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[after she has saved Rochester from the fire burning him in his sleep]
Jane Eyre: A noise aroused me from my sleep.
Rochester: What noise?
Jane Eyre: There was someone at my door.
Rochester: Stay here. Don’t make sound.
[he leaves her in his room]


[Jane looks up to see Rochester return to his room a few hours after the fire incident]
Rochester: Say nothing about this. You’re no talking fool.
Jane Eyre: But…jane-eyre-8
Rochester: I’ll account for this state of affairs. Say nothing.
Jane Eyre: Yes, sir.
[she walks past him and hands him back his robe as if to leave]
Rochester: Is that how you would leave me? Jane, fire is a horrible death. You’ve saved my life. Don’t walk past me as if we were strangers.
Jane Eyre: But what am I to do then?


[he holds out his hand and she places her hand in his]
Rochester: I have a pleasure in owing you my life.
Jane Eyre: There is no debt.jane-eyre-11
Rochester: I knew you would do me good in some way. I saw it in your eyes when I first beheld you. Their expression did not strike my very inmost being so for nothing. People talk of natural sympathies… you.
[he leans close to her as if to kiss her]
Jane Eyre: Good night then, sir.
Rochester: You will leave me then?
Jane Eyre: I am cold.
Rochester: Go.


[the day after Jane has rescued Rochester from the fire incident]
Jane Eyre: Has Mr. Rochester not sent for us today?
Mrs. Fairfax: Why he’s gone away. Were you not aware? He left after breakfast. He’s gone to The Leese. It’s Mr. Eshton’s place. I believe Blanche Ingram is there. She’s a great favorite of his. I saw her two years ago, when Mr. Rochester gave a party here. She’s a most elegant girl. They sang a duet together. They made a lovely harmony. I was quite surprised he hasn’t made a proposal, but she has no fortune. In every other way they’d make a splendid match. Perhaps it’s his intention now. He’s far more likely to have gone off to Europe. He often goes without as so much as fare ye well, and I don’t see him for a year.


[after Rochester returns to Thornfield with his party of friends]
Mrs. Fairfax: Tonight, he wants both of you in the drawing room after dinner.
Jane Eyre: Not me, surely?
Mrs. Fairfax: I was instructed to tell you, if you resist, he’ll come up and get you himself.
Jane Eyre: But I don’t have a dress.
Mrs. Fairfax: Well, don’t worry child. Who’ll notice!


[Jane is sitting in the drawing room overhearing their conversation]
Lady Ingram: I thought you were not fond of children, Mr. Rochester.
Rochester: Nor am I, Lady Ingram.
Colonel Dent: What induced you to take charge of her.
Rochester: She was left on my hands.
Blanche Ingram: Why don’t you send her to school?
Rochester: She has a governess.
Blanche Ingram: Poor child. I had about half a dozen in my day. All detestable incubi.


Lady Ingram: Mr. Rochester, beware of the governess.
Blanche Ingram: Mama thinks they’re generally hysterics.
Or degenerates. I thank heaven I have done with them.
Blanche Ingram: It’s a miracle I survived my education. I remember Miss Wilson screaming; ‘You villainous child!’
Lord Ingram: Blanche, you tried to set her hair on fire. Frequently, I might add.
[everyone laughs at this comment]
Blanche Ingram: Anyway, enough of this dreary race. We shall have music and a new subject.


[as she’s sat by the piano ready to play a tune]
Blanche Ingram: Senior Eduardo, what shall it be?
Rochester: I give you beauty.
Blanche Ingram: There’s nothing new to be said. I give you back male beauty.
Lady Ingram: Well, that’s my son!
Lord Ingram: Here, here.
Blanche Ingram: A man should pay no heed to his looks. He should possess only strength and valor. Gentlemen or highwaymen, his beauty lies in his power.
Rochester: Then a pirate would do for you?


[following Jane as she has left the drawing room]
Rochester: Why did you leave the room?
Jane Eyre: I’m tired, sir.
Rochester: Why didn’t you come and speak to me? I haven’t seen you for weeks. Would have been normal and polite to wish me good evening.
Jane Eyre: You seemed engaged.
Rochester: You look pale.
Jane Eyre: I am well.
Rochester: What have you been doing while I’ve been away?
Jane Eyre: Teaching Adele.
Rochester: You’re depressed. What’s the meaning of this? You’re eyes are full…
[he gets interrupted by Mrs. Fairfax entering to inform him of Richard Mason’s arrival]


[after finding out Richard Mason has come to visit him]
Rochester: Jane, this is a blow. If I were to go to those people, and they looked at me coldly, and sneered and then left me one by one, what would you do? Would you go with them?
Jane Eyre: No, sir. I’d stay with you.
Rochester: You’d dare condemnation for my sake?
Jane Eyre: For the sake of any friend who deserved it.


[to Jane after he’s taken her to Mason, who has been mysteriously wounded]
Rochester: I must go for the doctor. Sponge the blood away when it returns. Give him water if he wants it. Do not speak to him for any reason.
[turning to the wounded Mason]
Rochester: And Richard, on pain of death, do not speak to her.



[after Mason has been taken away by the doctor]
Rochester: It’s a strange night you’ve passed.
Jane Eyre: Yes, sir.
Rochester: You showed no fear.
Jane Eyre: I was afraid of the inner room.
Rochester: You were in no danger.
Jane Eyre: Mr. Rochester, who did that violence?
Rochester: I cannot tell you.
Jane Eyre: Why do you protect them?


Rochester: I dragged through life a capital error. Its consequence blights my existence. For years, I’ve sought to escape it. This spring I came home, heart sore and soul withered. And I met a gentle stranger whose society revives me. With her I feel I could live again in a higher, purer way. Tell me, am I justified in overleaping an obstacle of custom to obtain her?
Jane Eyre: There is an obstacle?
Rochester: A mere conventional impediment.
Jane Eyre: But what can it be? If you cherish an affection, sir, than fortune alone cannot impede you.
Rochester: Yes.
Jane Eyre: And if the lady is of noble stock, and has indicated that she may reciprocate.
Rochester: Jane, of whom do you think I speak?
Jane Eyre: Of Miss Ingram.
[Rochester gets annoyed with her answer]
Rochester: I’m asking what Jane Eyre would do to secure my happiness.
Jane Eyre: I would do anything for you, sir. Anything that was right.
Rochester: You transfix me quite. I feel I can speak to you now of my lovely one. For you’ve met her and you know her. She’s a rare one, isn’t she?
[he places a small flower in her hair]
Rochester: Fresh and healthy. Without soil or taint. I’m sure she’ll regenerate me with a vengeance.


[she walks up to Rochester and Blanche and interrupts their intimate game]
Jane Eyre: Excuse me, sir?
Blanche Ingram: Does that creeping creature want you?
Rochester: Excuse me.



[hands him a letter]
Jane Eyre: This is from my old nurse, Bessie. She says my cousin, John Reed, is dead. He squandered his fortune and has committed suicide. The news has so shocked my aunt, it’s brought on a stroke.
Rochester: What, the aunt who cast you out?
Jane Eyre: She’s been asking for me. I parted from her badly and I can’t neglect her wishes now.
Rochester: Promise me you won’t stay long.


Jane Eyre: Mr. Rochester, I’ve had no wages. I need funds for my journey.
Rochester: How much do I owe you?
Jane Eyre: Thirty pounds.
[he gets up to get the money]
Rochester: Here’s fifty.
Jane Eyre: That’s too much!
Rochester: Take your wages, Jane.
Jane Eyre: I cannot.
Rochester: Then I only have ten.
[she takes the money]
Jane Eyre: Now you owe me.
Rochester: Indeed I do. In time. I shall safe guard it here.
[pats his coat pocket where he’s placed the rest of the money]
Rochester: Do you trust me to keep it?
Jane Eyre: Not a wit, sir. But you are not to be trusted at all.
[she turns and walks out of the room]


[Jane visits Mrs. Reed at her deathbed]
Mrs. Reed: Jane, I’ve twice done you wrong. I broke the vow I made to Reed.
Please, don’t think of it.
Mrs. Reed: Open that box. Take out the letter and read it.
[Jane opens the boxes and takes out the letter reading it out loud]
Jane Eyre: Madam, will you have the goodness to send me the address of my niece, Jane Eyre. I desire her to come to me at Madeira. Fortune has blessed my endeavors and as I am childless I wish to adopt her and bequeath her at my death, whatever I may have to leave. Yours, John Eyre, Madeira.


[referring to her uncle’s letter]
Jane Eyre: This is dated three years ago. Why did I never hear of it?
Mrs. Reed: Because I wrote and told him you died of typhus at Lowood School. You called the names of the dead down upon me. You cursed me.
Jane Eyre: I would have loved you if you had let me.
Mrs. Reed: You were born to be my torment.
Jane Eyre: Then love me or hate me as you will. You have my full and free forgiveness. Be at peace.
[she walks away leaving the room]


Jane Eyre: [voice over] My dear Uncle, some years ago my aunt Reed mistakenly informed you that I had died. I’m writing to tell you that I’m very much alive and gratified to find I have a relative. I look forward to our correspondence, hoping one day we may meet. I’m currently living at Thornfield Hall, where I am governess to the ward of Mr. Edward Fairfax Rochester.


Rochester: Ah, there you are! Just like one of your tricks to steal in along with the twilight. If I dared to touch you, see if you were real. Come, Jane. Stay your wandering feet at a friend’s threshold.
[he hold out his hand to her which she takes]
Jane Eyre: Thank you, Mr. Rochester, for your great kindness. I’m strangely glad to get back again.


[to Jane]
Mrs. Fairfax: There’s been nothing official yet, but he’s ordered jewels from his bank. And he’s making preparations to travel to Europe.
[Adele enters the room and greets Jane]
Mrs. Fairfax: He’s taking to singing the operas Miss Ingram favors so well. We’ll hear their announcement soon, I’m sure.


Jane Eyre: You are to be married.
Rochester: I see Mrs. Fairfax has intimated my intention. Put my neck into the sacred noose.
Jane Eyre: Adele should go to school and I must seek another situation.
[as she’s walking away she turns]
Jane Eyre: Congratulations, sir.


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