Starring: Steve Carell, Rose Byrne, Chris Cooper, Topher Grace, Natasha Lyonne, Mackenzie Davis, C.J. Wilson, Will Sasso


Comedy drama written and directed by Jon Stewart. The story follows Democratic political strategist, Gary (Steve Carell), who helps a retired Marine Colonel, Jack Hastings (Chris Cooper), run for mayor in a small Wisconsin town. Gary believes he has found the key to winning back the Heartland. However, the Republican National Committee counters him by sending in his nemesis, Faith (Rose Byrne), and a local race quickly becomes a fight for the soul of America.


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[to his team]
Gary Zimmer: Democrats are getting their a**es kicked. We need some way to road test a more rural-friendly message.
[he shows them footage of an retired marine colonel at a town meeting]
Colonel Jack Hastings: If you can’t live your principles in the bad times, then I guess they aren’t principles, they’re just hobbies.
Team Member: Nice.
Gary Zimmer: John Wayne and a tractor have a baby, and all you can say is “nice”?
Team Member: [sarcastically] Oh, my God. It’s so nice.


Gary Zimmer: Colonel Jack Hastings is our key back into the great now swing-state of Wisconsin. He just doesn’t know it yet.


Gary Zimmer: Can I be completely honest with you, no bull?
Colonel Jack Hastings: It’d be nice. My daughter’s here.
Gary Zimmer: That was your daughter, with her arm up the cow?


Gary Zimmer: [to Hastings] But I would like to offer my services to help you run for Mayor of Deerlaken.


[as they are trying to film Hastings]
Gary Zimmer: Could we quiet the cows please! And if you could get some of them to face front.
[to himself]
Gary Zimmer: Oh, my God.


[referring to the cows]
Gary Zimmer: Don’t put all the black ones in the center! He’s running as a Moderate.


[at a local bar]
Gary Zimmer: Guys like me don’t know how to talk to guys like you.
[to the bartender]
Gary Zimmer: Do you have bottle opener?
Bar Patron #1: No, that’s just a twist-off.
Gary Zimmer: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, I know.
[he tries to twist the top of the bottle to open it]
Bar Patron #1: Maybe he does need a bottle opener.
Bar Patron #2: Maybe use your vest.


Gary Zimmer: I am telling you guys, Jack could be the real deal. This little campaign of ours has caught the attention of the National Republican Party.


Gary Zimmer: Why are you here?
Faith: Because crushing the last piece of hope in your eyes really gets me off.


Faith: It’s good to see you.
Gary Zimmer: Yeah.
Faith: You look fat.
[she then licks his face]


Faith: I’m going to make a big deal of this. Tons of press. Lots of money.


Gary Zimmer: It’s on here, boys. Game on!


Colonel Jack Hastings: This seems a bit crazy.


Gary Zimmer: This is the A-Team.


Gary Zimmer: All you have is fear.
Faith: Twenty bucks says I do better with fear than you do with shame.


[both being interviewed on the news]
Faith: The Democrat Party can’t win. They’re getting desperate. This is really just another perfect example of the DC elite trying to dictate how we should live.
Gary Zimmer: That’s we, you’re DC elite.
Faith: Oh, no. Actually, I’m from here. I’m from Deerlaken.
Gary Zimmer: That’s a lie. That’s a lie!
Faith: No.
Gary Zimmer: No! That’s, what are you even doing?
Faith: I’m from here.
Gary Zimmer: You’re not from Deerlaken!
News Anchor: Okay. Well that’s all we have. A great spirited discussion.
Faith: Thank you so much
Gary Zimmer: No! Hey! No!
[the camera cuts them off]


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