sheriff: Deputy, get this woman and…
[suddenly Brandt shoves the hot badge into the Sheriff’s face, she takes his gun and shoots him, Tony runs out of the bar and Brandt follows him, he turns to her]
Tony Stark: Hey hot wings, you wanna party? You and me, let’s go.
[as Tony turns to run again he sees Savin getting out of a car and walk towards him, as Savin gets his gun out to shoot at him, Tony runs off and Harley throws something at Savin to make him miss Tony, Tony stops behind a car and sees a man hiding low on the ground]
Tony Stark: Crazy, huh?
Rose Hill Christmas Tree Shopper: Yeah.
Tony Stark: Watch this.
[Tony smashes into the window of a shop]


[as Tony and Brandt are fighting in the shop, Tony starts a fire in shop]
Tony Stark: You walked right into this one, I’ve dated hotter chicks than you.
[Tony puts Chad’s dog tags into the microwave and he turns on the gas]
Brandt: That’s all you got? Cheap trick and a cheesy one-liner?
Tony Stark: Sweetheart, that could be the name of my autobiography.
[Tony quickly leaves through the back door, as the dog tags heat up in the microwave they start sparking up fire, Brandt realizes the gas has been left on and suddenly the shop explodes killing Brandt]


[Tony finds the Savin has grabbed Harley]
Harley Keener: Let me go!
[Savin mocks Harley]
Savin: Help me! Help me!
[as Tony’s leg is trapped under some rubble, Savin sits in front of him with Harley sat on his lap]
Savin: Hey kid, what would you like for Christmas?
Harley Keener: Mr. Stark, I am so sorry!
Savin: Oh. No, no. I think he was trying to say ‘I want my goddamn file.’
Tony Stark: It’s not your fault kid. Remember what I told you about bullies?
[Harley realizes Tony is referring to the device Tony had given to Harley earlier, Harley quickly uses the device which blasts Savinto the ground]
Tony Stark: You like that, West World?
[Harley runs off]
Tony Stark: That’s the thing about smart guys, we always cover our ass.
[suddenly Tony brings up his hand and uses Iron Man plasma blaster to render Savin immobile, Tony gets his leg out from under the rubble and takes Savin’s car keys]


[Tony walks toward Savin’s car looking at the file Mrs. Davis had given him]
Harley Keener: You’re welcome!
Tony Stark: For what? Did I miss something?
Harley Keener: Me saving your life.
Tony Stark: Yeah. A: Saved you first, B: Thanks, sort of, and C: If you do someone a solid, don’t be a yutz, alright? Just play it cool otherwise you come off grandiose.
Harley Keener: Unlike you? Admit it, you need me. We’re connected.
[Tony opens the door to Savin’s car]
Tony Stark: What I need is for you to go home, be with your mom, keep your trap shut, guard the suit. And stay connected to the telephone, because if I call, you better pick up. Okay? Can you feel that? We’re done here. Move out of the way or I’m gonna run you over. Bye, kid.


[Tony gets into the car, he starts the engine and rolls down the window]
Tony Stark: I’m sorry, kid. You did good.
Harley Keener: So now you’re just gonna leave me here, like my dad?
Tony Stark: Yeah.
[there’s a moment’s pause]
Tony Stark: Wait, you’re guilt-tripping me, aren’t you?
[Harley starts to play up to Tony’s sympathies]
Harley Keener: I’m cold.
[Tony mocks him]
Tony Stark: I can tell. You know how I can tell? Cause we’re connected.
[Tony takes off]
Harley Keener: It was worth a shot.


[as the Mandarin has managed to hack into the TV airwaves to present another one of his messages]
Vice President’s Analyst: Mr. Vice President, I think you should see this.
Vice President Rodriguez: Oh my God, not again. Is the President getting this?
[on Air Force One, President Ellis watches the Mandarin delivering his message]
The Mandarin: Mr. President, only two lessons remain. And I intend to finish this before Christmas morning. Meet Thomas Richards.
[we see a man tied up and lying on the floor in front of the Mandarin]iron-man-3-11
The Mandarin: Good strong name, good strong job. Thomas here is an accountant for the Roxxon Oil Corporation. And I’m sure he’s a really good guy. I’m gonna shoot him in the head, live on your television, in thirty seconds.
[Richards starts crying, Mandarin points to the telephone placed next to him]
The Mandarin: The number for this telephone is in your cell phone. Exciting, isn’t it? Imagining how it got there. America, if your president calls me in the next half-minute, Tom lives. Go.


President Ellis: How did he hack my phone?
President’s Aide: We can’t allow terrorists to dictate…
President Ellis: I have to make this call.
President’s Aide: I’d strongly advise against that.
President Ellis: This is the right thing to do.
[Ellis makes the call, everybody watches as the phone next to the Mandarin rings, but he doesn’t take the call, instead, he points his gun at Richard and shoots him]
The Mandarin: There’s just one lesson left, President Ellis. So run away, hide, kiss your children goodbye. Because nothing, not your army, not your red, white and blue attack dog can save you! I’ll see you soon.
[Mandarin goes off the air]
President Ellis: Tell Rhodes, find this lunatic right now.
President’s Aide: Sir, we tracked the broadcast signal. We have a possible point of origin in Pakistan and the Patriot is ready to strike.
President Ellis: Right now!
President’s Aide: Yes, sir.


[reading through the file, Tony notices that the word MIA on a document also spells AIM, when the document is flipped backwards; we then see Rhodes dressed as the Iron Patriot breaking up a terrorist meeting in Pakistan]
Colonel James Rhodes: Don’t move!
[the men in the room put their hands up, then at that moment Rhodes cell phone start ringing]
Colonel James Rhodes: Uh…hang on a second.
[turns to answer the call]
Colonel James Rhodes: Hello.
Tony Stark: Did you ever have a chick straddling you and you look up and suddenly she’s glowing from the inside out, kind of a bright orange?
Colonel James Rhodes: Yeah, I’ve had that. Who is this?
Tony Stark: It’s me, pal. Now last time I went missing, if I remember correctly, you came looking for me. What are you doing?
Colonel James Rhodes: A little knockin’ talking, making friends in Pakistan. What are you doing?
Tony Stark: Your re-design, your big re-brand, that was AIM, right?
Colonel James Rhodes: Yeah.


Tony Stark: I’m gonna find a heavy-duty comsat right now, I need your login.
Colonel James Rhodes: It’s the same as it’s always been, War Machine 68.
Tony Stark: And password please?
Colonel James Rhodes: Well, look, I gotta change it every time you hack in, Tony.
Tony Stark: It’s not the eighties, nobody says ‘hack’ anymore. Give me your login.
Colonel James Rhodes: War Machine Rox with an X, all caps.
[one of the men in the room laughs, the gun on Rhodes suit points at the man he shuts up, this also makes Tony laugh]
Colonel James Rhodes: Yeah, okay.
Tony Stark: That is so much better than Iron Patriot.


[at a televised beauty pageant, where we also see Stan Lee playing a beauty pageant judge, Tony manages to get into one of the camera crew vans to use their computer]
Tony Stark: That ain’t gonna cut it.
[suddenly a cameraman making call on his cell phone, opens the van door]
Gary the Cameraman: Excuse me, sir. I don’t know who…
Tony Stark: Ssh…
[the cameraman suddenly recognizes Tony]
Gary the Cameraman: Mom, I need to call you back, something magical is happening.
Tony Stark: Ssh.
Gary the Cameraman: Tony Stark is in my van.
Tony Stark: Keep it down.
Gary the Cameraman: Tony Stark is in my van!
Tony Stark: No, he’s not.
Gary the Cameraman: I knew you were still alive!
Tony Stark: Come on in and close the door.
[he comes into the van and closes the door]


Gary the Cameraman: Wow, can I just say, sir?
Tony Stark: Yeah.
Gary the Cameraman: I am your biggest fan.
Tony Stark: Okay. First, is this your van, is anyone else gonna come in?
Gary the Cameraman: No, no, no. It’s just us.


Tony Stark: What’s your name?
Gary the Cameraman: Gary.
Tony Stark: Gary.
[Tony shakes his hand]
Gary the Cameraman: Oh, wow.
Tony Stark: Right there’s fine.
Gary the Cameraman: Okay.
Tony Stark: I get a lot of this, it’s okay.
Gary the Cameraman: Oh, good. Can I just say?
Tony Stark: What do you… Yeah.
Gary the Cameraman: I don’t know if you can tell, but I have like, patterned my whole look after you.
[he takes his hat off to show his hair]
Gary the Cameraman: My hair’s a little…it’s not right.
Tony Stark: It’s fine.
Gary the Cameraman: Because there’s no product in it.
Tony Stark: Right.


Gary the Cameraman: I don’t wanna make things awkward for you..
Tony Stark: You’re not.
Gary the Cameraman: But I do have to show you…boom!
[he rolls his sleeve up to show that he has a tattoo of Tony on his arm]
Tony Stark: A Hispanic Scott Baio? Oh, I’m sorry. Is that me?
Gary the Cameraman: Yeah. It’s uh… I mean, I had them do it off a doll that I made, so it’s not like it’s off a picture. So it’s a little bit…
Tony Stark: Jerry, listen to me, okay? I don’t wanna clip your wings here, we’re both a little over-excited. I got an issue. I’m chasing bad guys, trying to grapple with something from some hard-crypt data files. I don’t have enough juice. I need you to jump on the roof, right? Recalibrate the ISDNs, pump it up by about forty percent.
Gary the Cameraman: Got it.
Tony Stark: Right, it’s a mission.
Gary the Cameraman: Yeah.
Tony Stark: Tony needs Gary.
Gary the Cameraman: And Gary needs Tony.
Tony Stark: Be quiet about it.
Gary the Cameraman: Yeah.
Tony Stark: Go.


[Tony manages to log into AIM’s server and investigate their research, he watches a video footage of Chad Davis being interviewed by Aldrich]
Aldrich Killian: What would you regard as the defining moment of your life?
Chad Davis: Well, uh…I think that’d be the day I decided not to let my injury beat me.
[Tony finds the footage of Brandt, who’s lost one of her arms, being interviewed]
Aldrich Killian: Will you please state your name for the camera?
Brandt: Ellen Brandt.
Aldrich Killian: Okay. So, the injections are administered periodically. Addiction will not be tolerated and those who cannot regulate will be cut from the program.
[Tony watches another footage showing Aldrich giving a speech to a group of injured soldiers]
Aldrich Killian: Once misfits, cripples…you are the next iteration of human evolution.


[Tony watches another footage showing Project Extremis, Phase 01, where the injured soldiers are getting their first treatment]
Aldrich Killian: Hi, everybody. Before we start, I promise you, looking back at your life there will be nothing as bitter as the memory of that glorious risk that you prudently elected to forego. Today is your glory. Let’s begin!
[as the soldiers start getting injected with the treatment, they start to glow red and heat up, their crippled limbs regrowing, but some of them reject the treatment and shout in pain as they glow red hot]
Aldrich Killian: We gotta get out of here! Gotta get out of here! Get ’em out! Get ’em out of here!
[the soldier that had rejected the treatment suddenly heats up and explodes]
Tony Stark: A bomb is not a bomb when it’s a misfire. This stuff doesn’t always work, right, pal? It’s faulty, but you found a buyer, didn’t you? Sold it to the Mandarin. Got you.


[Maya and Pepper are staying a room at a hotel]
Maya Hansen: What happened? Fun fact; before he built rockets for the Nazis, the idealistic Werner von Braun dreamed of space travel, he star gazed. Do you know what he said when the first V2 hit London? The rocket performed perfectly, it just landed on the wrong planet. See we all begin wide-eyed, pure science. And then the ego steps in, the obsession. And you look up, you’re a long way from shore.
Pepper Potts: You can’t be too hard on yourself, Maya. I mean you gave your research to a think tank.
Maya Hansen: Yeah, but Killian built that think tank on military contracts.
Pepper Potts: That’s exactly what we used to do, so don’t judge yourself.
Maya Hansen: Thank you, Pepper. I really appreciate that.


[there’s a knock on their door and Pepper goes to answer it]
Pepper Potts: Hi, good evening.
Room Service Waiter: Good evening.
Pepper Potts: Come on in.
[as the room service waiter is about to enter with the food trolley, suddenly he’s grabbed from behind by Aldrich, who snaps his neck]
Pepper Potts: Maya, run!
[as Pepper turns to run, Aldrich grabs her by the throat and slams her into the wall]
Aldrich Killian: Hi, Pepper.


[Aldrich looks at Maya as he holds Pepper by the throat]
Aldrich Killian: So you want to tell me why you were at Stark’s mansion last night?
Maya Hansen: I’m trying to fix this thing. I didn’t know you and the Master were gonna blow the place up.
Aldrich Killian: Oh, I see. So you were trying to save Stark, when he threatened us.
Maya Hansen: I told you, Killian, we can use him.
[Pepper tries to grab hold of Aldrich’s throat]
Aldrich Killian: Pepper, Pepper, Pepper.
Maya Hansen: Look if we wanna launch product next year, I need Stark. He just lacked a decent incentive. Now he has one.


[as Rhodes is flying in his suit]
Support Team: This is Support Team Blue Zero, sending coordinates for suspected Mandarin broadcast point of origin.
Colonel James Rhodes: Copy.
[Rhodes breaks into a woman’s sweatshop]
Colonel James Rhodes: Nobody move!
[realizing that this is a sweatshop]
Colonel James Rhodes: Oh. Support Blue Zero, unless the Mandarin’s next attack on the U.S. involves cheaply-made sportswear, I think you messed up again.
[to the women]
Colonel James Rhodes: Yes, you’re free, uh…if you weren’t before.


[the women start to leave the room]
Colonel James Rhodes: It’s…of course. Yes ma’am.
[some of the women shake his hand as they leave]
Colonel James Rhodes: Iron Patriot on the job. Happy to help, no need to thank me, it’s my pleasure.
[we see the last woman shaking Rhodes hand suddenly glowing orange, as she heats up she renders Rhodes immobile making him fall to the ground, she takes off her burka and makes a call]
Sweat Shop Agent: Savin, I’ve acquired the Patriot armor.
Colonel James Rhodes: You want this suit? You’re gonna have to pry my cold, dead body out of it.
Sweat Shop Agent: That’s the plan, Colonel.


[as he’s driving, Tony makes a call to Harley]
Tony Stark: Harley, tell me what’s happening, give me a full report.
Harley Keener: Yeah, I’m still eating that candy, do you want…do you want me to keep eating it?
Tony Stark: How much did you have?
Harley Keener: Two or three bowls.
Tony Stark: Can you still see straight?
Harley Keener: Sort of.
Tony Stark: That means you’re fine. Give me Jarvis.
[Harley puts the phone onto the Mark 42 helmet that’s hooked up to a computer]


Tony Stark: Jarvis, how are we?
Jarvis: It’s totally fine, sir. I seem to do quite well for a stretch and then at the end of the sentence I say the wrong cranberry. And, sir, you were right. Once I factored in available AIM downlink facilities, I was able to pinpoint the Mandarin’s broadcast signal.
Tony Stark: What’re we talkin’? Far East, Europe, North Africa, Iran, Pakistan, Syria, where is it?
Jarvis: Actually, sir, it’s in Miami.
Tony Stark: Okay.
[to Harley]
Tony Stark: Kid, I’m gonna have to walk you through rebooting Jarvis’ speech drive, but not right now. Harley, where is he really? Just look on the screen and tell me where it is.
[Harley looks at the computer screen]
Harley Keener: Um…it does say Miami, Florida
Tony Stark: Okay, first things first, I need the armor. Where are we at with it?
Harley Keener: Uh…it’s not charging.
[suddenly Tony pulls off the road and stops the car]


Jarvis: Actually, sir, it’s charging, but the power source is questionable. It may not succeed in revitalizing the Mark 42.
Tony Stark: What’s questionable about electricity? Alright, it’s my suit and I can’t…I’m not gonna…I don’t wanna…
[Tony starts having another panic attack and gets out of the car]
Tony Stark: Oh God, not again.
Harley Keener: Tony? Are you having another attack? I didn’t even mention New York.
Tony Stark: Right, and then you just said it, by name, while denying having said it!
Harley Keener: Okay…um…uh…
Tony Stark: Oh, God. What am I gonna do?


[Tony, looking out of breath, sits on the ground]
Harley Keener: Just breathe. Really, just breathe. You’re a mechanic, right?
Tony Stark: Right.
Harley Keener: You said so.
Tony Stark: Yes, I did.
Harley Keener: Why don’t you just build something?
[Tony pauses as he thinks for a moment, then looking calmer he rises]
Tony Stark: Okay, thanks kid.
[Tony gets back in the car, picks up equipment at the hardware store and uses the items to build homemade weapons, which he then uses to infiltrate the Mandarin’s headquarters in Miami]


[after Tony has infiltrated Mandarin’s headquarters]
Sleepy Mandarin Girl: Why is it so hot in here? I told you to put it at sixty-eight.
Annoyed Mandarin Guard: My fault again. Let me tell you something sweetheart, I am not your personal…
[Tony sneaking up from behind uses his homemade weapon to electrocute the guard, then he picks up the guard’s gun and finds his way to the film set where the Mandarin delivers his messages, he finds a bed with two women in it, then as he hears the toilet flushing he hides and the Mandarin comes out of the toilet]
The Mandarin: Well, I wouldn’t go in there for twenty minutes!
[the Mandarin laughs]


The Mandarin: Now, which one of you is Vanessa?
Mandarin Party Girl #2: That’s me.
The Mandarin: Ah, Nessie! Did you know that fortune cookies aren’t even Chinese?
[Tony peeks out from behind the large bed post]
Mandarin Party Girl #1: There’s some guy over here…
[the Mandarin doesn’t hear her and carries on]
The Mandarin: They’re made by Americans, based on…based on the Japanese recipes.
[suddenly Tony comes out from behind the bed post with his gun pointed at the Mandarin]
Tony Stark: Hey!
[the Mandarin immediately puts his hands up]
The Mandarin: Bloody hell. Bloody hell.


Tony Stark: Don’t move.
The Mandarin: I’m not moving. If you want something, take it, although the guns are all fake because those wankers wouldn’t trust me with the real ones.
Tony Stark: What?
The Mandarin: Hey, do you fancy either of the birds?
Tony Stark: Heard enough. You’re not him. The Mandarin, the real guy, where?! Where’s the Mandarin?! Where is he?!
The Mandarin: Woh! Woh! He’s here. He’s here.
[the Mandarin sits and point to himself]
The Mandarin: But he’s not here. He’s here, but he’s not here.
Tony Stark: What do you mean?
The Mandarin: It’s complicated. Hey, it’s complicated, alright?
Tony Stark: It is?
The Mandarin: It’s complicated.
Tony Stark: Uncomplicate it. Ladies out. Get out of the bed, get in the bathroom.
[the two women follow his order, Tony keeps pointing his gun at the Mandarin]
Tony Stark: Sit.


[after the two girls leave the room, the Mandarin tries to sneak of by crawling away, but Tony notices and shoots in front of him to stop him, the Mandarin gets back in his chair]
The Mandarin: My name is Trevor, Trevor Slattery.
Tony Stark: What are you? What’re you a decoy? You’re a double, right?
The Mandarin: What? Like an understudy? No, absolutely not.
[Tony points his gun at the Mandarin again]
The Mandarin: Don’t hurt the face! I’m an actor.
Tony Stark: You got a minute to live, fill it with words.
The Mandarin: Just a role. ‘The Mandarin’, see, it’s not real.
Tony Stark: Then how did you get here, Trevor?
The Mandarin: Um…well, I um…I have a little problem with, um…substances, and I ended up, um…doing things, no two ways about it. In the street that a man shouldn’t do.
Tony Stark: Next!
The Mandarin: And then, they approached me about the role and they knew about the drugs.


Tony Stark: What did they say they’d get you off ’em?
The Mandarin: Said they’d give me more. They gave me things, they gave me this palace. They gave me plastic surgery. They gave me things.
[the Mandarin closes his eyes and starts snoring]
Tony Stark: Did you just nod off?
[Tony kicks his leg to wake him]
Tony Stark: Hey!
The Mandarin: No! And a lovely speedboat! And the thing was, he needed someone to take credit for some ‘accidental explosions’.
Tony Stark: He? Killian?
The Mandarin: Killian.
Tony Stark: He created you?
The Mandarin: He created me.
Tony Stark: Custom-made terror threat.
[the Mandarin rises and gets some drinks]


The Mandarin: Yes! Yes! His think tank thinked it up, the pathology of the serial killer. The manipulation of Western iconography.
[he puts on the Mandarin voice]
The Mandarin: Ready for another lesson? Blah, blah, blah. Of course, it was my performance that brought the Mandarin to life.
Tony Stark: Your performance? Where people die?
The Mandarin: No, they didn’t. Look around you, costumes, green screen. Oh, honestly, I wasn’t on location for half this stuff. When I was, it was movie magic, love.
Tony Stark: I’m sorry, but I got a best friend who’s in a coma and he might not wake up. So you’re gonna have to answer for that. You’re still going down, pal. You under…
[suddenly Savin comes up behind Tony, Tony turns to shoot but Savin hits him, knocking him out unconscious]


[after knocking out Tony]
Savin: Okay, Trevor, what’d you tell him?
The Mandarin: I didn’t tell him anything.
Savin: Nothing?
The Mandarin: No.
Savin: You should’ve pressed the panic button.
The Mandarin: Well I panicked, but then I handled it.


[Tony wakes to find himself in an old looking lab with his hands shackled above his head, he’s been zip-tied to a metal bed frame, he sees Maya working on a computer, she turns to face him]
Maya Hansen: Just like old times, huh?
Tony Stark: Oh yeah, with zip-ties. It’s a ball.iron-man-3-13
Maya Hansen: It wasn’t my idea.
Tony Stark: Okay, so you took Killian’s card.
Maya Hansen: I took his money.
Tony Stark: And here you are, thirteen years later in a dungeon.
Maya Hansen: No.
Tony Stark: Yeah.
Maya Hansen: No, you’re in a dungeon. I’m free to go.
Tony Stark: Yeah.


[Maya walks over to Tony]
Maya Hansen: A lot’s happened, Tony, but I’m close. Extremis is practically stable.
Tony Stark: I’m telling you it isn’t! I’m on the street, people are going ‘bang’, they’re painting the walls. Maya, you’re kidding yourself.
Maya Hansen: Then help me fix it.
[she holds up the note that Tony had left her 13 years ago in Bern after their one night stand, where he’d written ‘You know who I am’, she turns the note and we see that he’d written an equation]
Tony Stark: Did I do that?
Maya Hansen: Yes.
Tony Stark: I remember the night, not the morning. Is this what you’ve been chasing around?
Maya Hansen: You don’t remember?
Tony Stark: I can’t help you. You used to have a moral psychology. You used to have ideals. You wanted to help people, now look at you. I get to wake up every morning with someone who…still has her soul.
[Maya looks at him with tears in her eyes]
Tony Stark: Get me out of here. Come on.
[Maya turns and walks away from Tony]


[Aldrich walks into the lab]
Aldrich Killian: You know what my old man used to say to me? One of his favorite of many sayings, ‘The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.’
Tony Stark: You’re not still pissed about the Switzerland thing, are you?
Aldrich Killian: How can I be pissed at you, Tony? I’m here to thank you. You gave me the greatest gift that anybody’s ever given me. Desperation. If you think back to Switzerland, you said you’d meet me on the rooftop, right? Well for the first twenty minutes, I actually thought you’d show up. And the next hour, I…well I considered taking that one step shortcut to the lobby, if you know what I mean.
Tony Stark: Honestly, I’m still trying to figure out what happened to the first mouse.
Aldrich Killian: But as I looked out over that city, nobody knew I was there, nobody could see me, no one was even looking. I had a thought that would guide me for years to come. Anonymity, Tony. Thanks to you, it’s been my mantra ever since, right? You simply rule from behind the scenes. Because the second you give evil a face, a Bin Laden, a Gaddafi, The Mandarin, you hand the people a target.
Tony Stark: You’re something else.
Aldrich Killian: You have met him, I assume?
Tony Stark: Yeah, Sir Lawrence Oblivier.
Aldrich Killian: I know he’s a little over the top sometimes. It’s not entirely my fault, he has a tend…he’s a stage actor. They say his Lear was the toast of Croydon, wherever that is. Anyway, the point is, ever since that big dude with the hammer fell out of the sky, subtlety’s kind of had its day.


Tony Stark: What’s next for you in your world?
Aldrich Killian: Well, I wanted to repay you with the same gift that you so graciously imparted to me.
[he throws three small metal balls onto the floor and as they roll and stop, they project the image of Pepper being tied up and held hostage]
Aldrich Killian: Desperation. Now, this is live. I’m not sure if you can tell, but at this moment the body is trying to decide whether to accept Extremis or just give up.
[we see Pepper is glowing orange and in pain as the effects of being injected with Extremis take hold of her body]
Aldrich Killian: And if it gives up, I have to say the denotation is…it’s quite spectacular. But until that point, it’s really just a lot of pain.
[he turns off the image showing Pepper]
Aldrich Killian: We haven’t even talked salary yet.
[Aldrich walks up to Tony and suddenly grabs him by the throat]
Aldrich Killian: What kind of perk package are you thinking of? Hm?
[Aldrich starts glowing orange]
Maya Hansen: Let him go.


[to Tony]
Aldrich Killian: Hold on, hold on.
[Aldrich lets go of Tony’s throat and turns to face Maya]
Aldrich Killian: Maya…
Maya Hansen: I said let him go!
[she points an Extremis injector at herself]
Aldrich Killian: What are you doing?
Maya Hansen: 1200cc’s, a dose half of this size, I’m dead.
Aldrich Killian: It’s times like these my temper is tested somewhat. Maya, give me the injector.
Maya Hansen: If I die, Killian, what happens to your soldiers? What happens to your product?
Aldrich Killian: We’re not doing this, okay?
Maya Hansen: What happens to you? What happens if you go too hot?
[Aldrich pauses for a moment, then looks at Tony as he shoots Maya, killing her]
Aldrich Killian: The good news is, a high level position has just been vacated.
Tony Stark: You’re a maniac.
Aldrich Killian: No, I’m a visionary. But I do own a maniac, and he takes the stage tonight.
[Aldrich leaves the lab]


[somewhere inside the compound, Aldrich meets up with Savin]
Savin: Once we get the Patriot installed, it’ll take me nine…ten minutes for a take down.
Aldrich Killian: Well, that’s great. But the last time I looked there was somebody inside of it.
[they walk into a room where Rhodes, still inside his Iron Patriot suit, has been shackled and two men are using electric saws to pry the suit off him]
Aldrich Killian: Afternoon, gentlemen. Hello, Colonel.
[to the men]
Aldrich Killian: Step aside.
[Aldrich’s touches the suit and starts glowing orange, heating it up]
Aldrich Killian: We’ll get you out of there, don’t worry.
Savin: You’ll damage the armor.
Aldrich Killian: Yes, I will. But you can fix it, right? I’m gonna take the suit up to base camp, and I want Potts with me.
Savin: She’s still in Phase 2.
Aldrich Killian: You’re not going deaf, are you?


[as two of Aldrich’s henchmen keep watch over Tony, they hear the alarm on the kid’s watch Tony was wearing go off, indicating Mark 42 suit in Tennessee has been revitalized, one of the henchmen picks up the watch]
Tony Stark: Careful there, it’s a limited edition.
[to the other guard]
Tony Stark: Hey, uh…Ponytail Express. What’s the mileage count between Tennessee and Miami?
Ponytail Express: Eight hundred and thirty-two miles.
Tony Stark: Very nice.
Ponytail Express: I’m good like that.


[to the other guard, referring to the alarm on the watch]
Ponytail Express: Can you, uh…stop that?
Tony Stark: Break it, you bought it!
[the guard drops the watch on the ground and stomps on it]
Tony’s Guard: I think I bought it.
Tony Stark: Okay, that wasn’t mine to give away. That belongs to my friend’s sister, and that’s why I’m gonna kill you first.
Tony’s Guard: What’re you gonna do to me?
Tony Stark: You’ll see.
Tony’s Guard: You’re zip-tied to a bed.
[suddenly Tony moves his hands up as if to motion his suit]
Tony Stark: This.
[nothing happens and the guards just stare at him, Tony moves his hand again]
Tony Stark: That.
[still nothing happens]


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