Directed by: Sophie Peters-Wilson
Starring: Sara Ruth Blake, Timothy J. Cox, Abigail Spitler

Short drama, written and directed by Sophie Peters-Wilson, which centers on a young girl (Abigail Spitler) as she’s being told the devastating news of her parents’ (Timothy J. Cox and Sara Ruth Blake) marriage breaking up and how in a few short moments she goes back in her memories to look at her parents relationship with a fresh perspective rather than what she thought those moment were or wanted them to be.

Right from the opening shot the viewer immediately feels the tension and anxiety coming from the parents, skillfully expressed by all three actors, without any words being spoken. And as the story quickly unfolds we see that the dialogue is secondary to the plot, which in fact is what makes this short drama so much more interesting to watch.

What brings the whole story together is the excellent use of flashback and music, which could have gone so wrong since this film is so short, as it swiftly and clearly reveals that the happy moments the girl was experiencing with her parents were in fact the moments she sees the truth of what was happening to her parents relationship and the reasons for it, and how it was impacting her life, and in the end it is what finally helps the girl decide how to handle the news.

Verdict: The breakup of any relationship is hard and even more so when children are involved and this short drama really brings home the reality of it transiently and competently the message that while not wanting to deny the sadness and pain that children will feel, however in the end the decision to end a relationship could actually be the best thing for that child and in fact setting them up for a better future and relationship with their parents.



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