By Julia Tulher (Rio de Janeiro. RJ, Brazil)


Based on Stephen King’s novel with the same name, It is a horror movie directed by Andy Muschietti; wrote by Cary Fukunaga, Chase Palmer and Gary Dauberman; and stared by Bill Skarsgård, as the villain Pennywise and Jaeden Lieberher, Jeremy Ray Taylor, Sophia Lillis, Finn Wolfhard, Wyatt Oleff, Jack Dylan Grazer and Chosen Jacobs as the kids.

This film tells the story of The Losers Club – a club composed by seven bullied kids – that is terrorized by a terrible and powerful thing known as It (in the film’s ending, the kids discover his real name: Pennywise the Dancing Clown). Spent in Derry, Maine in 80s, the story has a little something that remembers a lot the series Stranger Things (from Netflix) because makes many references from that times’ pop culture as bands, movies etc. – what makes watchers that lived in these years very nostalgic. The writers were very smart when took advantage of Stranger Things trend – the book’s story is in 50s -, because it calls, not just 80s people, but similarly, the younger public that watched the series to the movies.

It is a movie that makes the watcher feels part of the story, and it is a very important point in every film. The director knew how to involve the watchers; it is because everyone who watches this movie can identify themselves in each character. Talking about characters, each one has a deep identity, story and problem, and it makes the storyline more real, and consequently scarier.
Andy Muschietti was brilliant in his chose when scheduled the cast to the movie. Make the watcher identify himself or herself in a character is not just a work from the director or the writer, but mainly from the actor and the kids cast did it magnificently. Jaden Lieberher is Bill, the leader from The Losers Club, who had his little brother (George) disappeared and has the idea to kill the monster; Jeremy Ray Taylor is Ben, the chubby new student from school, who researches about the strange events that happens in the city; Sophia Lillis is Beverly the beautiful girl who has bad reputation at school; Wyatt Oleff is Stanley, the Jewish boy; Jack Dylan Grazer is Eddie, the hypochondriac and fearful boy; Chosen Jacobs is Mike, the black boy who doesn’t study at school and lost his parents in a fire; and, finally, Finn Wolfhard – known as Mike from Netflix’s series Stranger Things – is Richie, the funny guy, Richie is very important because the character’s humor brakes the film’s tension and it makes the story easier to watch.

Considering that Tim Curry was the character in the first adaptation and he did a good job, I was afraid of Bill Skarsgård acting as Pennywise; nevertheless, he did such a great job. Bill Skarsgård’s Pennywise is not scared as Tim Curry’s one, but it is not a bad thing. It is important to consider that the character is a clown and clowns are funny and, sometimes, cute, in fact the clown from 1990’s film is just too scary and does not have these clown’s characteristics. Bill Skarsgård’s clown is funny when he needs to be and is very scary when necessary; the director knew how to equilibrate it very well.

It is important to emphasize that this movie does not exclude the importance of the classic one. Actually, I recommend to people who watch the new one, try to do the same with the oldest, and to people who watched the first one, do the same with these to note the differences and similarities between the two movies. It is recommended to Stephen King’s novel lovers and to horror movies fans too.

Rating: 5/5



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