Jane Eyre Movie Quotes: Capture the Essence of the Novel

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Directed by: Cary Fukunaga
Written by:
Moira Buffini (screenplay)
Charlotte Brontë (novel)
Mia Wasikowska – Jane Eyre
Michael Fassbender – Rochester
Judi Dench – Mrs. Fairfax
Jamie Bell – St John Rivers
Sally Hawkins – Mrs. Reed
Holliday Grainger – Diana Rivers
Tamzin Merchant – Mary Rivers
Amelia Clarkson – Young Jane
Craig Roberts – John Reed
Lizzie Hopley – Miss Abbot
Jayne Wisener – Bessie
Su Elliot – Hannah
Freya Wilson – Eliza Reed
Emily Haigh – Georgiana Reed
Simon McBurney – Mr. Brocklehurst
Sandy McDade – Miss Scatcherd
Freya Parks – Helen Burns
Edwina Elek – Miss Temple
Ewart James Walters – John
Georgia Bourke – Leah
Sally Reeve – Martha
Romy Settbon Moore – Adèle Varens


Jane Eyre movie quotes captured the passion and the essence of this great piece of classic literature. The performances are authentic and the movie itself is visually stunning, however, by the end of the movie I left feeling I wanted more!

Although this is a very worthy adaptation, since trying to whittle down so many pages from this classic novel into 2 hour movie was always going to be a challenge and scenes that work in a book will have to be left out or combined, I still felt there was too much of the more important dialogue missing which made the movie feel a bit too abrupt.

Verdict: This is one of the best movie adaptations on offer as it successfully depicts the novels moody complexity and the chemistry between the main characters.

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[first lines; as St John carries Jane into their home]
Diana Rivers: St John?
St John Rivers: I found her at the door.
Mary Rivers: She’s white as death!


Mary Rivers: St John, we would have stumbled upon her corpse in the morning. And she would have haunted us for turning her away.
St John Rivers: She’s no vagrant. I’m sure of it.


St John Rivers: Ask her, her name?
Mary Rivers: What’s your name?
[Jane hears a flashback of her name]
St John Rivers: Tell us how we may help you.
Diana Rivers: Your name?


Mr. Brocklehurst: Do you know, Jane Eyre, where the wicked go after death?
Young Jane: They go to hell.jane-eyre-3
Mr. Brocklehurst: And what is hell?
Young Jane: A pit full of fire.
Mr. Brocklehurst: Should you like to fall into this pit and be burned there forever.
Young Jane: No, sir.
Mr. Brocklehurst: How might you avoid it?
Young Jane: I must keep in good health and not die.


Mr. Brocklehurst: What is her parentage?
Mrs. Reed: She’s an orphan. Her mother was my husband’s sister. On his deathbed he exalted me to care for her. I’ve always treated her as one of my own. If you accept her at Lowood School, Mr. Brocklehurst, keep a strict eye on her. She has a heart of spite. And I’m sorry to say that her worst fault is that of utter of deceit.
Mr. Brocklehurst: You can rest assured that we shall root out the wickedness in this small ungrateful plant.
Mrs. Reed: And as for its vacations, it must spend them all at Lowood.


Young Jane: You said I was a liar. I’m not. If I were, I’d say I loved you. And I don’t. I dislike you as in anybody in the world. People think you are good, but you are bad and hard hearted. I’ll let everyone know what you have done.
Mrs. Reed: Children must be corrected for their faults.jane-eyre-1
Young Jane: Deceit is not my fault.
Mrs. Reed: But you are passionate.
Young Jane: Uncle Reed is in heaven. So are my mother and father. They know how you hate me and wish me dead. They can see! They can see everything you do! And they will judge you Mrs. Reed.
Mrs. Reed: Get out!


Jane Eyre: My name is Jane Elliott.
St John Rivers: Who can we send for to help you?
Jane Eyre: No one. I mustn’t ever be found.


Mary Rivers: It’s wonderful to see you up Miss Elliott. Last week we thought we’d be escorting your remains to an unmarked grave.
Diana Rivers: She read The Bride of Lindorf, and suddenly it’s all woebegone maidens and dramatic deaths.
Jane Eyre: I’m sorry to have caused so much trouble.
Mary Rivers: Nonsense. You’re the most exciting thing that’s happened since St John’s sermon on the fall of Babylon.


Jane Eyre: I hope I’ll not be eating long at your expense, Mr. Rivers.
St John Rivers: Then tell me where to place you.
Jane Eyre: Show me where to seek work, that is all I ask.
Mary Rivers: You’re not fit enough to work. Is she, Di?
Diana Rivers: No. Stay with us.


St John Rivers: This school you were at, Miss Elliott. This charitable institution, what did it prepare you for?
[Jane has flashback of being beaten whist at Lowood]
St John Rivers: Was it a thorough education?
Jane Eyre: Most thorough.


[to Jane as he’s making her stand on a stool in front of the class]
Mr. Brocklehurst: This is the pedestal of infamy. And you will remain upon it all day long. You will have neither food nor drink, for you must learn how barren is the life of a sinner.
[addressing the class]
Mr. Brocklehurst: Children, I exalt you to shun her. Exclude her. Shut her out from this day forth. Withhold the hand of friendship. And deny your love to Jane Eyre, the liar.



Young Jane: How do you bear being struck?
Helen Burns: Miss Scatcherd hits me to improve me. She’s tormented by my faults.
Young Jane: If she hit me, I’d get that birch and break it under her nose.
Helen Burns: She’d find another soon enough. My father used to preach that life’s too short to spend in nursing animosity.


Young Jane: At my aunt’s house, I was solitary and despised. She thought I could do without one bit of love or kindness.
Helen Burns: You are loved. There’s an invisible world all around us. A kingdom of spirits commissioned to guard you, Jane. Do you not see them?


Mary Rivers: St John?jane-eyre-4
Jane Eyre: No. Mary, please!
[gives him the drawing that Jane has done of him]
Mary Rivers: See how skilled Jane is.
[looking at the drawing]
St John Rivers: Is this how you perceive me, Miss Elliott?
[Jane does not reply]
St John Rivers: Well, how fierce I am.


[lying in bed next to a Helen, who is very sick]
Young Jane: How are you?
Helen Burns: I’m happy, Jane. I’m going home.
Young Jane: Back to your father?
Helen Burns: I’m going to God.
[Jane starts to cry]
Helen Burns: Don’t be sad. You have a passion for living, Jane. And one day you’ll come to the region of bliss.


Helen Burns: Don’t leave me. I like to have you near.
Young Jane: I will not leave you.
[Helen kisses Jane’s hand]
Young Jane: No one shall take me from you.


Jane Eyre: Mr. Rivers, I wondered if you had yet heard of any work I could do?
St John Rivers: I found you a situation some time ago. But I’ve delayed telling you because the work is lowly and I fear you’ll scorn it.
Jane Eyre: I shan’t mind what I do.


St John Rivers: When I took over the parish two years ago, it had no school. I opened one for boys. I now intend to open one for girls. The school mistress will have a cottage paid for by a benefactors and she’ll receive fifteen pounds a year. You can see how humble, how ignoble it is.
Jane Eyre: Mr. Rivers, thank you. I accept, with all my heart.
St John Rivers: But do you comprehend me? It is a village school. Cottages daughters. What will you do with all your fine accomplishments?
Jane Eyre: I will save them until they’re wanted. They will keep.


[referring to her cottage]
St John Rivers: You will be quite alone here.
Jane Eyre: I’m not afraid of solitude. This is my first home, where I’m neither dependent nor subordinate to anyone. Thank you, Mr. St John.
St John Rivers: It is small and plain, as I told you.
Jane Eyre: Then it shall suit me very well.


[meeting Jane for the first time]
Mrs. Fairfax: How do you do, my dear?
Jane Eyre: Are you Mrs. Fairfax?
Mrs. Fairfax: Indeed, I am.


[to Jane after her arrival at Thornfield Hall]
Mrs. Fairfax: I’m glad you are come. To be sure, this is a grand old house. But I must confess that in winter one can feel a little dreary and alone. Leah’s a very nice girl and John and Martha are good people too, but they are servants. One cannot talk to them on terms of equality.


Jane Eyre: Am I meeting Miss Fairfax tonight?
Mrs. Fairfax: Who?
Jane Eyre: Miss Fairfax, my pupil.
Mrs. Fairfax: Oh, you mean Miss Varens, Mr. Rochester’s Ward. She is to be your pupil.
Jane Eyre: Who is Mr. Rochester?
Mrs. Fairfax: Why the owner of Thornfield! Mr. Edward Fairfax Rochester.
Jane Eyre: I thought Thornfield Hall belonged to you.
Mrs. Fairfax: Oh, bless you, child! What an idea! Me? I’m only the housekeeper.
Jane Eyre: Forgive me.
Mrs. Fairfax: There is a distant connection between Mr. Rochester and me. His mother was a Fairfax, but I’d never presume on it. Heavens me! Owner of Thornfield!


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Total Quotes: 88



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