By Vinod (Singapore)


It Follows is a horror movie about a supernatural entity that is following Maika Monroe’s character. It is a horror movie whose focus is on creating atmosphere and tension rather than on developing the story, which I thought was a great decision.

It is quite a traditionally made horror movie and it does not rely too much on things such as effects and loud noises for its scare factor. Instead, the thing I found most scary part about It Follows was the psychological horror aspect of it. In the movie, the main antagonist could take the form of any normal person, so it creates an atmosphere of constant danger and suspense. Also, they were able to make any regular looking person seem frightening because of this, and I thought that that was a delightfully refreshing way to get scared.

It Follows also has a very ominous atmosphere that absorbed me completely and made me engrossed for the whole movie. This was largely thanks to the electronic soundtrack used in the movie, which felt both eerie and modern. There was not a lot of emphasis on the acting of the cast and character development, which is something that is to be expected from most horror movies nowadays. However, I felt that that was a good thing because it added to the overall suspenseful and creepy atmosphere.

The story of the movie does get a little confusing and random towards the end, however. Some story elements didn’t really make sense and they didn’t have any connection to the story. Plus, certain plot details were randomly added in to give the movie a conclusion. Even though the tension and the creepy feeling towards the end of the movie still held up at the climax, it didn’t really make sense and that took me out of it a little bit.

Still, this is one of the better horror movies of recent years and I think that it is up there with the Babadook and The Conjuring. On a slightly unrelated note, this is probably the worst possible movie to watch with a date ever.


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